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Best Poems About Friendship The miles stretch out between us and I miss our times together.
I think of you so often and hope you’re doing fine You’ll always be close to my heart and a great friend of mine.
Perhaps I’m not that threatening, but then again I talk to most everyone.That’s the standard joke in my family.
If we are to live the global vision of a world that works for everyone we ought to be listening more carefully.

Or, maybe we just don’t like the message being delivered by what we consider to be the wrong person.I know it’s a real ego buster when someone we don’t care for smacks us with the truth about our situation. We don’t want to admit the truth about why we are in yet another abusive relationship, dead-end job or reoccurring illness, but there we are and the person we least appreciate being in our life is there to deliver the obvious.What to do?
This defuses any anger or upset on the part of the other person involved, which in turn allows us to relax a bit as well.Forgive yourself. So suck it up, Buttercup, and remember to listen next time when your intuition tells you what you should or shouldn’t be doing.Forgive yourself.

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you and me living out our dreams lyrics

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