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Our book Resources for Leadership describes eleven essential, time-tested skills of leadership organized into eleven competencies that are easily teachable to youth. At White Stag, while playing games, hiking, camping, and cooking outdoors, you learn and practice leadership and problem solving skills, how to make decisions, assess your individual strengths and weaknesses, goal-setting, planning, and self-advocacy.
White Stag summer camp is a fun week of hiking, backpacking, camping, campfires, outdoor games. White Stag offers pre-teens and teens 10½-18 a fun, challenging week-long leadership development experience.
Whether you know anyone in camp or not, you'll be mixed together with other teens and make friends fast. Our half-century of success has taught us that leadership development needs to begin early, when youth are more adaptable and teachable. The White Stag program is only successful when youth put the leadership skills they gained at camp to work at home, in their youth group, church, or at school.
The FReeZA program offers pathways into the music industry, affordable events, workshops and live stage performance opportunities.
Youth Voice is a group of young people striving to make Golden Plains the best place it can be for all young people. The Golden Youth Awards celebrates the positive contributions young people make to the Golden Plains community. Sorrento Retreat and Conference Centre is developing a new leadership program for young adults: Winter Youth Leadership Development Program (WYLD). WYLD is a personal development and vocational discernment program for young adults, hosted and facilitated by Sorrento Centre. We are pleased to announce the members of the Winter Youth Leadership Development Program Advisory Group. TORONTO, DECEMBER 15, 2014 - Through its new Request-for-Proposals (RFP) process, the Anglican Foundation of Canada will fund five innovative projects aimed at bolstering youth leadership within the Anglican Church of Canada.
Sorrento Retreat & Conference Centre is Anglican in tradition, ecumenical in programming, and inclusive in welcome.
Strategic outreach to under-represented youth, providing them with crucial tools, such as English language and leadership training, to pursue higher education and other human development programs.
Build strong networks of alumni who will continue to collaborate with one another and become leaders in their local communities.
Conduct workshops for youth teams that foster teamwork through increased trust, improved interpersonal and intercultural communications skills, and the development of strong team relationships. These efforts achieve a significant multiplier effect to promote wide-scale economic development and citizen participation in countries where it is most needed. LOTUS Scholarship Program, which enables 100 talented Egyptian students to obtain undergraduate degrees from Egyptian private universities and engages them in enrichment activities to develop their leadership potential, skills sets and commitment to country and community, 2010-present. Peace Scholarship Program, which provided exemplary youth from the Middle East and North Africa with one year of undergraduate study in the United States, 2007-2010.
Education for Development and Democracy Initiative (EDDI) Ambassador Girls’ Scholarship Program, 2002-2004. IIE believes that promising, young minds are critical to bringing creative solutions and new energy to the complex challenges that face our world.  As a result, the Institute has developed a set of programs to promote leadership development among youth as well as to train educators, youth workers and policy makers who work on youth-related issues. Around the world, many highly motivated youth work tirelessly to support their communities through Sport-for-Development-and-Peace (SDP) projects. The United Nations Office on Sport for Development and Peace (UNOSDP), based in Geneva and supported by a Liaison Office in New York, provides the entry point to the United Nations system with regard to Sport for Development and Peace, bringing the worlds of sport and development closer together. The MS in Youth Development Leadership program is an interdisciplinary degree primarily involving departments and units in the College of Health, Education, and Human Development but also including academic areas from other colleges and units at the University.

All courses are offered in an accelerated format and are delivered through a variety of asynchronous and synchronous distance education technologies. When the first cohort of 16 students entered the program in January 2006, they came to Clemson for a 3 day orientation from all over the country and became 'fast friends', learning about taking courses on line. Students take one course at a time for seven weeks, allowing working professionals to focus on one course at a time.
Enhance youth serving agencies and organizations by supplying professionals who are competent in child and adolescent growth and development. Deputy minister says empowered youth can inspire others towards a shared vision with strong sense of togetherness and common identity. KUALA LUMPUR: Constant investment in development and leadership of youth, will empower them to voice out their opinions as well as participate constructively in policy-making and governance. Deputy Foreign Minister Reezal Merican Naina Merican said youth played an important role in shaping major social, economic and political advancements in the region. He said empowered youth were capable of inspiring and mobilising themselves and others towards a shared vision with a strong sense of togetherness and common identity. He was officiating the Regional Workshop on the “Role of Youth in Promoting Human Rights in Asean: Making Rights A Reality” at University of Malaya, here today. Meanwhile, Reezal said that in this era of modern-technology, most people, especially the younger population, sought, received and imparted information, knowledge and expressed their views through the Internet and social media. However he said, the freedom of expression was not absolute and it had to be within the boundaries of the law, keeping social sensitivities and considerations in mind. He hoped that the workshop would enhance the knowledge, understanding and appreciation among Asean youth to the Asean Human Rights Declarations, Asean Intergovernmental Commission on Human Rights and other existing human rights mechanisms and instruments in the region.
The workshop was jointly organised by the Foreign Ministry, Asia-Europe Institute of University of Malaya and the Human Rights Commission of Malaysia (Suhakam).
It's provided leadership development experiences to thousands of youth from across the world. Camp outdoors all week, sing your heart out, cook outdoors, go hiking, and learn 11 leadership skills at White Stag Sierra. July 10-16, 2016 summer camp at Camp Cole in Tahoe National Forest in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Challenged to work together to solve problems, you'll prepare food, pitch camp, and get hands-on experience learning leadership skills with other teens. White Stag is unique because it is a leadership development program designed for youth, but also created and led by youth. If you would like to give back to a program that has positively affected your family, we are accepting applications for leadership positions.
FReeZA produces heaps of local events, band competitions, festivals and activities each year for young people. The awards also recognises an adult in the community who has shown exceptional devotion to improving the lives of young people within Golden Plains Shire. It serves an annual cohort of young adults who will participate together in a hands-on learning experience in intentional community. The WYLD Program Advisory Group is a volunteer team of leaders who offer the WYLD program the gift of their experience and ongoing consideration about the 'big picture' of the program and questions that underlie and inform the direction and decisions to be made. These projects include youth ministry, online biblical instruction, leadership training and community service and living. Most of these youth have only very basic education levels, limited resources with which to carry out their projects and do not have a proper forum where they can learn best practices or develop their leadership skills.
Minimum technology requirements for this program include access to e-mail and the Internet.

Each Cohort begins the first course, Foundations of Youth Development, during the on-campus orientation. Depending on their age, youth gain skills in leadership including planning, communicating, personal interests and abilities, setting achievable goals, time management, negotiating and counselling. During White Stag leadership camp, you get lots of chances to learn and practice leadership skills in small and large group settings. We take a holistic approach to learning, giving participants an experience that affects their hands via outdoor skills, head via leadership skills, and heart via our spirit and traditions. We put participants through practiced exercises where leadership is required, encouraging and supporting youth in continual improvement.
It will provide an opportunity for participants to discern how their skills, abilities and passions relate to the worlda€™s deepest needs.
INSTITUTE OF INTERNATIONAL EDUCATION, IIE and OPENING MINDS TO THE WORLD are trademarks or registered trademarks of Institute of International Education, Inc.
The Master of Science in Youth Development Leadership degree program is designed to equip students with the competencies, knowledge, and skills to help young people develop into healthy, competent, coping, and contributing citizens. Students made class presentations in their Youth Development Programs class, attended the College of Health, Education, and Human Development Research Forum, attended the Annual YDL Second Year Student Banquet, and began to build their professional e-portfolios. Read recent graduates testimonials and samples of e-portfolios on how they were prepared for career readiness.
Students that are admitted for a January start date of each year and come to campus early in January (Thursday, Friday, and Saturday) for 3 days of student orientation.
During orientation, students also explore the online resources available on Clemson University's campus. We want our readers to be responsible while commenting and to consider how their views could be received by others.
You'll be busy virtually every moment with a variety of challenging leadership activities. This program prepares students to address issues facing youth in the context of family and community with an emphasis on positive outcomes through a dynamic learning environment.
Those admitted for an August start come to campus for two days of on campus orientation during the first week of the semester. Please be polite and do not use swear words or crude or sexual language or defamatory words. White Stag Sierra camp is set for July 10-16, 2016 at Camp Robert Cole in the Tahoe National Forest, California. We use a small-team approach where everyone gets the attention they need and the opportunity to engage and improve. FMT also holds the right to remove comments that violate the letter or spirit of the general commenting rules.The views expressed in the contents are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of FMT. We apply a systemic approach to leadership development, encouraging repeated exposure and practice over months and years.
Students come to campus during their second year for two days in April for research activities. We believe in the infinity principle: that education never stops, and for that reason we continually evaluate, seeking ways to improve both as individuals and as an organization.

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