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A leadership style is the result of the leader’s philosophy, personality and experience and value system. Autocratic or Authoritative Leadership:An autocratic leader exercises complete control over the subordinates. He centralizes power in himself and takes all decisions without consulting the subordinates.He does not delegate authority.
Democrative or Participative Leadership:Under this style leader takes decisions in consultation and participation with employees. Free-rein or Laissez Faire Leadership:This style involves complete delegation of authority so that subordinates themselves take decision. Rajiv discusses with his staff members how to meet the pending orders.All the staff members decided to do overtime and planned to stay back. Helps in Inspiring and Guiding the Employees:The leaders have direct contacts with the subordinates and they always motivate the employees for higher performance and achievement of goal.
That is why leadership is considered as an important factor for the success of the organisation.

Leaders also act as guides as whenever the employees are in trouble, leaders guide them in the right direction of achievement of organisational goal.2.
Secures Co-operation of the Members of Organisation:Leaders try to secure the willing cooperation of the employees as they develop feeling of initiative and enthusiasm in the employees. The leaders develop the spirit of teamwork and convince the subordinates that they can achieve their goal only when the team goal or group goal is achieved.3. Creates Confidence:The leaders try to recognise the hidden talent and qualities of the employees and encourage them to highlight these hidden talents to boost up their confidence level. Leaders recognise their abilities which provide psychological support and confidence in the employee.4.
Improves Productivity:The biggest challenge or problem of every organisation is best utilisation of physical, financial and human resources.
It is possible with the effective and efficient utilisation of resources and efficiency depends upon the motivation, confidence and co-operation among the employees and leaders develop co-operation, confidence and motivation among the employees which result in maximum utilisation of resources.5.
Improves Job Satisfaction:The job satisfaction does not depend only on monetary compensation. The behaviour of manager must be supportive and managers are considered good leaders only when they are able to motivate the employees and provide them psychological support.Leadership ensures that managers follow such a pattern which is acceptable to all the subordinates and motivates the employees to consider themselves as a part of organisation.
Leadership also helps the employees to take right decision at the time of stressful situation. Improves Team-Spirit or Group Cohesion:The group cohesion or the team spirit depends upon mutual trust, friendliness, co-operation and liking of subordinates for each other.
The leadership helps in creating team-spirit by encouraging the employees to share common vision (goal) and work collectively. Healthy and smart leader himself can also work hard and he can induce his subordinates also to work hard.2. Knowledge, Intelligence and Scholarship:A leader must be able to examine every problem in the right perspective or direction.

The leader must have superior judgment and abilities to take right decision in right situation. He must follow ethics and values then only he can expect his subordinates to be ethical and honest.4. Self Confidence and Sense of Responsibility:A leader can develop confidence in his subordinates only when he is having faith and confidence in his own abilities. A confident leader only can create confidence in his subordinates.The leader must have the sense of responsibility for achievement of goal or target of his group member.
He must know clearly and readily accept the accountability for any mistake done by the subordinates as subordinates work under his guidance and direction.
He must remain connected with the work and must lead all his subordinates in performing to their best ability.7.
Communication Skill:A leader is the source of information for all the members of his group.
Generally all the instructions and information from the superiors are passed to subordinates by the leaders only. So they must have good communication skill so that information reaches each and every member.On the other hand, leaders pass all the problems and grievances of the subordinates to the top level and to inform the problems rightly the leader must have communication skill. To establish cordial relationship among the subordinates and the superiors, the leaders must have communication skill.8. He must provide supportive environment to subordinates so that they do not hesitate to discuss their problems.

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your leadership style quiz

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