Author: admin | 14.12.2013

SuperContainer 2 features drag-and-drop and progress bars indicators for an improved user experience. With SuperContainer 2.75 and later versions, FileMaker Go and mobile devices are fully supported and optimized.
Files stored in SuperContainer are interactive - you can click on them to see a full-sized image, the contents of a Word or PDF file, or play a QuickTime movie. You can also optionally add a button with an 'Open URL' script step to open your SuperContainer files in a full-screen view.

Files stored in regular container fields in FileMaker Go will increase the size of your database. Clutch Studios - Using SuperContainer allowed for a fast browser-based solution for their studio and inventory management. FileMaker 12+ containers also work well in a single user environment, where SuperContainer requires the application to be installed on a server. Installation couldn't be easier - just download and double-click, and your SuperContainer server is running.

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