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Get Motivated – I love Pinterest’s variety of picture quotes, encouragement, training, challenges, and healthy facts.
Master Healthy Cooking – I get bored with the same old recipes and need help with fast and easy meals.
Get Your Butt in Gear – I usually have 20 to 30 minutes to get in a workout (and tend to become unmotivated quickly). I have been very pleasantly surprised by the massive amount of weight-loss motivation and tips to be found on the popular pinboard site.

On days when I am exhausted and seriously lacking motivation, I pop on Pinterest and look at my Health and Fitness board or my Quote board for a pick-me-up.
A quick look at The Best Life board or one of my own puts them all at my fingertips with beauty and ease. Pinterest gives me an endless supply of new and innovative suggestions on sprucing up my run and working out within my time constraints. The Best Life team has put together a board with our recipes, diabetes-friendly recipes, smoothie recipes from our partner Blendtec, and ones we gathered from the Pinterest community.

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