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Making successful and effective sales presentations is one of the challenging tasks any salesperson seek to accomplish.
Conducting sales in the 21st century information age, which is based on the assets of knowledge and information, requires that you think about ways to improve the sales presentation.
Here is a closer look at the steps you can take to make your sales presentation a successful and an effective one. Potential clients expect you to know their business, customers and competition as well as you know your own product or service.
Ask questions that require more than a yes or no response, and that deal with more than just costs, price, procedures and the technical aspects of the prospect’s business. Salespeople who do all the talking during a presentation not only bore the prospect, but also generally lose the sale. So after all this, you can sense how challenging to make a successful and effective sales presentation.
About Marwan WahbiI am a university lecturer, professional trainer, and a business consultant in the fields of Sales, Marketing, Management, & Leadership.
In a perfect world, marketing would launch a campaign or release new content and within a short span sales would have a massive incoming of quality leads.
If sales and marketing work as separate entities, messaging will be inconsistent and improper, content will be irrelevant and sales will confuse customers and prospects. 1) Sales are contingent upon the attitude of the salesman – not the attitude of the prospect. With more than 150,000 attendees and 2000+ sessions, Dreamforce promises to be the mecca of all sales conferences. This conference is held in Boston.  Get your mind blown by Malcolm Gladwell and Guy Kawasaki, in the presence of media mogul Martha Stewart, and rock out to musical guest Janelle Monae.
Organised by Hubspot, the undisputed leaders in inbound marketing, Inbound promises to be one amazing learning opportunity to keep you ahead in the changing sales practices. However, there are certain simple, but effective points to keep in mind that will magically improve your B2B sales deck.  Here are some tips for creating an effective B2B sales deck. As a rule of thumb, the smallest font size on the presentation should be half of the oldest person in the room (funny?).
PS: This article has compiled tips and suggestions from the feedback emails and interactions with the users of Vibe. But most importantly, the opportunities attached through learning whether some new skills, mentoring or sharing amidst all the fun and enthusiasm. To conclude in a nutshell, its a great source of inspiration, allowing an inside look at how companies use salesforce successfully.
Yet sometimes it’s those same long lists of features that end up making the app hard to grasp, or in some cases ultimately useless. Vibe Community BlogThe Vibe Blog is a collection of knowledge, learning and best practices from the 100,000 strong user community of Vibe, curated and presented.
Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Sales Incentive Trip – All EligibleIn 2011 we will be having what we hope is our 3rd Annual Sales Trip.
No group of professionals is more reliant on presentations than sales representatives.  Day in and day out, the primary job of the sales rep is to deliver pitch after pitch, “wowing” potential customers to win new business and generate new sources of revenue. While hype and marketing-speak are a great way to grab your audience’s attention, you’ll need to back it up with hard facts.  Be sure to sprinkle in as much third-party validation as possible, such as endorsements from industry experts or testimonials from satisfied customers. Product demonstrations can be highly effective selling tools, but they work best after you’ve already provided an overview of the solution you’re pitching, and demonstrated the potential value it can provide.  This background will enable the prospect to view the demo in context, with a greater understanding of how they can apply and benefit from it in real-world scenarios. Hi there, yes this piece of writing is genuinely good and I have learned lot of things from it concerning blogging. This page certainly has all of the information and facts I needed about this subject and didn’t know who to ask. Hello, i feel that i saw you visited my weblog so i got here to “return the favor”.I am attempting to to find things to improve my web site!I assume its adequate to use a few of your concepts!!
TweetScoop.itManagement and marketing basically runs on a simple bottom line- the better one is able to sell an idea, product or service, better are the chances of there being some tangible returns on the time and effort invested. Quick and correct communication is a part of good management practices, and PowerPoint presentations are superb tools in this regard.  Hence, designing PPT presentations for sales isn’t a phenomenon unheard of.
The data and material has to be smartly manipulated into something that would hold the attention of the audience and also retain a position in their minds. Headings, tags and catch phrases should be used wherever possible.  The data should be delivered in easy, small points rather than the highly textual, paragraph form.
The introduction in a sales presentation is typically too long – and focused almost entirely on the history, size, leadership team, and financial metrics, of the presenter’s company. After the introduction that goes on for too long, a standard sales presentation then looks at features, often in a somewhat haphazard way. Again, this feature-centric way of presenting information is focused on the product, and not the audience’s needs. Those sales presentations that do make the structure visible – by using agendas – usually make the mistake of using headings that mean more to the presenter than the audience, or that are so dry that they do absolutely nothing to help sell.
The penultimate slide in a typical sales presentation is called something like ‘benefits’ or ‘summary’, and attempts to describe what’s in it for the audience. Then, finally, instead of a closing slide or clear next step, a rather flat ‘Any Questions’ slide, just hanging there to allow sales reps a way out of having to ask for the business.
So, that’s an outline of the typical structure of a sales presentation; too long, too hard to follow, and not built around the audience’s concerns. The introduction ought to build credibility – but the way to do that is by showing that you understand the prospect’s challenges, that actually the standard ways of meeting these challenges don’t work, and that the prospect may need to do things differently.

After looking at the challenges your prospect is (most likely) facing, you need to introduce the benefits of working with your company. This helps in two ways – first, the advantages or benefits are stated early enough to be noticed, and second, the agenda is now audience-focused, not product focused. If you need to convince your prospects to do things in a different way (Why change) and to do them with you (Why us) there are two approaches. The content that describes features in a typical sales presentation needs to be reworked to be effective. One of the slides from a recent presentation I designed for a corporations quarterly report. November 26, 2014 By Sunitha Anupkumar Leave a Comment Accredited author and motivational speaker Bob Hooey said a€?If you are not taking care of your customers, your competitor willa€?. Extensive market research, skilled sales personnel and endless meetings with stakeholders are key to nailing down the method that is just perfect. Fast, reliable PowerPoint Design Services - our experts transform and deliver your presentation in less than 24 hours! Signup to our mailing lists and get frequent updates on new products, offers, tips and tricks and more.
An effective sales presentation guarantees achieving your objective, and ultimately making the deal and closing the sales. The most effective way to sell is to ask the prospect questions and see where he or she leads you.
The key to the hot button is that it is an emotional, not practical, need — a need for recognition, love or reinforcement. If you have followed all the previous steps, all you should have to do is to ask for the customer’s order.
While this may have been true in earlier decades as today’s marketing is very data-driven.  With marketing automation, marketing teams are able to generate more quality leads the company can measure marketing ROI, and increase conversion rates and ultimately revenue. But while marketing wants nothing more than to be the answer to all of sales’ problems, marketing processes take time to be effective. Marketing needs feedback from sales, that is, what content is more effective and what is not and sales needs marketing to provide them with the most useful information to attract prospects for better sales. There are ups and downs, moments when you feel down when a getting a series of rejections, those overwhelming moments when you close a huge deal, those feelings when nothing seems to be working fine.
There were so many answers that we will compile in different posts, but here are a few motivational sales quotes which our users suggested.
Share them with us in comment and we will give you a beautiful wallpaper with the quote on it!
They are the hot networking places with lots of relations built, cards exchanged and yes, deals made.
Salesforce conference takes the city of San Francisco by force each year and promises to be no different.
Almost everyone in business likes numbers and thinks in numbers when making a buying decision.
If you have 30 minutes of meeting, prepare deck for 15 minutes (atleast all important slides). Its a Tech conference hosted by Salesforce who are leaders in B2B cloud technology with it’s much coveted CRM products as a platform to integrate your business needs.
The Dreamforce sessions – The endless sessions for developers, Salesfoce admins, product managers and businesses will be a powerhouse of knowledge and learning.
Access to experts -  There would be the large list of many many experts with whom you can interact with and gain advantage of salesforce MVPs. Product Launches – Yes, the much awaited latest product launches from Salesforce and partners. Giving Back - Salesforce focus on how to be responsible towards society involving through SalesForce foundation and the fundraiser attached to it. Also to avail hands on training and certification. Last but not the least, not to miss out partying and music concerts. Its actually an experience in itself, to learn, to grow and take a plunge into something new and exciting. But, today’s buyers want not only superior products, but loyal and reliable vendors who will be there to support them throughout its life cycle.  Therefore, it is also important to project a positive image of both yourself, and your company – one that convinces your audience that you will be a trusted business partner. I just wrote a similar blog post (What makes a successful sales presentation?) and your #3, Engage the Audience was one of my points, too. May i distribute publically distributed legal articles to my clients without violating copyright? Power point presentations are thus a great way for companies to exhibit their annual performances as well as to leave a long lasting positive impact on the viewers. The content has to be altered according to the preferences of the viewers and must match their level of understanding.
Sales PPTs are thus all about presenting facts, stats and propositions regarding the sales offers of a company.  It should be done with care and consideration so that the company stands to benefit from the display of any such presentation. Then, the introduction ought to shape the prospect’s way of seeing things so that when they think about the capabilities they are looking for, their thinking is aligned to your offering. The benefit slide ought to move from the end, to be used as an agenda that’s shown as we segue between sections. Instead of using every advantage of benefit as an agenda with far too many parts, create a clear hierarchy, and divide your presentation into 3-5 sections.
Either use two sets of segue slides – the first looking at why change, and the second looking at why us; or, extend the introduction and look at why change in that section, and then only use a single set of segue slides to answer the question Why Us?
The features and advantages need to be closely linked to the needs and requirements of the audience.

Not ‘Any Questions?’ but a slide summarising the value proposition, and then another slide with a very clear recommendation of what should happen next. I have been making sales presentations for over 10 years, and what has consistently worked for me is a variation of your outline. You aren’t necessarily trying to persuade them that the product is great, only that they should stock it. Please download the latest version of the Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, or Windows Internet Explorer browser.
Looking for visual tools that help present your sales ideas in a clear and succinct manner? In reality, this is not an easy task, but it is a possible one if you understand and implement the following important and essential techniques.
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A successful sale is a result of lots of small and different factors that come together to achieve the result. So while it may seem like marketing is “taking too long,” it may help to adjust your time expectations. It is important to invest in customer research, including understanding their needs, demands and expectations, in order to provide exactly what they are looking for. World Series of Sales brings together top producers to share ideas and learn new strategies to make the coming year their best ever. In my experience as a B2B sales person, primarily selling technology products, I have long searched for tips and tricks of building effective sales decks. This video will tell you exactly how BIG Dreamforce is and how HUGE Dreamforce 2015 is going to be.
The idea is to bring together a plethora of pioneers, thinkers, innovators and speakers to share, network, innovate and grow added with the lessons of giving back through philanthropy. This benefit slide ought to be written to answer the key question around which the sales presentation revolves – Why Change?
That means using each slide to tell the story set out by the key sales messages in your agenda slide – answering the question Why Change? Arguments might be around meeting an unmet need, the promotional plans you have, etc (not in class, but in real-life).
You can’t be as such without asking proper questions in a smart and non-interrogating way. For a prospect who is planning a trip to Hawaii in two months, the hot button is likely to be losing a few pounds and looking good. Treating each customer like a number won’t get you far, but creating and maintaining a positive, personable rapport with customers will.
The answer to my searches was this - There is no one stop place where you can find a set of rules that instantly make any B2B sales deck perfect. In real life (not a course) one would rarely present a $5 product face-to-face to the consumer. Category you want to view and backgrounds that you want to be able to download the presentation as appropriate to your project.
Picking the one methodology that best fits your business and your prospective customers is a big challenge. These aesthetically made slides are completely editable and can be customised to seamlessly fit into your corporate template. It’s tempting to step in and tell the prospect something you think is vitally important.
For a prospect who just found out he has high blood pressure, the hot button could be the health benefits of exercise. Understanding their needs and responding accordingly will make each of these relationships richer and result in better sales.
Get a little insight into the company and the individual so you can make the rapport genuine. In this way, you can specifically answer objections by showing how the customer will benefit from your product or service. For a busy young mother, the hot button may be the chance to get away from the kids for a few hours a week and reduce stress.
It could be, for instance, by saving money, raising productivity, increasing employee motivation, or increasing his or her company’s name recognition.
Everyone either owns a key-chain or knows many others that do; family, friends, professors, employers, or just people that you interact with on a daily basis. Instead, I encourage you to have a sketch, a flow, or a bullet-point discussion of the major things you plan to discuss with your customer. You can improve your listening skills by taking notes and observing your prospect’s body language, not jumping to conclusions. Can you offer some advice on a basic outline with key points that should be covered for presenting this product? If so, do you have any particular basic PowerPoint models to recommend?Thanks for your advice.

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