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Cisco Live is the largest gathering of Cisco experts, partners and costumers from around the world. For the past three years, Cisco Networking Academy has chosen 10 students from around the country to join the Cisco Live Dream Team to intern, helping with set-up for the Cisco annual conference.
For the fourth year of the Dream Team, Cisco chose Madison College alumnus Matt Minus to be the Alumni team lead for Dream Team. The team consists of national and local students and instructors who were chosen from more than 80 applicants. Minus completed the Cisco Certified Networking Professional (CCNP) certification and obtained IT-Network Specialist and IT-Network Security Specialist degrees.
With Minus' addition to this year's team, Madison College has become the only insitution to have sent students to Cisco Live for three years. He now works for the Wisconsin Department of Corrections, where he assists with access, surveilance and education networks from Wisconsin state prisons. The albums feature contributions from Arne Schaffhausen and Wayan Raabe of midimiliz, spirallianz.

Their style has literally opened the door to numerous artists that fill the electronic dance music landscape today. X-Dreams latest album “We Interface” features vocals by American run-away artist, Ariel Electron.
With their newest member Ariel Electron, they have created a multimedia full stage performance , with video being created by band member, Jan Mueller. Piano addiction ,regular musical educations ,all package is full here ,from early years till now days.
No particular form for this guy, he blends them all as long its good tasted and above all top notch quality .Already gained massive support from many artists more close to the progressive era, but still he's not afraid to put himself to the test with new styles.
He expressed his passion for electonic music from early age and he started his dj career in 1999. 6th SENSE Prods is also the official outlet for massive worldwide electronic music festivals in Hellas.

At the beginning of 2002, AlexSense joined the London based psy trance label Organic Records, as a label dj and promotion label manager for Greece.
In the following years he developed his musical style and as always, taking in consideration the venue, the audience and time, he now blends progressive trance & house tunes with psy, tech, minimal and hypnotic influences to serve quality and versatile dance music dj sets. All these years he has performed in many clubs across Greece like LuV, Umatic, NR6, Xloft, Underground, Mirroir, Mezcal, Pulse, Jazz to name a few. At the moment he is focusing into music production under two projects, his solo one and another project with co-producer Simon Revill.
During her studies in Business Administration & International Marketing, she was involved in many events and Fest.

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x dream live set

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