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In the end, Seabiscuit is a thrilling story for the ages that can inspire us to aim for the stars so we too can fulfill our deepest aspirations in life.
Howard is a former bicycle builder, who becomes a wealthy businessperson selling and promoting automobiles. Howard is entrepreneurial and resourceful; a man with boundless optimism and zeal -- the very embodiment of the can-do American spirit.
Howard has the rare capacity to overlook the defects in others and concentrate on their strong points.
A former cowboy and horse herder, he is skilled in interacting with horses, perceiving their individual natures, and demonstrating an innate ability to work with and calm them when they are riled. The son of a schoolteacher, he exhibits great skill riding and racing horses, even though he is considered too tall and heavy to be a jockey.
A small, muscular horse, bred from a line of great racehorses, but dismissed as unsuited for racing. The skilled jockey compatriot of Red, who fulfills his and the group’s destiny by riding Seabiscuit to his greatest victory against the mighty eastern horse War Admiral. It was the time of the arrival of cars, the dawn of the automotive age, and the era of mass production. The stock market suddenly crashes and the American financial system is shaken to its core, sending millions of people to the unemployment lines. Meanwhile, Tom Smith rides the range of the American West as a cowboy, whose responsibility it is to herd horses on the vast, beautiful landscape. In an environment of increasing poverty, Red’s family is forced into a state of desperation.
At first, the managers at the track he races at think that Red is too tall and weighs too much to be a successful jockey -- despite his exceptional skills. With the Great Depression spreading throughout society, and with people now far less able to afford cars, Charles business begins to deteriorate. Meanwhile, in a parallel situation, Tom, without work and impoverished, is forced to ride the rails as a hobo in order to survive. After his grieving subsides somewhat, Charles heads down to a racetrack in Mexico, along the border with the US, where various vices are more tolerated than in the States. It is three months later, and the scene shifts to the famous racetrack in Saratoga, New York. It turns out that Red is working tending horses at the stables at the track, when Tom comes by and sees him for the first time.
Red later meets up with Seabiscuit, and then after interacting with the horse says, "I know what you are all about" -- as they are kindred spirits, i.e.
Tom perceives the potential in Seabiscuit, if only the horse can learn to overcome what the previous owners had turned him into -- an obstinate, rebellious horse.
Red then rides Seabiscuit, letting him run free on the track; and then in the countryside -- in essence, allowing Seabiscuit to become that horse again. Just as Charles cares for the well-being of Red, the society – mainly through emerging compassionate government policies of the New Deal -- cares for the people who were suffering during the Depression. The next day Red -- now fully taken by the preceding day’s painful events -- comes into Charles’ office and asks him for some money so that he can tend to his dental needs and other mounting bills. Though success has come their way, Tom is troubled by Seabiscuit’s notoriety, claiming he is not getting enough time training with him. After Seabiscuit loses this important race, Riddle says there is no longer a need for the confrontation between the two horses.
One day the group goes to spy on War Admirals at the luxurious private estate where his training grounds are located. Out of nowhere, an old acquaintance of Red suddenly arrives on the scene and asks him to practice-run his horse so it can be observed and therefore sold. In the winner’s circle, Woolf remarks, in a very gracious gesture over the public address system, that he only wished Red Pollard were standing there in the winner’s circle instead of him.
In the weeks and months that follow, Red works with Seabiscuit to improve the horse’s condition. Perceiving his recent history, Red sometime later exclaims -- once again paraphrasing the Bard -- “and in this, the most unkindest cut of all,” -- referring to the fact that wasn’t able to ride Seabiscuit to his greatest success against War Admiral, as well as several victories thereafter. The day of the race at Santa Anita Tom gives Red instructions as usual, and Red affirms that he will not make the same mistake he made in the past when he lost focus and lost at Santa Anita.
Like any important work of literature or film, a number of major underlying themes emerge from the story. The most compelling theme in the story is the ability of individuals to overcome great hardship and adversity, and turn it into great success and accomplishment. Tom is able to overcome the hard times of The Great Depression, including the fading need for his horse-herding skills.
Red survives the separation of his family, poverty, hunger, and bitter defeat as a jockey and boxer, only to emerge victorious a number of times riding Seabiscuit. These circumstances indicate that anyone can overcome adversity -- no matter how difficult the conditions -- so long as one has grit, determination, strength, and positive attitude. In another incident, Red loses another race because he cannot hear out of one ear, and yet once again Charles does not berate him, but accepts the situation as is. The third theme in Seabiscuit is the parallel drawn between the obstacles and adversities of the characters in the story and that of the general population during the Great Depression.
Arising out of Difficulty -- Just as Tom and Red have been down and out on their luck, so too are the unemployed masses of society. Given a Second Chance -- Similarly, we also see the parallel drawn between the characters in the story and the public in showing how “damaged goods” can be given another chance and thereby rise out of their adversity. The Heart and Will to Prevail -- Finally, we see a linkage in the story between the heart of the horse (and Red) to the heart and will of the people to rise out of their adversity and prevail.
One of the more interesting themes of Seabiscuit is how individuals are able to work together to achieve their common goal, which is success for Seabiscuit, and, in particular, a win in the head-to-head competition with War Admiral. For example, when Riddle requires that the race between Seabiscuit and War Admiral begin without a gate, the main characters collaborate to with a clever solution.
They also help one another psychologically, helping fill the voids in one another’s lives, which also supports the great accomplishment that followed. Ultimately, they are all working for Seabiscuit’s success, who achieve beyond their wildest expectations.
There is one less obvious, though powerful theme that permeates the story: it is the atmosphere of “infinite possibilities” that prevails in the minds of the people of 20th century America. Charles at the outset pursues his dream, not wanting to be a spoke in a wheel, or a cog in a machine.
In fact, this is such an open-ended, inviting environment for accomplishment, that even when times are hard, when people are down and out on their luck due to the Great Depression; even when there are intense personal problems, the American dream remains alive in the heart of the people.
At the outset, the narrator indicates that mass production, including the car, is the start and end of imagination.
In fact, the horse itself becomes the symbol of that humanity through the compassion and concern of others, whereas the automobile is seen at once as both a wonder and the scourge of technology. Though Charles seizes the opportunity to take Seabiscuit to the next level of success, Riddle attempts to thwart him at every step.
We admire people who have had great success, though we are usually less aware of what it was that enabled it to happen – i.e.
Analysis over the years has shown that the keys to success in any endeavor include the level of one’s intention, will, energy, strength, organization, and effort.
Catching the Wave -- It should be pointed out that Charles did not just perceive any opportunity, but one that reflected an important emerging wave in society. Perceiving an opportunity and then envisioning its accomplishment is one thing, but to insure that it actually comes about, something more is needed: we must garner the sanction of our emotions and will. First, there was the heart and passion of the Seabiscuit himself, who has a driving urge to beat the competition. Later on, their need for success in order to overcome past difficulties evolved into something more positive and present: the deep aspiration for Seabiscuit’s success. Even the best of intentions will not bring success unless we devise specific ways for it to come about. During the race with War Admiral, Charles comes up with a series of strategies to flush out Riddle. In a similar vein, Tom developed strategies for how Red should run races with Seabiscuit – whether involving tactics to win individual field races, or to win the single, head-to-head race with War Admiral.
When intentions are formulated into specific, targeted strategies, and are then implemented in full, it is bound to attract considerable success.
While right strategies are critical to success in any endeavor, life’s circumstances constantly change.
To execute a plan such as winning a major race, or even the Race of the Century requires not only driving determination and will, but the right personal attitudes along the way.
When at first Red sees that Seabiscuit is ornery and difficult to handle, he does not abuse him, but is calm and understanding of the horse’s state.
It should also be pointed out that there is also a general can-do attitude that permeates the country, despite the recent difficulties of the Great Depression. One may have the right plan, intense desire, and all the skills in the world, but still fail to achieve one’s goal because if one does not have the psychological strength to stand up to life’s circumstances. We see this in a most pronounced way when Charles shakes off the devastation of the loss of his son and the divorce from his wife. In yet another instance, we see that when Red is defeated in a race aboard Seabiscuit because he lost focus, Charles is not discouraged, but has the strength of nerves to move forward, which contributes mightily to his and Red’s future success.
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However, he is also coming to grips with the fact the world is changing -- in particular the emergence of new technologies and forces, including the automobile that are making his current line of work obsolete. In the months that follow, Red rides in hard fought races, where the riders engage in whipping and other intimidating tactics to gain the upper hand.
As for Red, he has now taken to the sport of boxing in order to make ends meet, and suffers several humiliating and violent defeats. Seabiscuit responds in full to Red’s attention as well as the opportunity to run outside the track with a great ride. He devises several clever approaches, and finally hits on the right one by bringing in a mare into Seabiscuit’s stable, which has just the right affect on the skittish racehorse. Charles in a kind and generous gesture -- understanding Red’s financial plight and sympathetic to him now as a substitute son -- gives Red twice the money he asked for. Charles counters again with yet another strategy -- that he will register Seabiscuit in any race wherever War Admiral is on the card -- even if the latter scratches. When Red does so, a tractor suddenly backfires startling the horse in mid-run, hurtling the animal and the jockey to the ground of the racetrack.
Red watches a later celebration from a distance, somewhat wary of what has just transpired. Now however he wants to change things and run Seabiscuit in the upcoming Santa Ana event -- one that he lost earlier due to his careless mistake of losing focus when physically abused by another rider.
He regroups and moves his life forward (from car sales to horseracing), culminating in great victories for him and his prized horse Seabiscuit.
He is able to move his life in a new direction, which brings great success through Seabiscuit.
In that sense, this true story of Seabiscuit and his mentors can serve as an inspiration for ages.
When Charles notices that Red refuses to eat because he is self-conscious of becoming too heavy as a jockey, Charles, in another moment of understanding and compassion, comforts him and encourages him to eat. Rather than look down on a wheezing horse with a strange gait, Tom accepts Seabiscuit for what he is. Just as the principals in the story are able to rise out of their great difficulties and bring about great success, the society as a whole is able do the same -- for after all, the American public will soon overcome the Great Depression and become the most prosperous society in history. Rather than being perceived as failures, both the characters in the story and the society as a whole are given new opportunities to thrive in the face of past failure. Like Seabiscuit, who had a great heart and spirit, and rose to the pinnacle of success, so too the people did not give up, did everything to survive, and began their steady climb out of poverty, culminating in unimagined prosperity. They work out a practical strategy in which they purchase a bell, and then work with Seabiscuit and teach him how to react to it.
Because they help one another materially and psychologically, they accomplish their common goal.
From the very beginning, the narrator tells us of the infinite potential of America, and in particular the open-ended possibilities that exist in the American West. Though Charles prospers selling cars, his son is killed while driving one of these vehicles. It is how the fresh, innovative, and dynamic forces of the leading edge are able to prevail over the resistant, anachronistic forces of the trailing edge.
Charles represents the fresh, positive energies emerging in society, whereas Riddle represents the old, worn, entrenched interests -- the haughty, narrow-minded power that is reluctant to give up the reigns. With the discovery of the combustible engine, the paving of roads throughout the country, and the desire amongst the public to move around quickly, easily and conveniently, the automobile was the emerging technology of the time.
Without an intense desire for our vision to become real, the goal imagined will tend to remain just that – a thought. This was not merely a goal they perceived in their minds, but something they desperately wanted to achieve. A person may envision and really want to produce a bestselling book, but he needs to come up with the right approach for it to happen.
First, Charles suggest a head-to-head race between the two horses; which he then follows up with the strategy of a $100,000 purse to the winner, followed by putting Seabiscuit on the card wherever War Admiral is going to race. In the latter case, Tom tells Red to surge ahead at the outset of the race, ease off, have Seabiscuit look at War Admiral in the eye, and then burst ahead.
This occurs when the principals devise a method for Seabiscuit to get off to a quick start against War Admiral, since Riddle has ruled out the use of a starting gate. It is a lesson that we can all learn from and apply in our daily lives to achieve our fondest goals and dreams.
Those who are flexible and resourceful will be able to adjust their strategies to meet life’s conditions.
It is easy be excited by something at first, only to lose that interest and intensity as time passes, or situations unfold, or we get caught up in other matters.
Executing a plan with optimism, openness, patience, and regard for others, creates the best psychological atmosphere for achievement. That can-do attitude is particularly present in Charles, who expresses it from the very beginning. In particular, when hardships or problems come his way, he is able to accept them as truths of life, and then move on.
The empathy he feels for the horse’s condition, helps bring him around, leading to all the success that follows. There is that undercurrent belief in the nation that anything is possible, which provides the supporting atmosphere for accomplishment. Perhaps we lack the nerve to deal with a situation, or the ability to stand up to a tough adversary, or the fortitude and will to come forward and do what is right.
Rather than ruin his life, he gathers strength, pulls himself together and move forward by going to Mexico. Likewise, it is in his dealings with Riddle, rather than back down if the face of his rejection and taunts, Charles shows backbone by relentlessly pursuing other strategies that will prove to be successful in the end. First, he shows an inner toughness by forging ahead on his own after being separated from the family he was so close to. I will GIVE YOU stuff, but your registration fee is all you need to pay for the weekend (you pay your own travel, hotel and meals of course).
I'm also writing a book and I am going to share what I have learned over the past 12 years with others. After his young son dies in a car accident, Howard takes an interest in horseracing and purchases several horses, including Seabiscuit who becomes his ultimate prize. He shows flexibility, willingness to change with times, has solid leadership skills, and has the shrewdness to develop right strategies as situations dictate. He has an intuitive insight into Seabiscuit's true potential the first time he sees the horse, and develops skillful strategies that shape Seabiscuit into the greatest racehorse of his day. He has an intense competitive spirit, derived from earlier mistreatment, which reflects in a capacity for remarkable speed under pressure. Unfortunately, demand for bicycles is already being supplanted by the spread of the automobile and his business is floundering.
With his newfound wealth, he purchases a huge range in Northern California that includes stables.
With the hard times of the Great Depression forcing him out of employment, Tom takes to riding the rails. Red’s father is a teacher, and raises his children with high morals, which they learn through the many works of literature he shares with them.
With a dire need for funds, they allow their son to work as a horseracing jockey -- something they would normally have been loathed to do. In fact, in his first major race, Red gets so embroiled in fighting with another jockey, that at the finish another horse pulls ahead at the last moment to win. Meanwhile, he continues to read the books his father has passed on to him, culling meaning and strength from them, as he continues his difficult existence. As a result, the horse is not shot, and this individual goes over and calms the very agitated animal. He senses something very special in the horse; something he can exploit and bring to success. As a result of this newfound fulfillment through Red as surrogate son, Charles opens up again as a person, and in fact opens the stables of cars that he had locked down after his son's death, now replacing the vehicles with horses. They then watch the extraordinary exploits of War Admiral on film, as the narrator mentions that he is a perfect horse. In the race, Seabiscuit comes far from behind to take the lead, but is then caught and passed at the last minute, unbeknownst to the jockey Red. Charles also notifies the people on a rail tour of the nation that he will keep on fighting until he gets the race against War Admiral. From what he sees, Tom comes up with a new, custom set of strategies for running against the great horse. Seabiscuit at first takes the lead, but then backs off just as Red and Tom’s strategy dictated.
Red then heads home to Charles’ ranch to heal his leg injuries, while Woolf continues to ride Seabiscuit to victory in other regular field races.
The doctor indicates that Seabiscuit has ruptured a ligament in his leg, and that he will never race again. With the doctor giving his permission, Charles considers whether to allow Red to run the race.
At the gate, Woolf smilingly and ironically greets him on another horse – one that has little chance of winning.
When he looks him in the eye, he knows that the horse is something special, despite his outer physical deficiencies as a racehorse and his belligerent behavior. For the main characters of Seabiscuit, it is both physical and psychological struggle that they rise above -- just as it was for the American public, who overcame their own collective psychological malaise, created by the harsh economic conditions. When we have the heart and will to move ahead, we can shed adverse conditions, and move mountains.
In the situation, Charles has relayed the demands of Riddle to Tom, who secures a bell, and works with Red and Seabiscuit to implement the strategy.
Not only is there a sense of freedom to do as one chooses, but that environment encourages individuality, where people can think for themselves, unencumbered by the old ways. In an environment of infinite possibility, he makes his own way, makes his own choices, expresses his individuality to become what he wishes to become. Though an injured horse can be viewed as something broken down and useless, through his humanity Tom is able to perceive Seabiscuit's utility and purpose. And yet, due to the main characters’ great determination and effort, their clever strategies, and, later on, a supportive nation, they are able to overcome Riddle’s trailing edge mentality, and bring about great success. In addition, there are other important factors at work like the power of positive attitudes, the effect of a supportive atmosphere, and the expression of personal values of tolerance, compassion, and forgiveness.
Those who are most successful in life are those who perceive and then seize the opportunities that are there before them. Charles perceived that emerging wave of opportunity, seized on it, and was taken to the top of his field. When he hears from Tom that Seabiscuit is not a great horse yet like War Admiral, rather than be discouraged by the fact, he turns it positive by envisioning a race between the two horses. Desiring and wanting a thing releases the necessary energy that will that compels us to see it through to completion. Charles wanted to succeed in the wake of the tragedy of his son’s death, and the ensuing divorce from his wife. This is a perfectly crafted strategy that leads to Seabiscuit’s victory, and their own personal success.
They come up with the idea of using a bell to teach the horse how to get off to a fast start -- a strategy that will prove enormously effective. In Seabiscuit, the three principals stay very focused throughout on achieving their goal of Seabiscuit’s success. Negative attitudes on the other hand, -- such as skepticism, mistrust, dishonesty, hostility, impatience, and greed will tend to do the opposite -- drive off accomplishment, leading to the disappointment and failure.
He has the positive conviction that he can set up a bicycle shop of his own, and is quickly able to do so.
When Red makes a mistake, Charles does not scold or abuse him, but remains calm and understanding.
In addition, there is also the positive attitude of the US government, which at the time was led by Franklin Roosevelt. Whatever the case, when we are weak, life will tend to crush us or otherwise prevent us from achieving our life’s goals. As a result, in short order he meets his future wife, and encounters Tom, Red, and Seabiscuit for the first time, who become the instruments for his greatest accomplishment in his life. Then later on, despite humiliation and defeat as a jockey and a boxer, he shows the courage and strength to push on.
He has a simple, philosophical view of life, values individuals and things for what they are. He will do anything to survive, including taking up boxing, where he is continually plundered and beaten. One day a Stanley Steamer car overheats in front of his store, and the owner asks Charles (who is sitting there waiting for customers) to fix it.
And yet he does not abandon his skill completely, since he has a special gift with horses – in particular, an innate ability to relate to them and calm them down when they are distressed. They are then forced to send him away so that he can go on the road and participate in more lucrative racing events. Like Charles, he too is still haunted by the past -- in his case, his failures as a jockey and a boxer. As a result, they dismissed him as a serious racehorse, turning him instead into a training horse that other horses could run against in practice, where he was trained to lose in head-to-head scrimmages. Tom later tells Charles that Seabiscuit indeed has spirit, and could eventually be calmed down and trained to be a legitimate racehorse. However, Charles in a moment of understanding and compassion says that he would rather have Red strong than thin. He tells Red to hold back Seabiscuit for most of the contest, and then turn him lose at the end, where he can then burst to the front and win.

Unfortunately, during the race, Red gets embroiled with another jockey who is using questionable physical tactics, causing Red to lose his temper.
When asked at a press conference, Charles says that the secret to Seabiscuit’s success is being given a second chance; and that many people in America who have suffered during the Great Depression and are looking to improve their lot in life know exactly what he is talking about. Charles, in response to this challenge, suggests that a race be arranged between the two horses.
After the race, there is an argument in the locker room where Red admits that he cannot see well on the side he was passed on.
This again resonates with the people who are likewise inspired to keep fighting to get ahead in their lives despite the Great Depression. One strategy involves how to get Seabiscuit off to a quick start without a starting gate -- one of Riddle’s conditions for the race. He is rushed to the hospital where they discover that he has a dozen fractures in his leg, and that though he would walk again, he would never be able to race. There is the danger that his leg could be re-shattered, and that if he fell off the horse, he could literally lose his life. Charles’ calm, compassionate response enables Red to confront his own demons without being lectured. Charles has that rare capacity to look beyond the short-term deficiency or problem and take the longer-term view, perceiving the greater potentials of the future. Like Charles, who accepted a large, heavier than normal jockey in Red, Tom saw beyond the surface limitations in Seabiscuit, perceiving his great potential, which was in fact realized through Seabiscuit’s enormous successes. Likewise, rather than condemn Red’s physical size as a jockey, or his failures of the past, he is given another opportunity to prove his worth. The entire chain of command is working in harmony to achieve the common goal, which they accomplish in spades in the end.
Similarly, Tom and Charles help Seabiscuit overcome the poor training and abuse he suffered early on in his career. There is thus a canvas, a landscape of infinite possibility for attaining success and fulfillment. All that is required is for a person to look around and see what is possible, and then choose in the direction that expresses his or her individuality. This serves as a background for Charles’ realization that he doesn’t have to be a spoke in a wheel and work for someone where his ideas are ignored, but can venture out on his own and express his individuality and humanity. This parallels what is occurring in society, where technology has failed them during the Great Depression, but where human values of concern and compassion are demonstrated and aid to lifting the people out of their misery. With Seabiscuit’s victory over War Admiral, Riddle is shown for what he is: a backwards thinking, narrow-minded, entrenched individual, who is out of step with the forces of progress.
Together these factors create a powerful environment that contributed not only to the success of a once-demeaned horse Seabiscuit , but great accomplishment for the three individuals who fostered it. In Seabiscuit, the characters, particularly Charles, recognizes opportunities, seizes them, and accomplishes them in full. Charles was able to look beyond the present limitations and envision future success in each instance. In fact, later on when Riddle tries to thwart him from achieving that goal, Charles comes up with a series of innovative and successful strategies to lure him out. Tom had the drive and will to improve his condition since he had been driven out of work by the Great Depression and the obsolescence of his old job as horse herder. Similarly, we see the small strategy devised by Tom to calm down Seabiscuit by bringing a mare into his stable. Charles demonstrated a masterful ability to adjust strategies when he does not achieve the intended goal. When there is difficulty or failure, they are able to absorb the shock, make the necessary inner adjustment, and move on. The main characters of Seabiscuit demonstrate a consistent positive attitude throughout which helps them achieve their goals in the end. Likewise, when he perceives that he can be a salesperson and champion of the automobile industry, he quickly accomplishes that as well. His compassion for the people, his policies to try to uplift them, his positive attitude about the future of the country serve to energize the downtrodden population, lifting their spirits when they were in their darkest hour. However, when we are psychologically strong -- demonstrating toughness and grit-- we overcome all obstacles and attract success. By turning away from weakness to strength, he began the process that enabled him to turn his life around. For that persistence, he will meet up with Seabiscuit and have his greatest successes in life.
He is hot tempered and reactive, which costs him; and yet is intelligent and well-read, and an admirer of the world's great literature. Charles has never worked on the innards of a car before, but still, in entrepreneurial fashion, and in the can-do spirit of the times, he agrees to take on the project. Similar to Charles, Red’s father often expresses a deep belief in the infinite possibilities in the country and in life in general, which he coveys to his children through the great works of literature. Clearly, Red’s hot temper has led to this racing failure, not to mention drawing the wrath of his superior. The very young boy packs a lunch, and takes off in a pickup truck available on the estate grounds. Tom then walks off and comes upon a scene where one man is taking on a group of others in a fight. At one point somewhat later, when Seabiscuit is saddled by Red and is about to race him, Tom introduces Red to Charles and his wife. Unfortunately, when Red practice-runs Seabiscuit, the horse at first does not respond -- running rather lethargically, disappointing Tom.
This time however the horse pulls away from the field at the end, and sprints to a glorious victory. In response to Charles’ offer, Riddle, the eastern owner of War Admiral, says it is absurd to have the race because of his horse’s obvious superiority in terms of speed, size, breeding, and the fact that he has won every prestigious race in the country.
And so they purchase a bell so they can teach Seabiscuit how to quickly break without a gate.
This is obviously not acceptable, and instead the horse is shipped back to Charles’ estate to recuperate from his wounds.
One day during his rehabilitation to walk again, Seabiscuit sprints a bit after being startled by a breaking branch in the wind.
Thinking back to the memory of his son’s death, as well as the threat raised by Red’s current condition, Charles makes the wrenchingly difficult decision to go ahead and allow Red to participate in the race.
In the end, these instances of tolerance, acceptance, forgiveness, and patience establish the tone in the story; the distinct human qualities that enable the powerful positive outcomes that follow. Parallel to this, Americans are given a second chance to rise out of their misery, which they are able to do in the years that follow. For Charles, Tom, Red, and Seabiscuit that is precisely what takes place -- despite the national hardship and their own personal problems in this land of infinite possibilities. There is thus this tension in the story between our humanity and the brutal quality of technology. In fact, his attempts to foil and resist Charles’ proposals prove futile in the end, as a tidal wave of positive energy and circumstance work against him.
For example, in the beginning of the story Charles realizes that he does not have to be “a spoke in a wheel” while working at the bicycle shop. In Seabiscuit, the power of intention is present throughout the story, as great accomplishments issue in its wake.
Likewise, Red has an indomitable will to rise in his profession as a jockey after years of failure, anguish, and poverty.
Later on, that passion is directed towards something even more specific: winning the great race against War Admiral. In Seabiscuit, the three principal characters are able to devise the right strategies at the right time to bring about their extraordinary successes. Without specific strategies, a race against War Admiral would have remained a mere idea in Charles’ mind. The companion horse has the effect of relaxing Seabiscuit and changing his demeanor from that point forward, a strategy that will proves to be critical for the horse’s success thereafter.
It is because they are so dedicated to their goal; because they are so determined to see it come about, that they are unfazed by momentary difficulties.
In fact, he often expresses that infectious can-do attitude to others, inspiring them to see the power of the emerging automobile, not to mention purchase one of their own.
This powerful positive attitude of “equality of being” in the face of life circumstance tends to strengthens bonds between people, engender trust, which in turn enables greater accomplishments in life.
In Seabiscuit, we see instances where individuals were able to exercise psychological strength in the face of great adversity, enabling them to prevail in the end.
We also see how after shattering his leg in a riding accident and being told that he will never ride again, he summons up the courage and strengtAffirmations to attract more money into your life Guide to Secret and The Law Of Attraction Attract Health, Happiness and Money into your Life Law of Attraction and the Secret explained in easy terms.
After struggling with the complicated parts, he is amazed by the beauty of the design of the systems, and is able to fix it beyond the expectations of the customer. Now feeling much better and far more energized, Charles looks into getting into the horse racing business, and begins to look into purchasing several mounts. However, when Seabiscuit sees another horse ahead of him, his competitive spirit kicks in and he suddenly sprints ahead. The result is an all too familiar one that has haunted Red in the past -- as other horses forge ahead in the end, causing Seabiscuit to lose a race he might have easily won. Riddle then goes a step further and mocks the entire western US horseracing scene, suggesting that it is primitive compared to what exists in the east.
However, Charles, in yet another calm and munificent gesture, lets Tom know that it is fine. It is a brilliant strategy that gets the attention of Riddle, who now agrees to meet with Charles. At night without a starting gate, they teach Seabiscuit how to break at the sound of the bell. Then at one point, Woolf turns to the other jockey and says “so long.” Seabiscuit then sprints ahead, and wins by a number of lengths in an overwhelming victory for the underdog little horse. He perceives that there can be a different way, in which he has control over his own destiny. This comes out in full in his head-to-head race with War Admiral, resulting in a smashing victory. Each had their unique need to move ahead, creating the drive and will for success, which they achieved in the course of the story.
In both cases, they accomplished what they intended through driving will, deep commitment, and right strategies; and in the end succeeded beyond their wildest dreams.
As a result, he comes up with the idea of sweetening the pot by having a $100,000 winner’s purse.
Their subconscious need to overcome their past, and their conscious aspiration to see Seabiscuit succeed, drive them forward despite all obstacles. One day, as he walks around the stables, he sees a man standing in the high grass tending a lame horse. Tom then looks back at the feisty, rebellious, uncontrollable Seabiscuit and senses a connection between the horse and Red.
Now understanding Seabiscuit’s character, Tom and Red are able to get the best out of the horse to the point where soon after he breaks the Tanforan racetrack speed record in a practice run. Charles then tells the gathered press that the key to this success is that Seabiscuit has heart: that a little horse like him can do great things. To this rejection, Red reacts in anger, but Charles responds calmly and calculatingly, saying that they just have to flush out Riddle into accepting the race. He tells them that you don’t throw a life away because you are banged up a bit -- a point that resonates with all three of the men, considering the hardships they previously endured.
There Riddle accepts a head-to-head race, albeit with a number of conditions that are highly favorable to his side, including running the race at his home track and not using a starting gate. Needless to say, the principals are overwhelmed by the result -- as is the crowd, the media, and the nation. Red himself wears a specially made splint to hold his leg in place to protect himself as he slowly rides Seabiscuit. From far, far back in the pack, Red has Seabiscuit look Woolf’s horse in the eye, which stimulates him to surge ahead. Unfortunately, Riddle is still unconvinced, which compels Charles to change tactic again, forcing him to try and race Seabiscuit wherever War Admiral is on the card.
It is that sort of determination and focus that is necessary to bring any aspiration or goal to fruition. He then comes up with the idea that the winner of the match should receive $100,000 dollars.
Then Red gives the substitute jockey instructions on how to run the race, telling Woolf how to hold back at the end, and let War Admiral catch him at the backstretch so Seabiscuit can look him in the eye, which will motivate him to surge ahead.
That in turn brings an overheated car in front of his shop, which enables him to recognize and prosper in yet another opportunity, the newly emerging automobile industry.
The list that is mentioned in this article includes some of the best affirmations I have used to manifest money. In response to these events, he locks the stable that held racecars – indicating he has had enough with the motorized vehicle. This situation intrigues Charles, and that night he goes out into the woods, and finds Tom at his campfire.
Tom responds that it caused him to lose focus and forget the strategy they established earlier for the race. He then adds in a reference to the problems of society that this win isn’t the finish line; that the future is the finish line, and Seabiscuit is just the horse to get us there.
Charles then arranges with the local track owner to put up the $100,000 purse for the winner of the potential head-to-match between the two famous horses. Over time, Seabiscuit gets better, and at one point is able to run around the track at nearly full speed.
Finally, after a string of successes that bring notoriety to Seabiscuit, Charles decides to rally the public to his side by going on a rail tour of the country. Charles, overhearing the heated discussion pauses, contemplates the situation for a moment, and then calmly asks Red what he is so mad about (translation: mad about in life).
Privately, Charles says that people like Riddle are stuck in the past, but his group, including the people out West are with the future. Circumstances or what we hear about money or simply a negative mindset could be some of the reasons for this. The track owner agrees to the offer, indicating that Charles has a great power of persuasion, which he once used in becoming a very successful car salesman. Red is longer worried about his weight (now that he is no longer a professional racer), and eats heartily.
At each point, Charles was able to shift his tact to meet the current conditions of life, and eventually achieve his goal. The ability to not back down, and change strategies on the fly as conditions change is one of the great secrets of accomplishment in life. It simply means that if we are greedy about money or give money too much of an importance, then that is bad for us.
And the funny thing is that most of us face lack of money due to our attitude towards money.

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