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Staff from the Workers Action Centre will be conducting an information session on employment standards law in the province of Ontario on Thursday, December 8th here at the Labour Education Centre. The first ROTA Leadership Training program to be held in Arabic, the four-day event at Education City provided a platform for new ROTA Youth Service Club (RYSC) members to gain the knowledge, skills, and attitudes they need to run their own ROTA Youth Service Club activities effectively. Enhancing Qatar’s reputation as a world leader in youth community action, ROTA Youth Service Club Leadership Training is an experiential, reflective, and interactive learning program for high school and university students aged 14 to 24.
On the first day, participants learned to understand the purpose, values, and expectations of the ROTA Youth Service Club Network before being introduced to the ROTA Youth Development Program and its three themes of Leadership, Service Learning and Global Citizenship.

The third day was dedicated to service learning prior to the  final day, when participants gained insights into how to set up a ROTA Youth Service Club.
Following completion of Leadership Training, participants will engage in a number of ROTA activities between February and July in the hope that they will work on setting up their own ROTA Youth Service Club.
Demonstrating the success of the ROTA Youth Service Club Leadership Training program, five previous trainings  have trained 275 youth and led to the establishment of 13 ROTA Youth Service Clubs, sponsored by Vodafone Qatar, which are undertaking a variety of community initiatives.
The Political Society are influencing Qatari children’s behavior to reflect the traditional values of respect for adults and cultural values, while The Changers are taking on the challenge of developing the human potential of 24 ambitious students as they discover their talents, their future path and themselves.

The second day involved a field trip whereby participants used elements of sport and the environment as tools to experience team-building, leadership, competition, problem solving, risk management, empathy, and cooperation.
We hope by the end of the training, all participants will be equipped with skills, knowledge, and abilities to work effectively across the three learning themes: Leadership, Service Learning and Global Citizenship,” added Essa Al Mannai.

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youth leadership training programme

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