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Tonight’s machine is Guinevere with ball set L8, selected by Pip Fox from Borehamwood. Buy a lotto ticket online from the official website - or download the app for Apple or Android. Every time you play you will automatically be given a randomly-generated Millionaire Raffle entry.

Since Camelot introduced 10 additional lottery balls have lengthened the odds of winning the draw from 1 in 14 million to 1 in 45 million. The biggest ever individual Lotto winner is Iris Jeffrey from Belfast who won A?20.1m in 2004. The National Lottery has stepped up the hunt for the Millionaire Raffle victor from the Lotto draw on 5 December 2015 - and at the same time, the search continues to find the ticket-holder who won ?349,463.30 in the EuroMillions draw on 18 December 2015. This prompted many gambling enthusiasts to start turning to National Lottery's rival Health Lottery and to foreign lotteries, where they said they have higher chances of winning.Set of balls seven and draw machine Arthur were used.

There will also be a results update on BBC One at 10:35pm on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday nights.

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winning lotto numbers tonight south africa

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