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Every month, a mum who is on the Lose Baby Weight plans will be writing about their journey, exercise, ups and downs and will be here to help motivate YOU and THEMSELVES along the way – and if you want to become our Motivating Mum for one month see here on how you can enter (we pay you for it too!). And in March our Motivating Mum of the Month and taking up the challenge to motivate you is Linda Hallas. Linda has already done an incredible job on our weight loss plans and plans to reach her target weight by the end of March – she is already over 30kg down – WELL DONE LINDA!!
It started to pour rain when my girlfriend and I were almost at the top, we kept going and it was truly awesome. I made a goal for the week gone of changing all my walks around, just to change it around for my body, and I did! I am starting to be unrecognisable to people who have not seen me in some time and I am finding it flattering. The closer I get to my goal I know my weight loss is slowing down and staying motivated when things are moving slow is even on the best of day’s hard work. But I stay motivated by knowing even when the scales are not decreasing at a fast pace I am changing shape for the better. I am still chasing a healthy BMI – it is 25 with a loss of 800 grams this week and I am hoping that in the last week of March I can bring it as close to the healthy range as I can. I am planning to work a little harder (not any longer) this week by trying to jog at least half the time I am out for a walk without the kids.

Every loss is a loss and I celebrate every single loss, I work hard to achieve them and am living to maintain them. There are a number of resources to provide support to those who want to feed their dogs a homemade diet.
Lastly, I came across Yet Another Cat Food Guide recently, and was impressed with the articles that I read.
These are groups I can recommend, though you should always be careful about relying on advice from email lists.
There are other lists that I can't recommend due to their dogmatic and intolerant approaches to homemade diets. You can contact me if you have any comments, but I regret to say that I can no longer respond to questions about individual dogs. These descriptions belong to the dogs in the header and other tooltips, but are displayed here because you have javascript turned off. Pashoshe Fisher, a Chihuahua, was a wonderful, joyful companion to his owner for 19 & a half years. I even went for a jog on one of the nights when my husband got home and I am actually staring to really enjoy the feeling of working that hard. They can’t believe how good I look and I am really starting to enjoy the compliments from everyone.

I am feeling fitter than ever before, even though I wake up through the night with a baby that in 7 and ? months has still not slept through.
When I am with the kids on a walk I am going to put the baby in the carrier and push a child in the pram. Any group that tells you there is only one right way to feed your dog, or that dismisses problems caused by the diet as unimportant, should be avoided. I carried the baby in the carrier every chance I got, just to work myself a little harder at every opportunity.
Favourite meal being the 28 day chicken stir fry closely followed by Vegetable and brown lentil Pilaf.
Staying fit and eating well has given me so much more energy and I am genuinely very happy in myself. Email groups can answer questions, though keep in mind that not all the advice you receive will be reliable, so don't rely on email groups exclusively to learn how best to feed your dog.

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