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Phoenix Technologies are the Middle East and Indian Distributor for GMG Color Management solutions, Xrite, Xerox, Print Smart MIS, ADCAM(Advanced Data Collection Analysis and Management), Elpical, Just Light Booths, FOGRA, Troika and also we work closely with Epson, Benq calibrated Monitors etc. We are committed to work with cutting edge technologies in the field Commercial Offset Printing, Offset Packaging Printing, Newspaper Printing, Flexo, Gravure, Digital and Large Format Printing. Prices, features, specifications, capabilities, appearance and availability of Xerox products and services are subject to change without notice. Demand Creation.  External validation drives awareness of our service delivery capabilities and created demand for Xerox products and services.
Recognition.  This certification recognizes the excellence in service delivery we provide day in and day out.

How can an organization improve its customer experiences?  Put simply, for each place that customers touch the company, the organization should ask itself what it can do for its customers to help them achieve their goals.  Companies such as Xerox will continue to raise the bar when it comes to expectations of technical service and delivery of an outstanding customer experience. Becky is an accomplished author, international speaker, and has taught social media at UC San Diego.
The Xerox company is good company serves its customers well and is innovative but is not unique in the market, there are also other good companies. Offerings include our Classic extended warranty, Executive warranty and Executive Plus On-Site warranty. The high end solutions we recommend helps you to meet the exacting standards and emerging needs of the printing, publishing and advertising industry and help you Improve quality, Productivity, Reduce Wastage and thereby Reduce Cost Of Operations.

We also offer certification to qualified resellers through our Helpdesk Certification program. Power rigorously audited our processes and viewed evidence.  This audit resulted in an external assessment and benchmarked our strengths and developmental opportunities. Photographs may be used to illustrate articles, graphics, editorials or videos that pertain to Fuji Xerox.

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xerox certification program

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