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Dan revealed he adopted a strict healthy diet and workout regime to lose the weight and his weight loss motivation is Matthew Crawley once critizied as “how fat Matthew was looking” on twitter.
After taking numerous questions on revelations that he underwent lap-band stomach surgery in February, Gov.
The most important factor in deciding to have the surgery was being around for his family, Christie said. Christie said the only people he told about the surgery were his family, his chief of staff and his chief counsel. When asked if the surgery would factor into whether he decides to run for president in 2016, Christie blew the question off. Mila can next be seen in this summer's hottest romcom, Friends With Benefits, alongside Justin Timberlake.

But despite reports the actors are more than friends, Mila was quick to scotch the rumours.
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Chris Christie told reporters that the decision had no connection to whether he would decide to make a presidential bid in 2016. Chris Christie stressed he felt the decision was personal one and "not anyone else's business but mine." Addressing a phalanx of cameras that had gathered at a groundbreaking at the Essex County Newark Tech, Christie called the media obsession with his weight loss program "silly," adding he would not be offering any updates.
He had originally scheduled it for November but rescheduled for February after Hurricane Sandy hit. Even his communications director, Maria Comella, did not know about until a reporter asked her, Christie said.

He said that the biggest difference he's felt since before the surgery is that he's less hungry. The governor, who said he has struggled with his weight for decades, said he decided to try the weight loss surgery out of concern for his long-term health. Calling weight loss an "intensely personal issue," Christie said that if he is successful in his efforts, he will not be appearing on television shows "taking a victory lap" or writing a book. Kim Guadgano when he underwent the 40-minute surgery at NYU Langone Medical Center in New York.

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