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2" Black Scotchlite Number - 6 These are highly Reflective, easy to apply with a self-adhesive back. If you would like us to contact you about your feedback, please include your email address in your comment.
Here’s our Olympic Hot Tub Company list of the top 6 best hot tub accessories for winter. Specifically developed for spa owners.  The Tru-Test Digital Reader combines the ease and accuracy of AquaChek test strips with advanced digital technology. Magma Onsen contains potassium, magnesium made up of volcanic water, minerals from the 1200-year-old therapeutic hot springs A special blend of herbs, perfumes and fragrances are added to enhance relaxation. ALL training aids, books, gifts, badges - even brand new gear that you can't find with those other guys!

No guesswork required to interpret color results – just dip a test strip in your spa, insert in test strip reader and get fast, accurate digital results in seconds, without trying to color matching! MAGMA ONSEN BEPPU.Magma Onsen is a bath salt formula made from the waters of the famous Umijgoku onsen located in Beppu, Japan.
Our customers rave about Magma’s ability to deepen the relaxation experience especially for leg and joint pain. It’s one of the most popular products in Japan where Japanese women, and even men, rave about the product’s ability to smooth and soften the skin as well as provide a relaxing, soothing spa experience.
Install windstraps for your spa to prevent your cover from sailing away in the next big windstorm. A must if you’re vacationing and plan to swim in a pool or hot tub in a hot tub in a hotel.

Reading material stays dry and secure while you stay warm and comfortable on cold fall nights sitting upright or lounging with shoulders at or below water level. Take the Tru-Test Digital Reader along on vacation with a handful of test strips.  You’ll know if that hotel hot tub water is safe!!

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