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If you decide to make Spot Yoga your go-to studio for plank and pigeon pose, you definitely won’t have to worry about getting sick of staring at the same exposed brick wall or Ganesha mural. I showed up at the Wyndham Garden Hotel on the Bowery in Chinatown for a Monday night class and found myself doubting I was in the right place until I stepped off the elevator and saw a trendy La Vie Boheme yoga mat set out for me, facing an all-glass wall that framed the sky turning pink, as the sun set behind the Empire State Building. Classes are generally some version of a power vinyasa session set to music, and instructors rotate. There are currently just four weekly classes, but they’re planning on expanding, allowing more New Yorkers to experience the sweet peace found atop a city so well known for exerting its pressures on the ground below.

With these chic jewelry brands that give proceeds to charity, you and your lucky gift-getter will both shine from the inside out. Everyone is on that New Year's health and wellness kick right now, which is great except for the major price that working out in New York City often comes to both our wallets and sanity. If this email contains copyrighted material that should be removed, or you would like an email or list of emails deleted for any reason, please use our contact us form to request that this email be removed and it will be removed. Mine, Caley Joyner, was an LA-based yogi dropping in, and she led a seriously athletic, dig-deep flow, with time to work on handstands and a long, let-it-all-go savasana at the end.

On top of that, there are numerous classes to choose from, including pilates classes, prenatal yoga and private classes.

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