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Writing a book is often a complex task and thus people often do not know how to start writing a book. Cursive writing book 1 Work Sheet (Color)". Cursive writing book 1 image of your choice (if new window does not open-up then you may need to check your pop-up blocker settings.). Not only do you require originality of ideas and good writing skills, you need also to be ingenious and have a strong hold on the language’s grammar.

Different types of people have different tastes so unless you are sure of who your main target audience is, you would probably write a book that is meant for all but would be read by none!
This would help you manage and know right where the story or book is going as you write it. Yet, there are simple steps by which your question of how to start writing a book would be lot easier for you. Also, if you have a particular publisher in mind, know the average number of pages in a book that is most suitable for publication.

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writing a book about your life

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