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On Wednesday the federal government raided and shut down online drug marketplace Silk Road and arrested its alleged proprietor, Ross William Ulbricht. If you’ve never heard of Silk Road or the Deep Web, or have heard of them but have trouble grasping the technology or concepts involved, this explainer is for you.
Silk Road is an online marketplace where users can purchase everything from illegal drugs to unlicensed firearms. This means that if a user accesses websites using Tor, their activity online is virtually anonymous and much more difficult to track than traffic passed through a typical browser like Chrome. Though the Deep Web does have its share of criminals and hackers (just like the surface web), it also serves some pretty important functions. Any sort of illicit drug like heroin, cocaine and methamphetamine could be procured on Silk Road before its shuttering, alongside illegal firearms, hacking tools like keylogging software, the services of hackers who promised hacks like infiltrating the Facebook or Twitter profiles of your choice, fireworks, forged documents and more.
Created by a Japanese programmer named Satoshi Nakamoto (a pseudonym) in 2008, bitcoin is what’s known as a cryptocurrency.
Instead of inputting their credit card numbers, which even on the Tor network would make their purchases easy to track, Silk Road users instead purchased Bitcoin from an exchange like Mt. Once inside, Silk Road looks like an average ecommerce website, albeit one stocked with drugs and guns and hacking equipment instead of clothes and home goods. Glad you’re curious, but after the feds arrested Ross William Ulbricht, the alleged operator of Silk Road, they seized the website and shut down all operations.
The Deep Web has become infiltrated with cybercrime because it is much more private than the surface web, allowing criminals to operate in the shadows.
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Always wanted to learn how to code but not sure what language to begin with, let alone where to start? The routers pass the letters back and forth between one another, further obscuring the letters’ source. People who want to do illegal things on the Internet, such as purchase drugs through Silk Road, use Tor so that their online activity is more difficult to track.
For one thing, Tor software can be used by citizens in countries with governments that closely monitor their Internet activity and curtail their free speech. Naval Research Laboratory, which developed the network with the hope that it could properly protect and encrypt government communications. It’s both a decentralized currency and a payment system that exists entirely online, allowing users to exchange money anonymously.
If you wanted to register for a new account, you’d follow the link for new users and all Silk Road required you enter was a username, password and country, and you would be registered as a new buyer.
The deep web is accessible only by downloading special software called Tor, which anonymizes web traffic.
Each time a letter passes through a router, it’s decrypted slightly, so that the router knows where next to send it, and re-encrypted. The Tor project, the 501c3 nonprofit that maintains the Tor network and software, states on their website that journalists, militaries, law enforcement, activists and whistleblowers use Tor.

From 2004 to 2005 it was supported by the Electronic Frontier Foundation, but is now run by the Tor Project. If you do decide to explore the Deep Web, make sure you don’t click on any suspicious links, or you could end up looking at illegal and upsetting material like child pornography or snuff films. Consulta nuestras Condiciones de uso y nuestra Politica de privacidad para mas informacion. Consulta nuestra Politica de privacidad y nuestras Condiciones de uso para mas informacion. When a user uses the Tor Browser bundle (which provides the Tor software plus a browser) instead of a regular browser like Chrome or Firefox, the letters become encrypted so that the content of the letters can’t be read. To this day it is still largely funded by government organizations across the world, including the United States. We have made it our priority to give every Moviestarplanet player the ability to use this hack! The encryption also obscures the return address, making it impossible to tell where the letters came from.
The letter is then stamped with the exit node’s IP address (like a new return address), and is sent to its destination.

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