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The product of even more sinister science, Special Weapon Zac shreds enemies with sharp spines when casting Unstable Matter. I agree that there are some differences but the details are too "boring" to buy that skin, and its just my thoughts >. Well, considering that this champion is just one gigantic humanoid blob, it's kind of hard to think of 'differences in details'. Wukong, the Monkey King's champion price will be permanently reduced to 4800IP and 320RP from 1200 5 Apr onwards.
Get a taste of the full horror wrought by Zaunite experimentation in this contaminated take on your badass blob. Playing this gelatinous champion means striking a balance between health-cost abilities and a unique regeneration mechanic.
His high level of sustainability makes him an ideal choice whether you’re tearing through the jungle or trading hits in top lane.
If you’re partial to early game aggression, starting with an early lizard buff and spending your second skill point in Elastic Slingshot can open early gank opportunities. Since Zac’s abilities have no mana cost, you might also consider donating an early golem buff to your AP carry.

Once the action starts ramping up, you can make use of Elastic Slingshot’s massive range to create sneaky gank opportunities by circumventing popular ward locations. His AoE presence allows you to quickly clear waves from your turrets in high-pressure situations or shove the lane when you’re on the offensive. The healing mechanic on Cell Division also helps win exchanges with your lane opponent, allowing you to bully enemies back to base and create opportunities for counter-jungling or ganks. While you’re roaming, the mobility afforded by Elastic Slingshot can help you get the drop on an unsuspecting enemy or escape from sticky situations by hopping over terrain.
Team Fights: As the game progresses, Zac’s extreme mobility and strong crowd control make him a tremendous asset in team fights.
With some patience and setup, you can use a fully channeled Elastic Slingshot to deploy Let’s Bounce from huge distances. Once you’re in the thick of it, the additional bounces from your ultimate let you pressure fragile, high-value targets, disrupting enemy positioning as you draw fire off less durable allies. Since every bounce of your ultimate yields healing chunks, you’ll also have the sustainability you need to keep up the attack. If the opposing team making aggressive moves, you can opt to use the knock-up and slow from Let’s Bounce defensively, creating valuable space for the rest of your team to safely disengage.

Whether you’re initiating or counter-initiating, Zac has ample crowd control to keep your team out of trouble. Combining brute strength with limitless flexibility, he is a versatile juggernaut: a creative fighter who bounces over obstacles and pounds his foes into submission. Though he was created inside a weapons laboratory, Zac was rescued and adopted by two loving parents who raised him to be a kind and friendly child.
As the years passed, he grew up to be a fierce hero, sworn to protect the ordinary, everyday people of Zaun. Long ago, two Zaun scientists developed an organic substance that could withstand extreme conditions, spontaneously alter its biological structure, and generate tremendous amounts of kinetic force.
They were struck by their conscience and could not allow the prototype to be used as a weapon.

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zac the secret weapon lore

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