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Just so yall know this product is great but its not meant for you people out there that are trying to lose 50lbs this is for the stubborn fat that is holding your back from seeing your abs. I do a lot of research before taking any supplements and found mostly good reviews about Animal Cuts.
I'm starting to take animal cuts but I just read that it interferes with birthcontrol which I use. Conclusion - Animal cuts work effectively but be ready to lose muscle too, contradicting manufacturer’s product label. I'm new to Animal cuts and other weight loss products, but have been taking SuperPump 250 for about a little while. I am 18 year old wrestler that just finished high school season at very good shape around 5% body fat then I bulk up. I have started taking these a few days ago and have been taking as soon as I get up and then 4-6 hours later.
I have used Cuts, Thermonex, AtroPhex and Lipo 6 Black, and for endurance I would have to say that the Cuts is by far the best. Started taking Animal Cuts on 16 APR 2010 - I feel more energy at the gym and *somewhat* of a decreased appetite but I feel that that has a lot to do with increased anxiety, lol. I have been taking these pills for about two weeks and have gained 4 pounds in that two weeks.
I just started to get back to the gym after 4 months off (due to injuries), and combine the 4 months with winter break - I gained about 15 lbs. I Started taking 5 days ago and feel lvery weak and skinny , before i started this sup i was on creatine 4 about 7 month and i feel like all the water in my muscle has gone donno if this is what i want or the more full look ?
Started Animal Cuts yesterday and after 15 minutes of taking the first pack, I felt like The Human Torch for about two hours.
Would it be better not to take it at all or to take out one or two of the pills in the pack? However animal cuts is not efficient, it has side effects, too much of caffeine i guess, will interfere with your energy and recovery processes. Cuts work miracles when you are trying to lose extra weight or tone up, especially after packing all the extra mass during the winter. When I started looking at fat burners my fiance recommended that I order this because he said he had heard great things about it. When i started animal cuts, the 1st 3 days were amazing, increased energy levels - could bench 220 lbs for 12 reps, then after that my energy levels started going down then below normal and after 3 weeks when i concluded the dose my energy levels hit the ground, i couldn’t bench a single rep of 220 lbs, my recovery became very poor that i had to layoff for 3 weeks.
Is this the most affective way of taking them because I am conscious that I am much doing much activity during the day? After reading the reviews on here I can't help but wonder about the people who say it don't work. I took the stack (with PLENTY of water)and cranked up my CD stereo while getting my gym clothes ready. YOU CANT JUST TAKE IT AND WAIT FOR MAJIC- THE MORE YOU PUT OUT IN THE GYM, THE MORE IT MATCHES IT. After 8 days I am 187 lb (I am trying to eat enough to not lose to much weight in short time) and 17.2% (what I consider more important).
I was using animal cuts with a moderate reduction of calories (a deficit of about 300 calories per day), training for 4 days per week, doing compound exercises plus 15 min of cardio.
Also I sweat more so I do like the way it makes me feel when I work out but where is the weight lose. I'm 17 years old and have finished high school football and am transitioning into baseball.
My diet is a lot cleaner than what it used to be so now I limit high glycemic carbs and eat more organic foods -vegetables and certain fruits.
Im a lifter, not so much cardio, but Im planning to do the cardio from Insanity on days I either don't lift, or days I have time. The last 3 days I have used 1 pack Animal Cuts, 2 scoops of jack3d, 1 scoop Universal shock therapy for pre workout.
Just to let people know my diet is strict and full of the right foods and im cycleing lots of stuff, but the animal cuts has really given me the best results from any fat burner ive used. I haven't lost any weight per se (not that I expected to in only 3 days), but I am noticing that my pants are getting slightly baggier. I go to the gym about 2-4 times a week and I'm not a cardio guy, all I like to do is lift weights so that's all I do.
If you dont want to work for it you wont get it and I heard their is a guy around the way selling some snake oil that makes you fly.
You can't just take a supplement and expect changes to your body unless you make changes to your lifestyle! I took lipo 6 about 3 yeard ago when I was deployed and had nothing else to do but work out and I melted the fat off quick. My last few workouts have been great.I have had no bad side effects, I would get insane energy for about 3-4 hours.
Now I take Cuts about 1 hr before going to the gym and by the time I get there I'm so energized that I go for 20 mins non stop! I had also purchased universal sterol complex but due to crazy schedule stopped after a few days, plan on starting it when schedule is more consistant. I haven't gone on a huge diet, I still eat everything I want including fast food BUT I do eat a little bit less.

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