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The Bioneers Youth Leadership Program connects young people with a unique mix of innovators, elders and other youth to inspire and support them in authentic engagement and leadership. As the world has shifted from urgency to emergency, these qualities are needed more than ever as we grow the movements toward a more socially and environmentally equitable world. If you're older than 23, we invite you to engage through intergenerational dialogue and mutual mentoring with youth, building leadership that is forward-looking and also grounded in generations of wisdom. We know from past youth scholarship recipients that attending the conference has been a crucial point in their life and career, leading them to choose pathways they might not have considered before, but where they’ve found immense opportunity for positive impact.
A strong and healthy community of youth leaders is a sign of a thriving movement for change.
Bioneers is committed to making the conference accessible to emerging young leaders regardless of financial capacity.
At the 1998 Bioneers conference, a spontaneous round of applause rang through the hall as mobile phone connection was made—Julia Butterfly Hill was protesting the clear-cutting of old-growth forests from her 180-foot perch in a 1,000-year-old redwood tree. The next year, after Julia descended from Luna and spoke at the conference in person, she saw the need to expand the presence of youth and organized an impromptu session on the lawn with about 30 young people. Since then, youth have become a growing part of the Bioneers community—in 2014, fully 20% of all conference attendees were young people! Get a sense of the young leaders you'll see and hear on the conference main stage with this selection of Bioneers Conference Keynotes and Performances. Posted on December 7, 2009 by Dave Miers 21 Comments Later this week I’ll be getting together with a bunch of others involved in youth ministry to brainstorm potential chapters for a book on Youth Leadership Principles. If I speak in the tongues of men and of angels, but have not love, I am only a resounding gong or a clanging cymbal.
Here it tells me that I can have the very best of programmes, events and even bands but in the end unless we are loving through the capacity of Jesus it is all for nothing and just a big loud noise. In my experience, many youth leaders have responsibilities to uni, part time job, family and church.
In some smaller churches, they are also the ones doing music, kids club and flowers (or lawns), plus they attend a Bible study.
Plus they have friends, relationships and need to somehow catch up with their non-Christian friends. For some people, being a youth leader means saying no to some of these things or at least being very good at time management so that they are able to give themselves properly to the youth ministry.
This can be hard for the rest of the church, because some of these people will be very very good music and the rest of the church may suffer if they don’t do music, or at least place pressure on them to do so.

It would be good if the book somehow addressed these issues and made the time commitment of leader clear. We used to just get there, say g’day and then get into the things we would end up doing. Also, ensuring that your youth group has a defined vision, and that your other leaders and your students know what that vision is, and at the end of each night, month, year, decade, you can assess what you have been doing and see whether it has been contributing to the goal of your vision.
The other thing, as a youth leader, is to try and be mature and disciplined as a Christian at all times, but partiularly at youth group.
Again, that feeds into the idea that, as Christians, we should be believing that what kids most need (and what those god has called most want) is the gospel, and that should shape our programs from a top down perspective. I also run musical worship for our Sunday evenings services, which another of our leaders also plays for. None of us, have any formal theological leadership, or pastoral training, aside from child protection and the like, and have been propelled into our positions by necessity , and by God prodding us along. In many cases, I think that (and I’m also speaking of myself here) in many such cases, particular when the leaders are young leaders, they’re not always emotionally, or maybe even spiritually, READY to just leap into full time ministry, or at least to remove things like uni or work that may be an obstruction to ministry.
As a (partially) unrelated point, I think behind good youth ministry there also needs to be constant, dependent prayer. The result is you very quickly exhaust what you do know about leadership and team building (which probably wasn’t much to start off with) rather then going forward in a process of learning and growing which is going to help those you are leading anyway. So there needs to be a balance struck between empowering youth and making them realise they still have so much to learn by taking on the wisdom of others. Some worked examples of ways to make typical discussions with teenagers turn into gospel discussions?? You'll connect with staff and other youth attendees to co-create an unparalleled opportunity to explore and experience authentic leadership that is balanced and sustainable, including self-care and spiritual connection. Your financial support can ensure the youth of today become the leaders of tomorrow through the power of Bioneers. She electrified the audience as she described life in the canopy and reflected on her activism as a 25-year-old youth. She sowed the seeds of the Bioneers Youth Leadership Program and helped get it off the ground. Follow along with the story as we seek to know Jesus and make Jesus known in Brisbane through our monthly newsletter. Read the rest of my about page or listen to my preaching.
If I have the gift of prophecy and can fathom all mysteries and all knowledge, and if I have a faith that can move mountains, but have not love, I am nothing.

The gospel is something that should be evident in our lives, not just our words, and kids, more than adults, seem to cotton onto hypocrisy and inconsistency more readily. The reality is that there are many churches with such a scarcity of trained and qualified leadership, that it is usually going to be people with other commitments or jobs who have to step up. Even Timothy had the encouragement and advice of Paul regularly, even if only through letters! Or maybe something where ministers and pastors can get resources or advice on how to support lay youth leaders?
We have a tendency to pray when things muck up, but we should be praying both in and outside of our youth groups. From my own experience I ended up in a place where I definitely thought I was pretty hot stuff and in charge of a fairly large youth organization. You need to cultivate open minds and hearts that are easily teachable, humbly assess themselves and actually pursue council and checks on how they are going…. I want to help parents partner with their kids in the mission of Jesus, and partner with the leaders in raising a goldy generation of young people. Our leadership has, until recently, undergone regular seismic shifts where almost the entire youth leadership (almost always composed of recent graduates of both high school and youth group) has turned over, which is itself compounded by our reliance on student ministers (from places like Moore College), who are only around for one to two years tops.
Myself and the fourth leader operate the young adults ministries (which only restarted this year after losing the majority of our young adults, and even then only after much prayer and shuffling priorities).
But there are leaders who don’t have that in their own congregations, and that acts as a deterrent in regards to putting even more effort into their youth ministries.
What I realised is I ended up to far ahead and was not falling under the wisdom and guidance of older (or more experienced) leaders. So, sometimes some of us will end up spending at least parts of four different days awake in ministry, plus preparation, not including uni, work, spouses, and our own time with God. The thing to remember is that many of these people are genuinely God-fearing, servant-hearted people, and want to work for God’s glory; many wouldn’t be leaders if they didn’t!

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