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Our Christmas tradition continues here on BP Online, with our mega post made of special greetings sent by fans.
I haven’t been able to prepare anything special this year, but to all of you out there who helped keep BP Online alive for 4 years, my most sincere THANK YOU! As we’ve done for the last couple of years, there will be a super mega Christmas post published on the 24th with greetings sent by you! Yes, it is Christmas time again, and we here at BP Online always have a little special something for and from the fans. Below are the creations and Christmas wishes of a few awesome Bronson fans to cheer up the Holidays! A few of Bronson’s awesome fans sent us some great Xmas messages to share with you all in this special day! Nothing fancy but I want to say Merry, Merry Christmas to one of the best person and actor there is and have a wonderful and prosperous New Year!!!!
I’d like to wish A BIG, SUPER, MEGA, HYPER, AWESOME Christmas to all of you, to Bronson and to everyone who has supported this site in these last two years!

With the help of some really great Bronson fans, and on behalf of all Bronson fans, this is our little birthday gift to you, B. PS: A big thanks to Silverfang, Alyce, Katalin, Whitney, Brenda and Stephanie for their lovely contribution to this video. But now I’ve got to figure out how to be the less-pretty, less-talented stepsister of the most famous girl in the world!
After finally settling into my new life in New York City with my frister (friend + sister), teen superstar Laurel Moses, I’m crushed to find out that there’s yet another thing I need advice on from Dr. As a token of our appreciation, several fans at the Bronson Pinchot Online FB Page and myself decided to continue the birthday video tradition and create something special for Bronson on this special day! Sure, Lucy could let her frister (friend + sister), teen superstar Laurel Moses, campaign for her, but Lucy wants to win as Lucy, not as Laurel Moses' less-pretty-less- talented stepsister. Take care & I picture u in your little elf house, in a onesie, reading Dickens & having a brandy to stay warm, just like me! To make matters worse, Lucy's feeling totally ignored by her dad and his girlfriend, who are preparing for their new baby.

When the advice columnist for her school paper has a little meltdown, Lucy's frister (that's friend + sister), teen superstar Laurel Moses, suggests that Lucy become the new go-to girl for advice!
How is Lucy going to manage her famous frister, a soon-to-exist baby, and the campaign of the year all at once?
Lucy's not quite sure how that's going to work, considering she's usually the one asking for advice, but with the Sadie Hawkins dance coming up, it seems like everyone in her class needs some help.
At least we have Bronson’s new show and yet another disappointing apocalypse to look forward to.

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yours truly lucy b parker 3

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