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To find out more about the cookies we use and how to manage and disable them, see our privacy and cookies policy. Celebrity chef Ian Orr served up a surprise as he joined older people from the Caw Golden Years Luncheon Club project at a special lunch today (Monday). The 2013 Chef of the Year Ireland winner helped dish out a healthy meal of braised steak, creamed potatoes and vegetables as part of the National Lottery’s campaign to celebrate the life-changing difference funding makes to organisations working with the elderly.
The group was awarded £337,835 of National Lottery funding via the Big Lottery Fund to help improve the health and social needs of older people in their area.
Ian, who is head chef at Brown’s Restaurant and Champagne Lounge, lent a hand in the kitchen before providing a cooking demonstration to the dining circle. National Lottery players have raised more than £1 billion for more than 20,000 projects in Northern Ireland since it began in 1994. What are your odds of winning the lottery?Is playing the lottery a wise financial decision?How much was the largest jackpot in world history? I use to be a very poor man who has always not found luck when it comes to playing the lottery, I have been playing lottery since i was 21 years and now i am 45, meaning i have been playing the lottery for 24 years. I really liked the article, and it made me think about the lottery when I am older to save my money.
Thanks so much for leaving us a comment to let us know all the awesome things you learned by visiting this Wonder, Makund!
It's probably a pretty smart move to save your money for other things, Duke (unless you're feeling unusually lucky one day)!
I really love your website and maybe could you make a wonder about how soccer is dangerous? I've worked to unravel a bit of the talisman and while most remains hidden behind the obfuscating use of gematria (abjad) I have been able to ascertain certain elements of the spellwork.
First, the outer boundary of the talisman contains words of power aimed at erecting a barrier to bind and drive out evil djinn.
Al Samad is a Name of God and refers to the Self-Sustainer or the one who all creation depends. Al Samad is Self Sufficient and all rely on Him therefore the taweez draws power from that unending source, but does not "Waham" which is connected to Alif Saad Ra. This supports my initial analysis that this is a protective talisman that removes bad, but brings in good.
Again using traditional taweez making a word is left out (likely to fit the numerical sum of the talisman) but if spelled out would have read "Lam yalid walam you lad" which translates to "He begets not, nor is he begotten" again an ayat from Surah Ikhlas.
This set of boxes would translate to "And there is none like Him" but the Waham throws off the meaning. By inserting this word into the verses the talisman maker is weaving his intent into the spell, thereby tying the spirits contained in the word by the verses surrounding. This forms the outer boundary of the talisman and creates a symbolic protection around what is in the inside boxes. Each corner of the talisman has the world "Bism" which means "In the Name" which is the beginning of another phrase of power written out in entirety at the top separate from the talisman: "bismillahi rahman i rahim" which maens in the Name of God the Most Merciful and Gracious.
The use of "Bism" or any other word to form the lines of the outer square is a very typical North African technique in taweez-making.

The rest of the talisman is fully coded transforming words into numerical values and then back to letters. What is written in the center of the talisman is too small to see, but it is likely the petition or prayer tied to the talisman.
Lucky Mojo Publishing: books on magic with herbs, roots and candles, sugar spells, bone divination, and more!
An urgent reminder to all million Rand lottery fans that the extravaganza is just one day away now!
The SA Lottery proved to be rather tame this weekend with SA Lotto being the highest rewarding game reaching to nearly R20 million.
These cookies help us to remember you and provide you with a good experience navigating our website. And I know how much everyone who attends enjoys taking part – my own granny goes every week! He is regarded as one of Ireland’s leading chefs having been awarded Chef of the Year Ireland 2013 by Georgina Campbell. Her mum is a nag, her sister a pain and the gorgeous but mysterious Raf seems immune to her charms. You may use Wonderopolis as the author and since we do not list the publish date, you can use the date you accessed the article for information. It employs verses from Surah Iklhas, but the words obfuscated through changing word order, letters, and ommitting of repeating words. What follows afterward is a Quranic Ayat from Surah Iklhas that translates to "Say, He, Allah is One." This is an affirmation of the Unity of God.
Usually you'll find phrases "God is ___ but not ___" or "God neither ____ nor ____." This structure is used in the Taweez and acts as revealing the intent of the talisman. So the talisman blocks out spirits, whose names or natures would have been captured in the Wahaam as well as the Alif Sadd Ra. It would contain a name, lineage, and possible directions for the spirits tied to the talisman.
By browsing our website you agree to our use of cookies and we won't trouble you with this message next time you visit. When Lia wins ?8 million on the lottery, though, suddenly everything is different.But will Lia's millions create more problems than they solve?Firstly, a resentful gang of girls at school set up a 'We Hate Lia Latimer' Facebook group . Grab a few friends or family members…and maybe a lucky four-leaf clover…and check out one or more of the following activities:Even if the odds of winning the lottery aren't very good, we've all dreamed from time to time about what we would do with a million dollars (or more). When the talisman was folded these two corners likely touched, or lay on one another, or would have taken some unique position. It itself is called the Key of the Quran as it contains within its four verses the entirety of the theology of Islam and the nature of God.
At its most basic level, a lottery involves paying a small amount of money — to purchase a lottery ticket, for example — for the chance to win a prize, such as a large sum of money.Lotteries don't involve skill. Spend some time today daydreaming about how you would spend a million dollars if you won the lottery.
The lottery system has changed a lot through time however, so it would be interesting to WONDER what it was like back then!

Her friend Shazia can't have anything to do with Lia's new-found fortune, believing gambling to be immoral. The mum of her other best friend, Jack, is threatening to sue Lia for what she believes to be his share of the winnings. Raf's behaviour is getting stranger and stranger, and Lia can't help but wonder whether there's something to the school rumours that he's not . Although the exact odds depend upon many factors, let's look at a couple of examples.In a lottery in which you pick 6 numbers from a possible pool of 49 numbers, your chances of winning the jackpot (correctly choosing all 6 numbers drawn) are 1 in 13,983,816. If you were to buy one lottery ticket each week in such a scenario, you could expect to win once every 269,000 years.Unfortunately, many lotteries have even worse odds than the scenario just described. For example, the popular Mega Millions multi-state lottery has odds of approximately 1 in 175,711,536. How would they counsel you to spend your winnings?You learned in today's Wonder of the Day that the odds are stacked mightily against you as far as winning the lottery. That's right — 1 in almost 176 million!If the odds are so bad, why do so many people spend money on lottery tickets? For most, it appears to be the entertainment factor of taking a chance and indulging the fantasy of getting rich quickly.So should you spend money on lottery tickets?
If you want to make these calculations as real as possible, use numbers that reflect your state lottery, if your state has one.
In 2007, two people split a $390 million Mega Millions jackpot, the world's largest jackpot ever.However, the odds against that happening to you are astronomical…literally.
According to figures from the National Weather Service, you're over 20,000 times more likely to be struck by lightning at some point in your lifetime than you are to win the Mega Millions jackpot.An alternative to spending money on lottery tickets is investing that money. For example, if you would normally spend $150 each year on lottery tickets, consider putting that money instead in an investment that yields an 8% return. Why or why not?Still tempted by the possibility of winning hundreds of millions in the multi-state Mega Millions lottery? When you're finished checking out your odds of winning the lottery, use this savings calculator to see how much money you could save over time by putting it in the bank instead of spending it on lottery tickets. Also a Tribute to the late Bob Burns (Fishy) Amazing Lost Scrapbooks found Great Rugby League Web Sites.
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