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Let's put it out there, this diet might be the biggest thing on the dieting radar right now. Not only will you apparently easily drop a dress size with this diet over a month but you'll be giving your body a well-needed blitz without having to do any full-on fasting! The diet has had such a good reception that even Hollywood dieting goddesses Gwyneth Paltrow, Jennifer Lopez and Jennifer Anniston have all given it the thumbs up! But dieting for two days a week initially sent minor alarm bells into our heads, so we spoke to Dr Kelly Johnston, Head of Nutrition and Research at LighterLife as well as others to get the low-down on this low-calorie diet!
Now you might spot a hole in this idea already – what happens if you just pile on the pounds for the other two days?
As well as this, the diet also claims to be great for other health complaints due to a little hormone called IGF-1. Lead investigators from the Nutrition and Metabolism group at the University of Surrey, Dr Denise Robertson and Dr Adam Collins, say the potential of this diet is huge.
The 5:2 diet may be metabolically advantageous as it helps retrain the body to operate as it was designed to do, hence improving overall metabolic health. That said, when health journalist Michael Mosley took on the challenge last summer he reportedly lost just under a stone and reduced his body fat by about 25%. With the 5:2 diet you will have all the effects of a fasting diet but without quite such an extreme approach. Dr Kelly also assures us that for anybody who is fit and healthy before the diet, there should be no prior risks to your health!

Find the right diet for you from our huge selection of diet plans in our comprehensive Diet A-Z. For many people Thursday has become the new Friday night and from a social point of view it starts on Thursday nowadays. I remember as a teenager going out clubbing on a Thursday night with my friends as it was cheaper on the booze bills. Then as the millennium started I met Dominic and a Thursday night for us was playing pool at the local pub. I have purposely had a very low calorie breakfast and lunch and used fruit and vegetables to fill me up. Then in the evening I have enough calories spare to cook a nice stir fry and a big bad bag of popcorn to share as we watch a movie. It is the perfect end to the day and so much fun you will have forgotten that you have sacrificed earlier in the day. And you could always share more of the popcorn that way you would be using even less calories. Fasting essentially lowers the level of potentially cancerous cells in the blood and could lower the risk of this disease. Humans are metabolically designed to function through periods of feast and famine, a complete contrast to modern lifestyles that are more conducive to feast and feast. During these fasting days it’s best to consume high-protein, low-calorie foods that still give you energy.

Kelly suggests having four LighterLife food packs per day as well as keeping yourself nice and hydrated with plenty of water and black coffees or herbal teas.
Kelly just suggests to not binge, be sensible with your weekly diet, but ultimately what you eat will be determined by what you want from the diet. Plus you never paid an entry fee for the nightclubs on this night and in the nineties it had started a trend. And my posts are all about be battling the pounds and getting back to the size 10 I was when I met my husband 13 years ago.
This means that your natural metabolism will get a massive kick-start and start burning all those calories faster, as well as your general calorie intake being significantly less so you will lose weight.
Kelly says that normally reducing your calorie intake for those two days a week naturally encourages you to limit what you eat (a little) for the other five.
Though you may have wanted more for lunch therefore you might opt for salt popcorn instead.

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