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A Baltimore woman who plays her family members’ birth dates when buying Maryland Lottery Powerball tickets asked her dad for $2 so she could play one more ticket in the world-record Powerball jackpot drawing on Jan. For confidential help or information at any time about gambling problems, please visit or call 1-800-GAMBLER.
The previous draw was the 19th without a grand prize winner, which requires all six numbers to match. Thousands of people earlier queued up outside shops across the US, hoping to defy the odds of 292.2 million to one. After paying tax, however, the winner would still be wealthier than Beyonce and Lionel Messi, according to AFP news agency.
Six of the 50 US states do not participate in the lottery, forcing some of their residents to drive hours to buy tickets. Alabama, Mississippi and Utah cite religious reasons, while Alaska has said it would not be economical in such a sparsely populated state. In Hawaii, proposed legislation to start it fails consistently and in Nevada the lottery is rejected because the state’s world famous casinos prefer not to have competition.

13 drawing created three Maryland Powerball millionaires, one $100,000 winner and 24 $50,000 winners. A March 2012 drawing of the US lottery Mega Millions had a $656m prize shared by three winners. For example, New Jersey has sold more than $50m in tickets during this current jackpot craze and lottery officials said about $20m of that would return to the state. The prize is based on ticket sales so high jackpots usually create a snowball effect until a winning combination is picked. With that in mind, here are are the latest lottery results from the most recent Mega Millions and EuroMillions draws. She brought her dad back with her and he was all smiles as she got her photo taken with the giant Lottery check. Winners in Florida, Tennessee and California shared in a world-record $1.6 billion jackpot. In Europe, the largest lottery prizes have been lower than in the US but the jackpots are given as a lump sum rather than as an annuity and most countries do not tax the winnings.

A new format introduced in October makes these massive jackpots more likely, meaning more records could be broken in future.
Hours before it took place, the 53-year-old city resident was busy buying her ticket at A Plus Convenience Store located at 3745 West Belvedere Avenue in Baltimore. The scratch-off fan often wins on instant tickets but even those have delivered only a top prize of $1,000 – so far!
California officials estimate the lottery money accounts for about 1% of the state’s education budget.

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winning lottery numbers 19th october 2013

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