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No form of art, of self-expression is more intimate than that of your words, your soul on the page. Free-Lance EditorWriting InstructorEvelyn Earl Jeffries is in her fourth career focusing on the written word. AuthorFree-Lance EditorAngela Eschler, founder of the award-winning Eschler Editing (an editorial and publishing group) has more than fifteen years experience in the publishing industry. Acquisitions EditorFuture House PublishingHeather Klippert is the acquisitions editor at Future House Publishing, whose books have topped the lists in their categories on Amazon.
Editor-In-ChiefFuture House PublishingHelena Steinacker is the Editor in Chief at Future House Publishing. EditorCovenant CommunicationsStacey Turner was raised in Maine and looked forward to the day she could move to Utah to attend BYU. Executive EditorJolly Fish PressChristopher received his MA in communications and journalism from Utah State University. Acquisitions EditorShadow Mountain PublishingLisa Mangum has loved and worked with books ever since elementary school, when she volunteered at the school library during recess. Editorial DirectorJolly Fish PressTJ da Roza is the editorial director for Jolly Fish Press, and he'll take the seed of your manuscript and help it grow into a flower, or tree, or, yes, even a dragon. Acquisitions EditorJolly Fish PressReece Hanzon specializes in science fiction and fantasy. Literary AgentMarsal Lyon Jill Marsal is a founding partner of the Marsal Lyon Literary Agency and has been in the publishing industry for over 15 years.
Eventually, hopefully, you will not only have told your story, you’ll have shown what your story means to you. Critics of memoirs suggest that part of the problem with the genre is the contemplative, too-personal navel-gazing that tends to make the narrator sound piteous and therefore untrustworthy. If you write on the right side of that fine line you’ll have found the poetry in your memory and the path to your truth. Receive Jacqui's free ebook Get Black on White: 30 Days to Productivity and Confidence for writers.
I work to support you as you develop a writing life that is engaging, sustainable and productive. Become a subscriber and receive Jacqui's free ebook Get Black on White: 30 Days to Productivity and Confidence for writers. An elusive figure inhabits the sundrenched rooms of Modigliani’s Montparnasse studio in Rue de la Grande Chaumiere.
I was immediately drawn to Jeanne’s life story and knew that I wanted to write about her. In this novel, Anna is haunted by the need for authenticity and is forced to confront her own romantic ideals. There was something so romantic about the liaison between Modi and Jeanne; they were the archetypal doomed lovers.
The Modigliani Girl is published by Blackbird Books on 21st January 2015 and will be available both on Kindle and in print. I very much enjoyed THE MODIGLIANI GIRL, it paints a clever portrait of the beginning of an artist’s life long struggle to create. Modigliani did exhibit in numerous group shows in England and painted numerous portraits that were arranged by his dealer. A graduate of Cornell University, she lives in Los Angeles, where she works as a novelist and screenwriter. After working in both the academic and business worlds, she switched to her dream fielda€”the book industry.

She is looking for fresh, clean youth fiction in all genres, especially science fiction, myths, legends, and all things fantastical. After serving a mission to the Netherlands, she graduated in 2012 with a bachelor's in English with an editing minor. Right after graduation, he took the position of assistant editor for a major publishing house.
He is especially interested in sci-fi thrillers, space opera, cyberpunk, urban fantasy, sword and sorcery, and epic fantasy. Since then, she has focused on building an exemplary list which reflects her multifaceted passions. It’s not meant to be a photograph or a legal document or even a reliable representation of your memory. She sits quietly in a corner, sketching, paces the corridor with a heavy step, waits at the window, looking down at skeletal trees in an empty courtyard.
It seems unfair to me that those lucky enough to be born in the right place at the right time had the opportunity of living a truly bohemian lifestyle, whilst those of us brought up in the eighties in Billericay are conditioned to a life of material acquisition that is hardly compatible with the pursuit of art for art’s sake. How did I begin by wanting to write about Jeanne and end by making her story simply the ‘story within the story’? I had studied with CoachU in the USA and was fascinated by this work, realising that coaching was the perfect way to help writers move away from literary angst.
I loved the idea of satirising the creative writing world and indeed the world of coaching.
The event, now in its fourth year, fosters creativity and risk-taking within a shared space of vulnerability and diversity of thought.
Shea€™s worked with publishers for years, reviewing, managing, and editing nearly a thousand manuscripts from diverse genres.
She worked for five years at Waldenbooks while she attended the University of Utah, graduating with honors with a degree in English. Without giving you his life story, he has three degreesa€”English, Psychology, and Liberal Arts with an emphasis in Social Sciencesa€”and has dedicated his life to the craft of spinning a tale.
Her nonfiction list ranges from cookbooks to prescriptive books of all kinds, science, pop culture, and real-life inspirational stories.
The memoirist must preside like a judge over fragments of evidence and bias, dismissing the trivial and fine-tuning the significant details. You as the crafter of the memoir are given the privilege of creating a lasting testament to your memory because, regardless of whether it is widely read or not, you’ll have explored, discovered and shared why you wrote the story in the first place. But a chance encounter with a famous novelist and a surprise gift of an art book cut a chink in Anna’s resolve. When Modigliani died of tuberculosis in 1920, poor and unappreciated, on a bed whose sheets were soaked in sardine oil (their only food in that final week of his life), Jeanne, pregnant with their second child, took her own life by walking backwards out of a high window.
My novel The Modigliani Girl, to be published this Thursday by Blackbird Books is not an art historical novel, but rather a comedy about the literary world. I’m sitting before a mirror in a white dressing gown, gazing at my face but not quite recognising it. That I’m the kind of writer who starts something and then finds myself tugged in another direction. Thus it happened that my heroine, Anna, would want to write Jeanne’s story, but would feel poorly equipped for the task. In a way, this novel was one of the most difficult I’ve ever written, even though it is the least scholarly, the lightest. Jeanne spent the last week of her life with a dying man spitting blood, stinking of sardines and alcohol.

She holds a Bachelor's degree in English and Spanish, and a Master's degree in Community Health Promotion.
She now works as a freelance editor and industry coach for authors, editors, and organizations.
An avid reader of all genres, she has worked in the publishing department for Deseret Book since 1997. Shea€™s previously worked with Friend magazine and A+B Literary Agency as an editorial assistant. On the fiction side, she represents high-concept novels that feature strong female bonds and psychological or scientific themes. Because memory, despite our intimate relationship with it, is really only our best guess at the past. The memoirist is required to be story-teller, poet, analyst and observer, absorbing the story and cosying up with the good bits.
The short, tragic life of Modigliani’s mistress, Jeanne Hebuterne, becomes an obsession and before she knows it, she has enrolled on a creative writing course, is writing about a fictional Jeanne and mixing with the literati. It is Jeanne Hebuterne, Modigliani’s last mistress, only friend, and the mother of his daughter, Jeanne Modigliani. My hair is in foam curlers and my make-up is half complete: my kohl-rimmed eyes and Barbie-doll false lashes make me an airbrushed version of myself.
Modi lay there cursing himself for filling the world with pictures that nobody wanted, yet within weeks of his death, art dealers were making a small fortune from his work.
Picasso was influenced by Amedeo, especially later in his curviliniar nudes of the 1930’s.
His journalistic works have been featured and discussed in college classrooms across the country. Besides books, Lisa loves movies, sunsets, spending time with her family, trips to Disneyland, and vanilla ice cream topped with fresh raspberries. Making sense of these inconsistencies are what sets good memoir aside from stolid, facts-based writing. It was not until the year 2000 when her own paintings were finally revealed in an exhibtion in Venice. The book my heroine just happens to be writing is Jeanne’s story, but she often feels overwhelmed by the intensity of that Bohemian life. She strongly believes that being actively engaged in the world makes her a happier and healthier human. Steve has mentored hundreds of aspiring authors and served on faculty of many writers' conferences.
The mirror is rimmed by opaque light bulbs and – yes, I admit it – there’s something of the Moulin Rouge about the scene and I ought to appreciate it, but somehow can’t.
My novel Bluethroat Morningwas the story of a man investigating the suicide of his wife and in many ways was a meditation on the link between creativity and despair. She felt, perhaps rightly, that she didn’t want me to become known as the writer who wrote only about suicide. The plot escalates as Anna attends a Greek Island writing retreat, and is enrolled on a TV talent show, something like the X Factor for writers, (named The Lit Factor in the novel). Rather than writing in a shallow way, I realised that writing comedy is in fact about finding ways to reveal folly.

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