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Jing and Jing Pro by TechSmithJing is free image and video capturing software that you can share instantly over the web, IM, email, or even just save to your desktop. If you want to use Jing for video capture, you simply take your mouse, click and drag the area of the screen you want to capture and click.
If you want to use Jing for image capture, you simply take your mouse, click and drag the area of the screen you want tot capture and click.
Have your students record themselves solving math problems and then post on your classroom blog! Consider changing your screen resolution to 600 x 800 when doing your screen capture standard for most computers and will present the best quality for your videos. School is one of the few times when they can get together with their friends and they use every unscheduled moment to socialize - passing time, when the teacher’s back is turned, lunch, bathroom breaks, etc. Their value is about the kinds of informal social learning that is required for maturation - understanding your community, learning the communicate with others, working through status games, building and maintaining friendships, working through personal values, etc. Pooh Bear: I partly disagree with Big Bird because the things written on the mans shirt are not all useless problems for America, they are average problems for the world.
The women says "What about Darfur?" I think that the author was trying to say that American people are only caring about themselves instead of Darfur, not that they are caring about stupid things instead of Darfur.
I think that the author is trying to say that most Americans think that their problems are more important and few like the woman care about real problems like the genocide in Darfur. Horse Freak:  I also agree with billy, why should we be worrying about our problems when there are helpless people in Darfur who are dying every day!!

Highlight the strand of conversation from our Voicethread conversation that was the most interesting or motivating to you.
Slideshare Don’t waste your presentation after it’s over, share it with millions! The Best Websites page shows versions of these same lists that are designed for student self-access.
For proper viewing of Glogster use Macromedia Flash Plug-in.Download a new plug-in, if your system is not playing correctly. It lets you create traditional hand-drawn animation (cartoon) using both bitmap and vector graphics. Have your students get creative – create a timeline of an explorer’s life and then present it via Jing!
They are desperately craving an opportunity to connect with their friends; not surprisingly, their use of anything that enables socialization while at school is deeply desired.
All too often we underestimate these processes because, traditionally, they have happened so naturally. These may sound like dumb things to do, but that is what the average person has to usually think about. Drama girl says "well we need these stuff to survive ( forgetting illegal nanny) so stuff this Darfur Genocide .
To me were being selfish i know we have to worry about things like taxes, jobs and cars, but those are such small things compared to genocide!!

Should we complain less and help more just in case the problem is reverse and its happening in our country? Many of these tools are on the open Internet, so look at them carefully before using with your students!
Therefore, only glogs which represent valuable content, a great use of media, and are clearly structured, will be accepted.
Social network sites are popular because youth are trying to take back the right to be social, even if it has to happen in interstitial ways. Or what about all of the families that got hit by hurricane Katrina?  Do you really think those people have it as good as we do? Be sure to check out my Shedding Light on Web 2.0 page listed below with links to over 100 tools for teachers and learners. People in the US of A are trying to survive in the world themselves, and except for an occasional thought about world issues. These things sound pretty dumb, but you have to worry about these things in order for YOU to survive!

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