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Regardless of what your reasons may be for wanting to lose weight, chances are that you want to obtain results as fast as possible.
While it is true that a fast weight loss system doesn’t require you to follow a very lengthy program, you will still have to make efforts for a period of two weeks to an entire month. Long story short, you will be torturing yourself non-stop for fourteen to thirty days just so that you can lose a considerable amount of weight… weight that you won’t keep it off. Despite what is said above, losing weight quickly with a diet is far from being impossible. If your plan is to lose weight and keep it off for the rest of your life, then your goal should be to join up with a program that provides a long-term solution to the problem. No two people are the same and your Coach will work with you as a unique individual so we can learn what works best for you and your body. Many of our readers have written in and asked what Dawn eats while she conquers her weight loss as she follows the 5:2 fasting plan. From what calories she consumes during none fasting days to an insight into what you achieve and how you can spread out your 500 calories.
Plus, if you are following it, its so much nicer to get someone else’s take on it and give you some extra motivation.
It is the start of the week and I always feel super positive on a Monday because it is like you start with a clean slate for the week!
Today was the first of my weekly step classes and I resisted the urge to eat a piece of cake with the ladies even though they bought me one so I feel very proud of my will power. I used lean minced pork and no cheese for my bolognaise tonight and kept a close eye on the amount of pasta I added to keep the calories down. I am training to be part of a basketball team and this is one of the reasons I want to get fit and healthy so I can be a better player.  The training doesn’t burn as many calories as you would think though as we do a lot of stopping to go through drills and exercises.
I knew I would be exercising later so wanted to make sure I had energy for the evening which led me to pick a chicken and mushroom pie for dinner but instead of serving with chips I opted for vegetables instead to keep it healthy. I went out for lunch and there really wasn’t anything on the menu I fancied so I chose a not o healthy toasted sandwich – high in calories but gorgeous!!

With 500 calories you have to be very careful about what you chose to eat as before you know it all the calories have gone!  I planned my meals for today the night before so I knew what I would be eating and that I would not go over the strict 500 calorie limit ad this worked well for me. I felt hungry after lunch time but drank more still water to help fill me up and I find that after about 10 minutes the hunger pangs really do go away.
I try not to do any real exercise on fast days but can’t sit still all day so I went on a gentle walk after dinner to keep things moving. In my household tonight is curry night and being on this diet means that I no longer have to sacrifice this treat of mine – although I do skip the Naan bread and cut down on the rice to keep the calories a little lower. I am lacking in energy after my exercise class so went with a tomato pasta salad for lunch and finished with a black coffee with no sugar for a quick pick me up which saw me well through into the afternoon. Not having to cut out the curry night as meant a lot to me and my family because I would hate to deprive them of their curry – but if I even smell one I can’t resist so being allowed what I want 5 times a week is great. This fast day seemed to come around very quickly this week but for me Friday is the easiest day to fast and fits in best with my lifestyle and commitments. I find that the time it takes to eat soup is very good for lunch as it makes you feel like you are having more than you are and the low fat versions on the market a pretty good even if they are a little more expensive than others. I am always worried about cooking for myself on a fast day in case I get the calories wrong so I tend to stick to ready meals at dinner time so I can be sure of the calorie intake and this chilli chicken was delicious – quite a surprise! I like to indulge myself at the weekends, especially knowing that I have been good all week with my diet and exercise so I generally eat what I like but try to keep clear of snacking – AKA The Enemy!
I go swimming in the mornings with my family and instead of playing about the entire time I now make sure I swim at least 1,000 metres and then I can relax and have fun with everyone else.  It takes a lot less time than you would think and I always feel great after.
Sausage sandwiches and pizza are hardly health foods of the year but I did not add any extra cheese to the pizza and grilled my sausages instead of frying them to remove extra fat.
I used to have a full English breakfast on a Sunday morning but I have now modified this to a bacon and egg sandwich which I still love but is a few less calories to start the day. Today is my coach potato today and I have no intentions of doing exercise and instead spend lots of the afternoon preparing the Sunday roast for later – a favourite meal of the week for me. I no longer have the dessert, I take the skin off the chicken and pile my plate high with fresh vegetables but I will not sacrifice my roast potatoes for all the world – it has to be the perfect way to end the week and leaves me feeling full and happy inside and ready to tackle the next week on a positive note.

As it happens, there is an entire industry out there dedicated to providing fast solutions for weight loss, and so far they have attracted millions upon millions of clients. In addition to that, the only way to make noticeable results come this fast is by taking some extreme measures, like following a nutrition plan that basically starves you, such as the grape-only diet for instance. Quick weight loss diets seldom focus on what you ought to do after you have lost the weight; they simply tell you how to get it off, but not how to keep it that way. There are certain weight loss programs which have a diet divided into different steps or phases, with the first one allowing people to lose five, ten, sometimes even fifteen pounds during the first week.
Most programs fitting this criteria offer different types of exercising and diet plans, depending on which stage of the weight loss process you are currently at. I have therefore asked Dawn to put pen to paper and provide us with a week in the life of her diet and exercise. However, despite all the positive reports about quick weight loss diets, there is a flip side to this coin: losing weight fast has a number of consequences on the human body, and you should be aware of what they are before trying any kind of weight loss program. In addition to being driven crazy by only being able to eat a few food items (most of which probably won’t taste good), you will also put yourself at risk of suffering from malnourishment. In the end, you will be back at the starting point, looking for some other kind of quick diet to make you slim again. However, as the program progresses, the weight loss resulting from the diet is gradually decreased to stop at a natural rate of one to two pounds per week. As a matter of fact, there are more and more of these types of programs being founded every year, because in the long run, they have proven themselves to be much more effective than quick weight loss diets that simply get you caught in an endless cycle of losing weight and finding it again.
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