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AutoText and AutoCorrect in Word 2010 perform similar functions, but are actually quite different. The built in AutoText that comes with Word 2010 only applies to dates such as days or months, which is a shame.
Suppose you have a portion of text that you know you will have to type in numerous times in your document. You should find that you don’t need to type out the whole word before the tooltip pops up. To view all the AutoText entries that have been added in the past, click the Quick Parts button (in the Text group on the Insert tab) and then hover over AutoText. To edit existing entries, click the Building Blocks Organizer option in the Quick Parts menu instead. The window that then opens allows us to select an entry and amend it by clicking the Edit Properties button at the bottom. If you really want to save time, you can type in an abbreviated word in the name box of the Create New Building Block window. Word 2010 Links section of the insert tab is great if you are writing a document that readers will be reading on the computer.

The link to Place in This Document selection will give you different options than are shown in the screen shot above.
The Create New Document Hyperlink selection will allow you to link to another Word 2010 document that has not yet been created. Type the name of the document you would like to create and link to in the Name of new Document: section. The last thing about hyperlinks is the ScreenTip option in the upper right corner of every option.
To use the Bookmark button place your mouse cursor in the spot on your document you would like to bookmark and click the Bookmark button and it will open the Bookmark window. The last button we will cover in the Links section of the Insert tab is the Cross-reference button. It’s a long piece of text, so it would save time for you to be able to insert it automatically. The entry will appear in the AutoText Gallery, and you can sequence the list by Gallery to help you find it. If you type in the name of your AutoText and then press F3, the full phrase will be inserted.

These three buttons create links in your document that a reader can click on to jump to a website, booked marked section of your document, an email address, or another program.
You can click on one of the bookmarks in the list and click the Go To button and you will be brought to that specific section of your document.
We should also type in a description in the Description box, as this text will appear in the tooltip, once Word thinks you are typing the phrase.
If you click on an entry, that will insert the AutoText into your document where the cursor is currently positioned. How can Word know that when you type “un” you would like the AutoText tooltip to pop up?

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word 2010 create new bibliography style

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