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At the bottom of this post you will find a link to two videos on how to win the lottery through spiritual methods. Yet, you need a long-term spiritual practice – and you need prayer – to change your life and allow the type of blessing that a lottery win represents into your life. Because, most of the time, your thoughts and emotions are not congruent with what you really want, you are not listening to your intuition, and the dissonance cancels out your good. For instance, many people pray to win the lottery, yet most feel, in their hearts, that they do not deserve to win, and that winning is not possible for them or could even bring about bad experiences. At the very end of this post there is a link to two videos that will give you detailed instructions on exactly how to do that. Before you watch those videos, first consider – truthfully – what you really think about yourself and what you deserve. Do you think that people who are wealthy are selfish and greedy and that, by winning the lottery, you will be seen as selfish and greedy, too? Do you feel that there is only so much money and, if you take too much, there will not be enough for others? Meanwhile, their hearts are whispering: look at the hundreds of millions of people around the globe who are starving. And how many people have had a feeling of intuition that they should buy a ticket, yet not listened to it only to find the numbers they were thinking of playing came up? When you harbor powerful inner doubts, fears and emotions like these, then it is only natural that you will never be in touch with your intuition, or enter into God’s pure, non-judgmental good – what some call The Vortex of Good.
Yet that is the place of consciousness where you have to feel yourself to be in order to receive any blessing.
If you cannot feel yourself in the flow so that small blessings and gifts begin to flow to you, it unlikely that you will win a significant amount of money through any lottery.
Yet when you open to an epiphany – a vision – of what God has waiting for you if you will only accept it, then how you feel about yourself and your ability to receive can change in a heartbeat, opening the door to untold blessings. In this case the person’s own heart knows that that the fear may never be conquered and the talent never developed if the lottery is won.
Yet, in this case “not winning” is not a judgment by God against the person, but a self-prodding to become more – and share more of the self – in order to have more.
The truth is that, whether we know it or not, we are responsible for what happens in our lives.
So, no matter how convenient it is to believe we can be victimized without any responsibility on our parts, that is simply not true.
As tragic and horrific as some of the things are that people go through, there is always an inner cause and effect at work in every tragedy that, ultimately, was the deciding factor and put them in harms way. A man doesn’t listen to his intuition at work and goes up on a ladder even though he feels there is a chance it will slip.
No matter what his reasons – no matter how good and logical and sound they seem – he chose to risk whatever happens next.
Likewise, when a woman ignores her feelings about a man she doesn’t know and accepts a date or a ride with him because he drives an expensive car, she is making a dishonoring choice. Maybe she’s curious to know if her intuition is right, or maybe she’s very logical and chooses not to believe her intuition is valid at all.
Whatever their conscious or subconscious reasons, and whether they have consciously thought about what they are doing or not, both these individuals have chosen danger.
Whether they are ignoring their intuition or choosing to act out of revenge, anger or fear, or some other emotion, they are choosing to put themselves in a time and place where they may get hurt. This is why it is best for us to take charge of our minds and program them to align with what will bring us good.

It is best to choose to embrace beliefs and feelings that honor the self and affirm that the self deserves to be happy and healthy and safe.
You do not want to be the one choosing to go out at exactly the right time to insure you will be hit by a car.
You do not want to spend days or weeks or months or years grousing about a job you hate and sticking it out just for your retirement only to get fired or injured at the last minute and lose everything.
You do not want to ignore a spouse for years and find yourself served with divorce papers in middle age. We so often put ourselves in harm’s way to punish ourselves for not creating more fulfilling lives or being “better” people, and then we cannot believe it when harm falls upon us like hammer. Whatever happens, it is our programming, our fears and doubts and insecurities – our poor self-esteem – that likely put us in the wrong place at the wrong time.
That programming is what creates the nagging feeling that – just maybe – we do not deserve what we have or will never get what we want and then we take chances with our lives.
Fears and hidden beliefs that we do not deserve a good life can lead us down the road to divorce or job loss, injury and death.
We can learn how to listen to our own wisdom so we are in the right place at the right time. And we can do it in a very pleasant way through daily infusions of inspiration, meditation and affirmative prayer.
A long-term spiritual practice that uses affirmative prayer can reshape our identities, our actions, and our futures. And when we choose to begin a powerful spiritual and prayer practice, a funny thing happens. Now, back to the beginning topic – the one you came to this post to read about: praying to win the lottery. To understand how to win the lottery from the place of The Vortex of all good or God, watch videos 1 and 2 by Esther and Jerry Hicks. In other words, you can’t get there from the mental and emotional place of where you are. Add to that the fact that few people who buy lottery tickets actually believe that, one day, they will win. That kind of back and forth self talk guarantees the person will never win but stay in a state of confused, embarrassed frustration about the whole idea.
So, if you want to win, you must look to changing yourself into an absolute and joyful believer that this is absolutely happening for you, then be prepared to wait as long as it takes without despairing, even if that means you’ll be waiting twenty years or more for your winning ticket. For immediate relief, it would be far better to start talking up yourself and your situation. For instance, instead of telling yourself you are broke, have no career, you are about to lose your job, you are a sinner and your only solution is to win the lottery, start telling yourself a different, better-feeling story. Tell yourself a story that elevates your thoughts and your vibration, a story that will allow you to float downstream to a unique opportunity that awaits you and only you, as opposed to turning upstream toward something that everyone is trying to win.
I now accept that life is an experiment and, like everyone else on earth, I have been an experimenter. Please set about doing the spiritual and energetic work needed to forgive yourself and heal all ideas that you are bad or a failure. To support this site and my mission, most links to books, CDs & other transformational products are affiliate inks.
Beti Schulz, who won around £730,000 in a three-person syndicate, has decided to retire after 40 years of predicting the future for people. One of the country's best-known psychics has packed away her crystal ball – after scooping a lotto jackpot.

Beti Schulz, 71, landed more than £2million when her numbers came up on the National Lottery.
Now, the clairvoyant has decided to retire after spending almost 40 years predicting the future. Gran Beti, who only ever gave readings for women, charged her customers £30 per session and told them their fortune from a small room in her home in Glasgow's west end. She decided to turn away male customers years ago after being spooked by a gangster who once visited her for a reading. Beti has now sold her flat and splashed out on a detached home in Bearsden on the outskirts of the city after finally striking it lucky. Even those people who feel they deserve to receive money in other ways often feel, subconsciously, that they are asking for something immoral or selfish or impossible when it comes to the lottery. A person may feel – deep down inside – that praying for a lottery win is, in some way, a betrayal of the self. He looks at his options and chooses the one that holds the possibility of injury and, maybe, even death. Or maybe she’s angry at her husband or boyfriend and wants to make him jealous and that’s why she threw caution to the wind.
This received, revelatory material will serve you no matter what you are asking and praying for.
He or she may be capable of creating wealth if only a fear is overcome or a talent developed.
Alcohol weakens her ability to perceive what her intuition is telling her, along with her ability to react. Now I’m free to try a different way of thinking and being and create something different. Through your learning and growing and expanding and seeing what works and what doesn’t, you add immeasurably to our collective consciousness. Maybe he will say, afterward, that he had to do it or risk being fired or that he saved others an accident by demonstrating the unsafe condition through his injury and spurring a change. I am a sinner, that was hugely affected by a narcissistic mother in a very unbalanced childhood family. This means I have the power to turn my thoughts around and bring an entirely different and better result to me. Maybe the man told her she was pretty and she hasn’t heard that much before, and she wants to hear it again.
I believe God is on my side and has already created a path for me to follow so I am living my ideal life. I can completely turn my life around in the next five, ten, or fifteen years simply by finding relief from tormenting thoughts and ideas – and I’m starting today! You came to learn how to imagine what you want and then experience the delight of seeing it unfold in unexpected ways. Every day my faith grows so that I absolutely know a path to a happy life exists for me and I am on it.

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