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If you are into the blogging business or authoring of books, you would definitely agree with me that your writing skill is one major factor that determines your level of success. Do you wonder how I could easily write a Guest Post for authority blogs and get it approved within a short period while yours would probably sit in the Draft archive of your host blog? It’s an undisputed fact from my personal experience that the more you write, the better your writing gets. Proof reading your work helps eliminate typos and grammatical errors which could scare away readers. Improvement come over time, so don’t think that reading this post would automatically turn you into the best writer out there. A Nerd who blogs, makes music, video-graphs, reads a lot and LOOPS the whole process for a living. Recently i implemented that of writing often either my blog post or whatsoever i just keep writing, and i must comfess i’m not regreting it.
When u read frequently u will have more knowledge of writing and that will improve your writing skills. Our kids love I Spy activities, so when we combine I Spy and dry erase markers they are extra happy! To make this free I Spy printable into a busy bag we printed one copy of the I Spy page for each of our kids. We glued these tiny little pictures unto squares of cut index cards (cardstock would work, too). Our kids can play this I Spy game together or individually by drawing a card and then circling the correct picture on their I Spy mat. We printed the writing skills cards on white cardstock and laminated them for more durability. I recently found this wonderful free printable of large capital letters from ABC Jesus Loves Me. Emahry, our kindergartner uses this busy bag to practice writing capital and lowercase letters as well as numbers 1 through 9.
I love SO many of your ideas for teaching preschool; however, many of the links you provided now bring up errors. We have done this at the preschool I work at but the dry erase marks do not wipe off completely.
Have the marks been left on the pages for a while or do they still leave marks if you wipe them off right away? People credited with this unit standard are able to produce results of literary research in an extended essay to publication standard.
Range: topics may include a discussion of works by the same writer, exploration of a theme by different writers, exploration of a language topic, discussion of comparable works by different writers. This unit standard is derived from the Transactional Writing achievement objectives for English in the New Zealand Curriculum. The curriculum statement defines the terms used in this unit standard, and the glossary in particular should be used in conjunction with all English unit standards. Research and investigation are derived from the Processing Information achievement objectives in English in the New Zealand Curriculum. An extended essay is considered to be a sustained piece of writing of approximately 1500 to 2000 words. Content is available under the Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike License unless otherwise noted. For college-bound students, writing a succinct and well thought-out essay is crucial to success. Question a Day - Pose a question to students each day and give them 10 - 15 minutes to answer. Run for President - Have each student create one platform (or idea on which they are running), and write a persuasive essay supporting their own candidacy.
By high school, you really shouldn't have to teach the basic concept of creative writing, but instead should help hone students' skills for things like word choice, organization, and other advanced writing concepts.
Publish - Whether it's the school newspaper, a classroom newsletter, or a blog, make students finish a piece for publication once per month. Write with Your Students - If you have class time set aside to write, write with your students. Feature Great Writing - Consistently look for things in every students writing to brag about to the rest of the class. Dramatic Interpretation - Have students create a monologue that will be performed by another student. Personification Exercise - Take the students outside and ask them to write down the first moving thing that they see. The classic research paper isn't a new assignment for high schoolers, but it can present some unique struggles. Choosing a Topic - Have students start by choosing several different topics and then doing some brief research on them.
The Thesis Statement - A thesis statement is a claim and a reason that supports that claim. Organizing - Have students write their first draft along with a brief outline that lists their major supporting points in short phrases.

Community Research Blog - Consider choosing a topic the entire class could research and post your findings on a blog. Media Reviews - Have students practice their descriptive writing skills by assigning summaries of popular movies, books, music or video games. Build a Better Paragraph - Choose something for students to look at - whether it's a piece of art or scenery outside. Synonym Scattergories - If adult writers struggle with word choice, high schoolers will too!
Setting Prompts - Choose five or six well-known stories and give students a sentence where they have to describe the setting. Keep students writing by offering a variety of assignments on interesting topics, and a mix of pre-assigned topics and student-created topics.
If you're consistent in requiring writing from them, and come alongside them to help your students improve their writing, they will learn to embrace writing as a tool of effective communication.
I found a speech online and showed them how to use repeated words, emphasis, subheadings and to think about their audience.
There are a whole bunch of factors that determine how far you’ll go, but when it comes to building a loyal readership and community, you have to sharpen your skills on churning out great contents for your readers consumption.
I won’t be boring you with much because I assume you are probably starting your writing career. It doesn’t necessarily have to be online blogs, though they are inclusive, you can take out some time to lay your hands on offline Newspapers, Novels and all those. One approach to this that works great is getting someone else to proof-read your articles after you must have made them. The only big secret to this is religiously following these basic tips to better writing, and with practice over time, you’ll get good at it. I guess I’ll have to embark on the journey of writing to improve my writing skills as you rightly stated that improvement comes by time. We printed them on white cardstock (in black & white), trimmed them to slide into the zip-top bag easier, and laminated them.
After you cut them out, you can punched holes in the corners and placed them all on a book ring. Depending on your child’s fine motor skills this could also be a helpful activity into Kindergarten.
Jonathan struggles with writing, so these larger letters will help give him a boost of confidence. Emahry has one with her full name, our home address, and our cell phone number in a busy bag. Sometimes if a mark is left on for a long time it can be difficult to remove but rubbing alcohol usually helps for the stubborn marks.
It’s a great idea, but with my own 5 children ages 6 and under I have my own preschool at home Maybe you could have parent volunteers make up some bags for you? If you want the MS word (.doc) version so you can change the words, e-mail me so I can give it to you.
As a lefty in my thirties, I really wish these products had been available when I was little. You can always use a towel with a tiny bit of rubbing alcohol to get off stubborn marks, but we haven’t had any issue with the washable Crayola dry erase markers. Transactional writing is intended to convey factual information or to argue the validity of a point of view with objective evidence.
If you first focus on getting your students to enjoy writing, the nitty gritty details of how to do it well will eventually come. Not only do students have to write an essay for the SAT, but most colleges will expect a student to be able to churn out a five to seven paragraph essay regularly for tests and class assignments.
The easiest way to teach students how to write an essay is to ask them a question on which they can clearly have an opinion. Your students then come up with a yes or no answer and a statement to support their response. Have them write out each idea on a separate post-it note in a predetermined amount of time.
Turn the essays into fun campaign speeches, and let students vote afterward for the most persuasive campaign. Instead, when you comment make a "critique sandwich." Start with one thing that about the piece that you liked, one thing that needs improvement, and one thing that they should repeat in other writing. Read poetry to them, have a book club in which you recommend a book that you love, or just pick a story and have them read it.
Share with them your well-written pieces that you're proud of, and share with them your gaffes.
Never share with the class unless you have the students' permission, but consistently seeking out something to praise will give your students confidence in their writing.
You can help inspire them by asking a "what if" question like "'what if this character had been kind instead of mean," or something similar.
Ask students to list things they like about the introductions and how the introductions set the stage for the books.
Encourage students to write a draft, and then check off whether or not it meets all the points on your rubric.

Make a public service announcement touting your research, create a display board that shows various parts of your research or create a brochure. While most descriptive writing in high school is going to be part of a larger project, it is an important skill to master to make your students' writing shine. Then, using the descriptions of the settings from the stories you chose, compare setting details. Teach them that written expression is important both by writing alongside them and offering opportunities to publish the work they want to share. I then used the Drink Aware website to create this resource to enable students to practise speech writing. Focus is on angles but there is also basic doubling and counting in twos so would work well in mixed ability groups. Exercises include comprehension questions, placing sentences in the correct order, matching words and phrases and a fill the gap exercise. Students are asked to find information about the store, as well as comparing the prices of motorbikes for sale. The lesson recaps place value and introduces students to decimals and using money in practical situations.
Two contextualised worksheets (Salon and Garage), written by Carrie Bray, are also linked to the lesson plan. Try using some of your spare time to making research and writing on topics that are not related to your blogging Niche.
Sometimes, it gets difficult proof-reading your articles yourself, but hiring someone else for that purpose has proven to be the best bet. I’ve enjoyed finding new dry erase activities to keep the kids learning and having fun.
We didn’t do this because we often dived the cards between our toddler and preschooler.
I printed mine on scrapbook paper that has a different color on each side so that it would be easy to differentiate the front from the back.
With that said, there are a few types of writing that you should focus on throughout the year. For better essays, start out with something thought-provoking, but nothing that requires a lot of additional knowledge to answer well.
Using the example above, the student would write five to eight ways in which school uniforms would equalize the student body.
Then lead students in a brainstorming activity to help them come up with the supporting ideas from the statement. When they are done, ask them to organize their post-it notes in a logical sequence, getting rid of any notes that don't quite fit in. When the essays are due, instead of collecting them, have students read each essay and sign their name to anything they are persuaded to try. Offer journal prompts so students who claim to have nothing to write about have a topic, but don't require them.
In this way, you give your students the freedom to explore new ideas and strategies without the fear of failure, helping them know what to work on and helping them know what to put in their arsenal of tried and true tactics. This helps them know that creative writing is a process, not just a one shot to a successful story.
Often, it becomes apparent that their great idea doesn't have enough resources to support a full paper.
Using colored pencils, have them go through the paper and color or underline each sentence in the color that matches its assigned supporting argument.
Then make a list of commonly overused words that they must ban (such as very, really, good, bad). Try to keeps things balanced by writing often, pickup a pen and jot some piece of content in other fields on your notebook.
It tends to widen your scope and bring in more ideas which would be useful in the long run. Once they have an essay written, you can start working on the nitty-gritty details of word choice, editing out useless information and making sure the introduction and conclusion are solid.
To finish the project, exchange introductions, and have another student finish someone else's story.
In this way, it quickly becomes apparent how well the paper is organized, and what may need to be done to fix it. Have students exchange papers with someone, and ask them to come up with better, more descriptive synonyms for the words listed. It goes a long way in strengthening your writing muscle, and as with every other art, practice brings about perfection. Professional writers would definitely have an idea from their long stay in the trade to arm you with. If they didn't use any banned words, have them add adjectives and adverbs to the sentences to make them more interesting.

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