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Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. Combating fat need not mean eating much less or limiting one’s intake to tasteless “healthy” food.
Thanks to lifelong scientific studies and experiments, experts have identified foods that actually help burn fat by helping build muscles and using up lots of energy during digestion. Listed below – in no particular order – are 10 of the best fat-burning foods that have been cited by some of the most renowned nutritionists, dieticians and other health experts in the world. Almonds: These nuts are packed with dietary fibers, minerals and vitamins and are rich in various health stimulating phyto-chemicals that ensures safety against diseases, providing nutrients and acting as a source of energy. Eggs: Eggs have exactly right fat content and is a rich source of protein and amino acids that help regulating the body fat at the required level. Soy: They are an excellent source of protein and carbohydrates, and at the same time low in fat and cholesterol. Berries: Berries are your best workout companion improving blood flow, besides being nature’s one of the most powerful antioxidant they are packed with fiber, that catches the food and pushes them out of the system afore full digestion. Yogurt: Researches have shown that yoghurt makes you feel full and helps you to have a healthy digestive system by reducing constipation and bloating, hence a flat stomach.
Veggie soup: What could be an easier way to get all the vegetables and that too with low calorie content at the same time?
In your quest to lose weight, you might have realized that exercising alone cannot guarantee success.
Everybody knows that foods packed with fiber are great for losing weight and that makes broccoli an extremely popular option.
To break down quality cuts of meat such as beef or chicken, your body is required to work overtime.
While some people may have an aversion to its pungent taste, grapefruit is a great food to burn fat. It’s technically not a food, but green tea is still one of the best options for those who want to burn some fat. By including these foods in your diet, you can take an important step towards healthy living and weight loss. The key to losing unwanted fat without sacrificing a healthy appetite lies in knowing which foods to eat. What most people might be surprised about is that most foods classified as “fat-burning” are not only filling but also delicious.
Excess stress can cause headaches, muscle tension, digestive problems, sleep disturbances, depression, and now new research shows it may also wreak havoc on metabolism. They are an abundant source of mono-unsaturated fatty acids and help preventing disease related to heart and coronary diseases by preferring healthy blood lipid profile.
Many complications with being overweight are high blood pressure, diabetes and heart diseases. They are almost carb free since they have layers of fibers that are very sluggish in digestion and hence they rarely affect the blood glucose level. Seafood is an exceptional source of omega-3 fatty acids, that helps in burning fat and improving your metabolism, while increasing your glucose insulin response, keeping your blood pressure and sugar level at par.

It has a nutty taste at the same time its crunchy and chewy, filled with fiber and protein. He is inclined towards entrepreneurship, philosophy and startups, not necessarily in that order. It is rich in omega-3 oils and highly recommended to reduce cholesterol and improve the immune system. Not only does it ensure that our internal organs operate at their maximum capacity, it also helps burn fat. In a process called high thermogenic, the body needs to use energy to break down food and utilize all the nutrients. It lowers the insulin levels in your system, which in turn reduces the body’s ability to store sugar as fat. In addition to providing your body with antioxidants, it boosts the metabolic rate and helps burn more calories.
There’s a great product that goes more in-depth about weight loss and nutrition called Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle and it’s actually really good. Yes, that’sright, there are foods that that can actually help you looseweight, or help you to get over the hurdle when you havereached a plateau. Even more surprising is how most of the items on the list have always had a bad reputation in the past in terms of their health benefits.
Berries, avocados, grapefruit and oranges among many other fruits help enhance one’s satiety while preventing further cravings. Not only are they tasty and filling, fish including tuna and mackerel can burn fat like no other meat can. A lot of people already know the benefits of eating whole grains, but there is no harm in reinforcing their importance in a healthy diet. Rich in VITAMIN E that is a good lipid soluble antioxidant they preserve the cell membrane and protect the skin. Besides this, egg eating people are at a lower risk of eye problems like cataracts and it helps keeping a check on the cholesterol level. It’s simple to make and it is proven that you can lose more weight if you consume soup than any other snack of the same calorie content, hence making to the list of the best foods that burn fat. He likes connecting the dots, breaking news, nose and beliefs – ‘To wake up in life one must fall asleep’.
When our body works well, we have more energy to keep us active all through the day and more calories are burned easily. According to some studies, about 33% of calories are burned for each piece of lean meat consumed.
Moreover, it contains antioxidants and natural minerals to keep your cholesterol levels down.
As long as they are low or free from too much fat, milk, yogurt and even cheese can help fight fat and promote stronger bones. Avocados, in particular, have been so misunderstood for a very long time because of their fat content. Wild salmon, specifically, are said to trigger metabolism and enhance insulin sensitivity due to its rich omega-3 content.
Consuming food with soy and canola oil, for instance, allows one to feel full without the disadvantage of storing them as fat.

Nuts are perfect snacks in that they not only reduce cravings; they also help in muscle building and metabolism boosting. Provided that it is not loaded with too much sugar, peanut butter can raise testosterone to healthy levels, while burning fat and building muscles. Be it brown rice, whole grain cereals or quinoa, whole grains are bursting with fiber that aid in digestion and combating unwanted fat.
What more they are also sources of cooking oil, skin oil (prevents skin from getting dry) and gluten free food products. Researches have shown that people eating two eggs a day have improved a person’s lipid profile since unsaturated fat affects the cholesterol and not dietary cholesterol, hence making it one of the best foods that burn fat.
Apple contains quercetin, which helps combat diseases, cancers, boosts immune system, reduces cholesterol and promotes healthy lungs. They would be a fuelling source for your workout earning a place in to the list of best foods that burn fat. The crunch of veggies is satisfying to chew, and generally very low in caloriesCertain Fruits are fat burning foods (cucumbers in particular). The fact is that this same fat is responsible for promoting fat burning and keeping the body from storing fat. Coconut oil is also highly recommended due to its high medium-chained-triglycerides content, which is readily used by the body for energy. To sum it up these small extra leaned nutrient helps the body to produce energy, constructing and sustaining muscle tissue and taking care of the sugar level by blocking calories, reducing absorption of fat and, hence one of the best foods that burn fat. Packed with low unsaturated fat and antioxidant and fibers soy improves memory, maintains heart health and lowers harmful cholesterol, hence adding it to the list of best foods that burn fat.
Well it’s no surprise that apples make it to the daily diet list recommended by fitness experts, hence making it to the list of best foods that burn fat. One food can literally burn away calories while being chewed, however, is chili pepper as it helps kick-start the metabolism process.
Peppers and cucumbers are high in water content, so have the same effect as fruits in curbing the appetite. Hot peppers like jalapenos, cayenne pepper etc… have the compound capsaicin which speeds up metabolism.Celery is high in water content, crunchy and satisfying in that way so it makes a great snack.
If you need more flavor, dip the celery in fat free cottage cheese, • Grapefruit guacamole fill it with a small amount of almond butter. They are also full of water which takes up the space in your stomach also making you feel fuller. Indulge in some berries – you’ll satisfy your sweet tooth, feel fuller, • Green tea and remember that this is a fat burning food. Coffee actually boosts metabolism as well, so it is indeed one of our fat burning foods – that is of course if you don’t order the double Frappuccino with extra sugar, and the syrup flavorings.

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