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After taking the lump sum she had $700,000 and then with taxes, says she ended up with a little over half a million dollars.
Unless the law changes, it doesn’t look like lottery winners will be changing their ways. This piece of white trash should not only be made to turn over her benefit card she should also be compelled to reimburse Michigan for her gross misuse of its’ social services.
All services should be cut immediately, a hold on all of her accounts, a lien on her home, then a bill for services rendered. My right leg was cut from my hip joint when I was 16 years of age and now I am 43 years of and I am using damage artificial right leg and in much painful condition both health wise and financially.
Kindly dear Amanda Clayton help me financially So I repair or replace my old damage leg and take medicine regularly.And give my 2 children 2 time regular food and Education. If the $500,000 refers to taxes due on the $1M, I agree it is way too much, but if it is the law, then it’s the law.

I have told you all my sarrows and painful condition of my health and starvation of my children. Amanda Clayton’s down on Livernois buying heroin right now, I know the whore personally. Andrea Larson, how would we know “facts” about Amanda Clayton and anything other than her scamming taxpayers? That’s a completely separate issue from winning a $1M lottery and continuing to take Government assistance. That self centered bitch wouldn’t pay for a heart attack victoms nitroglycerin if they were having a heart attack on the street corner. Use this subliminal video often to attract more luck into your life and win more lotteries. Surely, when Clayton signed up for assistance, she signed something saying she had no other income, and no wealth to see her through.

We are talking about Michigan here, which had the good sense to replace Democrat Jennifer Granholm.
Whoever was talking about all the taxes she paid misunderstood it, she didn’t pay back a penny.
It looks like it just rolled off the assembly line and I’ve just crossed 70,000 miles.

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won the lottery using law of attraction

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