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Drishti Yoga Teacher Training is proudly powered by WordPressEntries (RSS) and Comments (RSS). Yoga People’s 200-hour Teacher Training program is designed for individuals with passion for yoga. Students enrolled in the YP Teacher Training program receive unlimited classes during the training.
The Yoga People Teacher Training provided me with a solid introduction to the beautiful and vast traditions of yoga. The fall 2012 teacher training at Yoga People was one of the most phenomenal experiences of my life. Just had to tell you--all my teachers--that I am so grateful for the support and passion and information and generosity you have provided for the last two months. The Fall 2010 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training at Yoga People is an amazing program that transformed my life.
The training was an awarding experience that has truly benefited my spiritual and mental awareness. The program has helped me deepen my personal practice, and it has given me the knowledge base I needed to feel confident as a teacher. The Yoga People teacher training has helped me further embrace my passion for yoga - the mix of teachers challenge me to look at my practice (and my life!) from many different angles. The raw energy and dedication of the instructors brought forth a sense of truth and safe vunerability. I truly enjoyed the Yoga People Teacher Training, and feel that it provided an excellent foundation in the knowledge and teaching of yoga. WIN: FULL scholarship to Yogi Beans 25hr yoga teacher training program for the weekend of March 2-4. Heads up NYC yogsters: Yogi Beans is opening a brand new studio on the Upper East Side March 5th offering a schedule of FREE classes for kids of all ages and one adult class per week all month long.
As a bonus, Yogi Beans felt so grateful for your responses so they are extending a $100 discount on the March training to anyone who entered!
My most favorite game growing up was Kick the Can which we played at dusk in the backyards of our suburban Connecticut neighborhood. As the auntie of some babes who think it’s SO cool I teach yoga, I would love to have this opportunity to teach them at their level. This is such an amazing opportunity to be able to show other’s the great benefits that can come from doing yoga!
Yoga Recess is a national campaign and platform dedicated to bringing yoga-based health and fitness education into the classroom.
Now I teach yoga to kids in at-risk environments, and hope to add teaching adventure skills into the mix to provide a fullrounded in-the-body and in-the-world program. I would love to learn how to guide children in discovering their own bodies and breaths, helping them to understand how to nurture and love themselves through movement, breathing, and play.
I would love this training to help me continue teaching and guiding children with social and emotional issues to develop awareness of breath and their ability to love and take care of their feelings and emotional health.
I believe creative expression is lacking in most educational curriculums as budgets and funding become tighter and tighter.
I want to teach in the public schools when I graduate from my middle-of-nowhere college so I really, really want to do a kids yoga teacher training so I can start by teaching at the local elementary and middle schools where I tutor.
I grew up Poland in the 1980′s and I loved playing hide-and-go-seek with my two brothers and the other neighborhood kids. My favorite game as a child was Chinese jump rope We played it on the playground all the time. If given the opportunity, I would bring my knowledge back to my practice, helping children connect the mind, body, and spirit.

WEEKLY CLASSESWEEKLY CLASSESWe have a variety of expert instructors who teach different styles of yoga, explore our class schedule and find a class that speaks to you!
VIEW SCHEDULEWORKSHOPSWORKSHOPSThe American Yoga Academy is proud to offer a wide range of Workshops and Certification Courses for everyone!
The American Yoga Academy is an established School and Studio which inspires people to Live Yoga On and Off the Mat. Seeking to grow in her practice, Chanelis explored the various teachings of Dharma Mittra, Integral, Iyengar, and Sivananda. Eventually, the desire to share her passion for Yoga inspired to create her own hometown studio. Whichever style you gravitate toward, our Yoga is always led by seasoned instructors, with a nurturing hand, who teach from the heart. Check out teacher bios to get the lowdown on specific classes, or be in the moment and allow your self a Yogi surprise.
This Vinyasa training will immerse you in yoga, yogic philosophy, and intensive asana instruction. This allows for plenty of individualized attention and instruction from our professional instructors and guest lecturers.
Our curriculum covers all of the Yoga Alliance requirements for a 200-hour training program. In addition to poses and anatomy, we were able to go pretty deep into other areas of study, such as philosophy, which I loved. I came in to the program apprehensive about my ability to be a "yogi." But the teachers were very nurturing and patient and skilled enough to guide me to a place within myself, a quiet, blissful place, that I never even knew existed. The knowledge and overall dedication the teachers have to their students is very inspirational.
There's a nice blend of guidance, along with encouragement to be proactive in my studies and to listen to my inner voice and to trust that.
With their guidance I was able to find my own truth, not only as an instructor but as a whole person. In the spirit of kidlets tell us in the comments your favorite game to play growing up (or now, if you’re still a big kid). I am interested in this training because I took a big leap by leaving public school teaching last year to start my own kids’ yoga business and I am always in need of more training . Little babes are so impressional, so it’s key to speak and yoga with them at their level.
I am now a volunteer teacher for kids yoga at different schools in my neighborhood, especially trying to reach those kids who cannot afford or access yoga. I loved finding creative places to hide and the anticipation of someone coming nearby, but not finding me! I have done some yoga instruction for kids of moms who live in shelters, and it’s totally different teaching to kids than it is to adults.
Growing up as an only child, it wasn’t easy finding playmates to interact with, and imaginary friends only took me so far. Children need breath work, movement, playful awareness, and confidence-building more than anything right now.
I see the difference it can make to integrate mind & body in the classroom and it is my philosophy that that difference should be available to kids everywhere, not just in places where yoga is popular.

I am a relatively new yoga teacher and have 2 grandbabies I’m looking forward to sharing my yoga practice with. I just read about this opportunity now, and I am responding, because I say, “Hey, carpe diem. Also, I actually just sent an e-mail to one of our managers at the studio earlier this evening about offering a kid’s yoga class at the same time as a regular class to provide mother’s with the ability to participate in yoga as well as their kids! As a therapist, I work with children of varying ages who could benefit from mindfulness and stress relief. The studio offers a wide range of classes, with a perfect combination of alignment, flow, and inquiry. We believe in bringing people to their highest potential through the gift of health and wellness.
Conveniently located between New York City and Philedelphia, One block from the Summit Train Station.
Chanelis founded Yoga People in 1998 as a way to give back to the community where she was born and grew up.
For those wishing to delve into the core teachings of Yoga, or pursue teaching, we also have a comprehensive teacher training class taught in the Yoga People tradition.
At Yoga People, our goal is to provide you with a rigorous training experience that focuses on your needs as a student and teacher. I recommend it to anyone who wants to deepen his or her own practice, teach or just learn more. We were a small group of trainees, and we each received a lot of individual attention and feedback from our teachers, not to mention support from each other. My yoga practice is 200% better because of my Yoga People teacher training and I would highly recommend it to anyone looking to start a career as a yoga teacher or simply looking to take a divine journey within.
The staff is extremely knowledgable and supportive and open to our needs throughout the course. The idea of wearing fabulous jewels and eventually taking the reign of the crown was the highlight of my early days! When I was really little my favorite games were Freeze Dance, Telephone and imagining I could talk to all of my animal friends (stuffed animals and animals in my backyard), like Snow White! They are living in a world of stress and conflict where mindfulness is rarely encouraged as the primary coping method.
Recognized as one of the most welcoming, uplifting and safest styles of yoga to practice, there truly is a place for anyone willing to step onto a yoga mat. A WORLD RENOWNED YOGA THERAPIST, FITNESS SPECIALIST, HEALTH & WELLNESS EXPERT AND INSPIRATIONAL SPEAKER WHO HAS COLLABORATED WITH SOME OF THE MOST RECOGNIZED NAMES IN THE HEALTH AND WELLNESS INDUSTRY FOR LAST THE THREE DECADES.
THE PRACTICES FROM THE WORLD RENOWNED CHOPRA CENTER ARE NOW OFFERED RIGHT HERE IN OUR DOWNTOWN SUMMIT STUDIO. If you’re a teaching professional this may be a perfect way to start incorporating yoga in the classroom. I still get to play these games now when I share yoga with little kids…except its Yoga Freeze and Yoga Telephone.
Thank you Yoga People, for offering this program with such incredible and supportive teachers. We also love to make up our own yoga nature adventure stories together as we practice yoga…I start the story and each child adds an animal pose or nature-related pose to the store as we go along (preschoolers get extremely excited when we play this game!). Been a practicing yogi for a year now and have looked for ways to get involved in kids yoga in the DC area just recently.

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