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By Taylor Wells, the founder and owner of Prana Power Yoga™ (with five studios in Massachusetts and New York), author of Create the Best Life Ever and a United Nations Yoga Peace Ambassador. When you cling to anything -- your thoughts, beliefs, positions, possessions -- and aren't willing to let your heart and mind bend back and forth a bit with the ideas and actions of others, you can easily be uprooted and slammed. When it comes to your own flexibility, what are you teaching your children, family, colleagues and friends -- or lack thereof? Breathe under your arms, into all sides of your heart and let your breathing tell you when to move. One organization devoted to the sustained growth of the yoga business is Yoga Alliance, the largest non-profit association representing yoga teachers, schools and studios across the U.S. Conscious Connection caught up with a few of the senior members at Yoga Alliance to pick their brains on how it all got started and what you can do to be a part of the growth and evolution of this 5,000 year old practice. Yoga Alliance: We exist to uphold teaching standards and support the business and practice of yoga. Conscious Connection: How has yoga gained more widespread adoption since the founding of Yoga Alliance?
We offer benefits and services like discounts on non-yoga and yoga-specific products and services.
While there are many resources available about the practice and teaching of yoga, there are not many resources to support the business aspects of being a yoga teacher, school or studio. In general, we are growing, strengthening our credentialing system, developing new benefits for our members, and seeking new ways to support business and practice of yoga. Conscious Connection is published by Anthony Chiaravallo with editorial support provided by a global staff of expert writers and editors.
Our exclusive digital edition goes out once a month and is a highlight of our best content. About Conscious ConnectionConscious Connection is the ultimate lifestyle magazine for cultural creatives. We are a global community of visionary businesses, social entrepreneurs and dedicated change agents advocating for sustainability, personal transformation and eco-creative living.
But Conscious Connection is more than just a magazine -- we are part of a global movement that's uniting eco-style and sustainability values to redefine consumption and usher in a new era of abundance and prosperity. I believe that emotional, mental, and spiritual flexibility are virtuous and life-enhancing, and when it comes to yoga practice, paramount.

It means moving a little with the winds of the time and change while remaining solidly anchored in the earth. Would you identify yourself as intense or as someone who has a hard time laughing or enjoying things that challenge your opinions or routine? As the founder of Prana Power Yoga™, it's not surprising that I'd suggest getting on your mat. 1 myth about yoga and the reason more people don't show up to practice), but it will naturally come about over time.
You look out upon the vast ocean and greet the new day with a sun salutation, giving thanks for this amazing gift of life. Their mission is to sustain and support the field of yoga to bring widespread benefit to as many people as possible. Unity in Yoga was founded with the intention of fostering a spirit of unity amongst the different traditions and styles, and hosted inclusive national and international yoga conferences from 1982 until 1995.
We do so by providing community, education, credentials, and professional services for yoga teachers, schools and studios. The Yoga Alliance designations of Registered Yoga Teacher and Registered Yoga School are the premier form of recognition in the field of yoga. We offer a liability insurance program and, before the end of the year, health insurance and 401k programs for yoga teachers.
At present, this is a huge focus of the organization. We also think it’s critical that we help sustain the yoga business so the practice of yoga can continue to grow and transform people’s lives. Our members need more help here, and we’ve shifted the focus of our annual conference to meet that need. As the ultimate lifestyle magazine for cultural creatives, our mission is to empower people everywhere to be the change that the world needs while designing the ultimate lifestyle in the process. Our mission is to empower people everywhere to be the change that the world needs while designing the ultimate lifestyle in the process. We feature interviews with the world’s foremost environmental innovators as well as unique editorial content contributed by industry leading experts. If what you notice on that journey is that you aren't as open and emotionally flexible as you thought or had hoped, that's great too, because now you have awareness and can take simple steps toward change. Maybe you don't need a full 10 seconds, but the point is to pause and take in what the person is telling you before reacting or thinking about your response.

And even more fun and amazing, once you cultivate a consistent yoga practice, emotional and spiritual flexibility will also come easier.
The latest statistics from the 2012 Yoga in America Study show a 29 percent increase in the number of yoga practitioners in the U.S.
We offer education via our online workshops; we plan to host 8-10 this year and eventually one per month. We also offer a private social network for Registered Yoga Teachers, which will be vastly improved when our new website debuts in Q4 of 2013. Our first Business of Yoga conference, which will feature separate programs for teachers and studio owners, is scheduled August 8-10 in Washington, DC.
But when the storms come, the trees can be uprooted, while the reeds move back and forth with the wind (read: change) and remain grounded.
Do you agree with what is proposed from a place of people-pleasing but feel emotionally resentful or angry? Many of those who have experienced the true healing power of yoga go on to become teachers in order to spread that essence to others.
Since our formation, we have emphasized mutual respect, sensitivity and support of different yoga styles and traditions.
We offer education and networking opportunities via our annual conference, which will focus on The Business of Yoga. With the new website, we will also provide Registered Yoga Teachers and Registered Yoga Schools with powerful marketing services. It can literally be two minutes on your mat (which you can place strategically next to your bed before you fall asleep at night) in rag doll (standing forward bend) while slowly breathing in and out and setting your intention for the day.
This growth is wonderful; it not only means more people are practicing yoga, but it means more opportunities for our Registered Yoga Teachers and Registered Yoga Schools.

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