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A FREE program for immigrant and refugee youth, ages 13 to 18, to build English vocabulary, improve public speaking and learn how to organize a speech!
The Regina Open Door Society (RODS) is a non-profit organization that provides settlement and integration services to refugees and immigrants in Regina. Thirty students representing 10 area secondary schools recently completed Penn College’s Youth Leadership program, designed to help students understand the needs of the community and take a leadership role in addressing them.
Pennsylvania College of Technology hosted a ceremony on May 8 for graduates of its Youth Leadership Program, presenting certificates and announcing winners of the program’s Social Change Competition. Thirty juniors from 10 secondary schools participated in the program throughout the school year. In addition to activities on the Penn College campus, the experience included visits to a number of social service agencies, including the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, Central Pennsylvania Food Bank and American Rescue Workers, where the students lent a helping hand. This is the fourth year that Penn College has facilitated the program, which was supervised by Elizabeth G.

As part of the Youth Leadership experience, each three-member school team is tasked with identifying a need in its community, developing a plan to address it, proposing the plan to judges and, if selected as one of the best proposals and given funding, implementing it.
Penn College President Davie Jane Gilmour announced that $1,500 in funding – including a $500 infusion from the First Community Foundation Partnership of Pennsylvania – was awarded to the top proposals. Hughesville High School: $800 for the Little Spartan Science Center – The students will make renovations to the Ashkar Elementary courtyard to make an outdoor classroom for the students. Montoursville Area High School: $500 for Elementary Culture Day – The students will facilitate a “culture day” in the gym, where high school students and community members will create and present projects about specific countries (including those where community members are from or have visited).
The Youth Leadership Program was supported by community members who mentored the students throughout the experience.
Each student was presented with a graduation certificate, commemorative book, group photo and the promise of a $2,000 annual scholarship if they attend Penn College. RODS is committed to meeting the needs of newcomers by offering programs and services that enable them to achieve their goals and participate fully in the larger community.

It will have science stations throughout the space, including a weather station, birdwatching, and interesting flowers and shrubs. Elementary students will be invited to tour the world, get their passports stamped, learn about the countries and try foods from the host nations. International students from Penn College will also lend a hand to talk about their homelands.

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youth leadership program facebook

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