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Prize Wheel is a great promotional tool for fundraisers, conventions, promotions, carnival and all types of events. Our Prize Wheels are heavy duty professionally built freestanding units with lighted displays. Included in rental price is full graphic customization of the wheel and signs with your custom artwork and design. My company, Beyond Imagination Marketing Strategies, is a marketing agency and it is A+ Rated with the BBB. I use a insurance company which specializes these types of promotion and we pay an insurance premium to underwrite the full amount of the new vehicle or larger cash prizes if the winner happens to come forth. In my sales, and many like it, the winner’s name and address are chosen by the insurance company from a sample section of the mailing list I provide them.
Another key factor is that only the insurance company and me or my Director of Operations ever know the name of the winner. Everybody who brings in their mailers do, indeed, win at least the average value of the fuel it took to drive to the store.
Enjoy the fun and the excitement of knowing that you have the exact same chance of winning that grand prize as every other contestant. There are companies known to me which never buy the insurance or they buy the cut-rate policy and are forced to draw a name of a potential customer as the winner from two states away. Luke, I’m just glad to know that there are businesses out there who do things the right way.

So I will include what the fine print says below, and can someone please tell me if this is legit or not?
I got a scratch off that said its tictac toe match in a row win the grand prize and it said I’m a winner how do I find out what I won without goin to the car place. Just got the same ad from the auto liquidators in the mail and the peel off today and it says I won 2,500, is this for real ? Depending on you promotion, the wheels can be customized to 4, 6, 8, 12 and 24 section wheels with your custom graphic art or text.
I’m not sure if this is legit or not, but it said that i could win a 2014 Chevy Impala or $30,000- or 3 other prizes.
They hopefully are very well aware of it, but in case they are not, it’s good to let them and others know. Of course I scratched off three $25,000 prizes in a row, which is obviously too good to be true. Firkins Mitsubishi send you a huge paper and you pull a sticker off it says u won if all 3 numbers match. Saw a local woman win a tv in a raffle but that had no correlation to the key they brought in.
I’m almost positive that this is a complete scam, but at the same time you never know. Read all the fine print it say all this stuff bout grand prize is a new car and or $25,000.00 But in fact you have to take a test drive they try and sell u a crappy car and then they go look at a list of predetermined winners and either walk over and say sorry or hand you $5 in gold dollars which happens to not be mentioned at all in the fine print.

Many kudos to you, and thanks for taking the time to comment and pointing out the legitimacy of how this type of promotion can and is being done right.
Just to make it better they won’t give you any information about this so called contest over the phone. She said everyone does win a prize- my guess is that everyone just wins the KitchenWorthy Serving Set which is worth $16. So between that and there horrible customer service on servicing my Ram 1500 I’ll most definitely not be buying my next vehicle from them. They said to show up tomorrow with a valid DL and the mailer to claim the prize, that is all that is needed. The beauty of these mailers, is that the skeptical public will usually throw them away, along with the one winner.
I think the marketing agencies that convince dealers to do this stuff, work with an insurance company to pay out if somebody wins. Has anyone won any of these before from here or experienced this as a scam from this place?

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