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I have personally seen so many elderly men and women feeling awestruck after watching magical scenes in movies. If you dream of seeing magic, you are going to go through a positive transformation in life.
Dreaming of magic is a very blessed dream, especially if you see an angel or God, himself, doing the magic on you. Dreaming of someone performing a good magic trick on you means that you are going to bring in some new changes in yourself or in your life.
If you see a peacock in your dream, it has a positive and slightly negative meaning.First of all, it is worth recalling that the peacock is proud and independent bird that sometimes looks at all down from the top. Dreaming of Captain America is a good thing, especially if you see him helping you in some way. Dreaming of being Captain America’s friend, girlfriend or wife indicates the protection that you are receiving from your friends or partner. Dreaming of fighting with Captain America means that you are unable to understand the good things in your life. Captain America indicates strength, power, justice, peace, harmony, patriotic attitude and friendship. Dreaming of escaping with Captain America means that you have a special friend, who can do almost anything to help you survive in the worst of your times. Dreaming of walking with Captain America depicts your patriotic nature towards your country. To go on a vacation by a road trip indicates that you are running away from something in life.

Such a dream means that your life is going to improve dramatically, and you will be extremely happy about it. There are a lot of things that you wish to achieve in life, but you think you are too old for that. I love the way this man does all the justice to the others around him; also, he has a very dominating attitude, which is portrayed in a positive manner. If he helps you escape enemies, it means that you are going to get a lot of support for the thing that you are currently doing in your waking life.
If you are single and you dream of being Captain America’s girlfriend, it means that you are going to have an amazing partner in your life. If you see him talking to you, it means that your conscience is giving you immense strength to do different things in your life. The dreams related to road indicate the various directions that your life has taken in the past, or the directions it will take ahead.
A broken road means that you will face a few pebbles in your life’s journey, which could be named as challenges. Perhaps, you need to relook at things and fix them, so that you head towards a right direction in life. Take this as a warning sign to change your direction, as your dream is indicating a risk on this path. The aim of our project is the ability to open the door for you to a new world full of mysteries and secrets.
Often, peacock is seen in the dream by people, who care about their appearance and social status.Therefore, peacock in a dream can mean that it is time to think about yourself and your behavior in society.

This character knows how to be good to others and flaunt his heroic skills in a positive way.
Road trip also indicates that you are an adventure loving person and love to take up challenges of life in every step. An under constructed road also indicates that you must relax for the time being and allow the paths to become smoother for you. Moreover, this change will be appreciated by others, just like magic tricks are appreciated by everyone in the globe. This dream is a sign that you will not be able to succeed in a particular decision of life.
In some countries, the peacock is compared with fire-bird, after seeing which, you will necessarily gain happiness, health, love, prosperity and money.Based on this, if you see the peacock in a dream, it may indicate impending success, which should soon overtake you. Thus, after seeing this glorious bird in your dreams you can safely buy a lottery ticket or play cards with friends, the chances of winning increase.What if you see the dream of a peacock with an opened tail? Most likely, your dream tells you that soon somebody will try to cheat on you, and you can expect such a dirty trick as from strangers and from loved ones.

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