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At the beginning, advertisements combined catchy melodies with video clips full of originality and special effects, but the last 3 years have changed to proposals more emotional and easies. Crister Music Selection is a selection made by the deejay and producer Crister Garcia of the most important songs and videos in the music scene. Fantasy du Soleil, takes us into the world of fantasy and imagination where dreams come true.
Crister, in his long and honored career, he has created numerous soundtracks and tunes that have thrilled the audience. Bravo by creative agency Grey Group Madrid and the advertising department of Loterias y Apuestas del Estado. Do not miss a great video that is summarized the best and most spectacular of Youtube of recent months.
At the same time that television chapters are broadcasted, they will be integrated in different areas of TV programming. During the trip supersonic, there will be medical and scientific test to know the limits of our human body under extreme conditions.
If all goes as planned, it will be a big event for humanity, as Felix will beat the Guinness record high jump. In the video you can watch a sample of the mission and on the official website link access live and full details of the mission.

Without a hit single the band has achieved 8 million listeners on Spotify and more than 5 million in Youtube. On 2011, the pop star Justin Timberlake bought Myspace and has made a complete refurbishment.
According to Justin himself, initially the new version of MySpace will not replace the old, they will coexist together. In case you not know who is Tommy Torres is a fantastic musician of Puerto Rico, as well as a great composer who has produced for Alejandro Sanz, Ricky Martin, Paulina Rubio and many others. Well let’s go to the story, a fan of Tommy had a love problem with his girlfriend, and he did not dare to say his feelings for her. On the occasion of National Day (Diada) of Catalonia commemorates today, yesterday it was broadcast through the TV channels of Televisio de Catalunya (Spain) the traditional message of President of Generalitat (Prime Minister of the Government), the Most Honorable Mr.
TV show is broadcast Saturday and Sunday in late night via 8tv channel (TDT Catalonia – Spain). The first 10 chapters have already been filmed, which will be broadcasted every Monday for 10 weeks after the News TV evening.
Julia (Miranda Makaroff) is a city girl that loves music and fashion, as well the latest trends. Pilot Felix Baumgartner will amount to 120,000 feet (36,000 meters) in a capsule and an aerostatic balloon.

His style has swept folk mainstream music that fills the charts above Green day, Justin Beiber, Madonna or Pink. They have shown that it’s talent and a good job through social networks overcomes a big investment in advertising campaigns. The social network attained stardom in 2008, but overuse of advertising spaces and limitation in customization of its pages did quickly lose popularity towards of Facebook. In today’s video we can see the first results, a very clean look that reminds us the social network Pinterest.
Apparently they are so different, but step by step they will know that they are more similar than they think.
He is a discreet guy and a bit classic, as well good gourmet and strict with all that he eats and cooks.

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youtube lottery winners stories xbox

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