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If the very thought of back-breaking exercises keeps you off the treadmill, here is one fun workout to go for. Hi-Lo aerobics is one energetic aerobic workout that involves speedy drifts and is good for the abs, heart, calf, legs and thighs.
Step aerobic exercise is a more intense, low-impact form of physical exercise, aimed at toning the lower body. Low-impact aerobics is indeed the right choice for people trying to lose weight, without taxing themselves much. For those who have jumbo sized thighs, cycling would be the most helpful way to tone them to shape. Want to burn fat so you can show off more of those muscles you’ve been working so hard in the gym to achieve? After 8 weeks or more of aerobics, all that training is counterproductive, there’s no increase in VO2 max (aerobic capacity) and the weight loss benefits are minimal because basically, your body has already adapted. Steady state aerobics worsen your anaerobic, explosive, speed and power abilities… in short the more lower body aerobics you do (running, biking) the worse your vertical and leg power movements get… and the more upper body aerobics you do the worse your punching power, throws, etc get. Many people today suffer from adrenal burnout anyways from stress, overstimulation and busy lifestyles.
I shouldn’t have to tell you this but more Testosterone means more muscle… more corisol (a stress hormone) increases fat gain, muscle tissue breakdown, etc. Wolf’s study supported that exercise increased resting metabolic rate, while calorie restriction, such as that in a diet, was associated with decreased metabolic rate.
Since weight loss was not necessarily significant in spite of a decrease in abdominal circumference over the 16-week period, Wolf suggested that exercising longer than 16 weeks may be necessary to see weight loss results. Using Wolf’s guidelines, a good starting point is to exercise four to six days per week for 30 minutes at a time. The CDC recommends that children ages six to 17 exercise at least 60 minutes per day with most of this being aerobic activity. Exercise does not need to be complicated and does not require expensive exercise equipment to see results. Many people have experienced successful weight loss and maintenance with walking regularly. Even if weight loss does not occur right away, it is important to begin by incorporating regular exercise. All material on this website is provided for your information only and may not be construed as medical advice or instruction.
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Please register to participate in our discussions with 1.5 million other members - it's free and quick! All the injuries you list are related to poor form and won't be prevented by cross training, only in the fact that cross training lessens the MPW.
I will like to know how much exercise time is needed and for how long before one gets really start to get into shape?
I have been trying to research about this on the internet but there seems to be 101 answers, all different. Without this info, people can't really give you much sound advice about how to achieve your particular goals.
Eat healthy, let your body rest and for goodness sakes don't forget to indulge every now and then.
I now look and feel much better about myself and since I have lost weight, now my goals are to add more muscles to my body, ie get into shape. I am always tired after exercise so I think I have exerted myself, especially during weekends when I exercise much longer. Dance aerobics helps to tone up your body, supercharge your stamina as well as boost your mood. As for hip-hop style, it is a fun combo of funk and contemporary dance steps that includes maximum usage of your energy and initiates quick burnout of fats.
For this form of aerobics, you need to position a footstep in the front elevated platform and just try jogging on and off it, replicating the course of action for quite a few minutes. It involves continuous rhythmic movements that are focused on muscle toning, wherein at least one foot is in contact with the floor at all times. Well, if you don’t know how to ride a bicycle, there is no need to hit the panic button. If you’re an athlete or like to be fast on the field or court (even if it’s just on the weekends) aerobics isn’t for you. Basically, you’re killing your ability to gain lean muscle mass and burn fat when you do aerobics.
I have a busy work schedule so I try to exercise in the gym at least 30-45 mins everyday and on weekends about 1.5 hrs to 2 hrs including lifting some weights.
My doctor says I need to go on diet and exercise more otherwise I am exposing myself to all sorts of potential health problems. I have what I feel are skinny arms and small biceps, and my chest isn't much of a looker either.
There is no one here (or anywhere) who is completing a marathon in a reasonable time (let's say sub-4:30) by NOT doing cardio. Funk and jazz aerobics is a low-impact, but fun workout that helps you stay high on energy and low on weight for long.

The information and opinions expressed here are believed to be accurate, based on the best judgment available to the authors, and readers who fail to consult with appropriate health authorities assume the risk of any injuries. So I want bigger arms and biceps, but definitely not to the size of professional bodybuilder, that will be too much, but maybe just more well build and muscular. There's no one who lifts weights and does NOT run that will complete a marathon in a reasonable time.
Dance aerobics increases your blood circulation, relieves stress and depresses your cholesterol levels.
Start on a low speed mode, increasing the intensity and duration as per your convenience.
All you have to do is to get a stationary cycle to get your thighs in shape and pedal your way to good health. Not to mention: tiredness, fearfulness, allergies, frequent influenza, arthritis, anxiety, depression, reduced memory, and difficulties in concentrating, insomnia, and feeling worn-out all the time. I have started exercising since beginning this year and couple with dieting, has brought my weight under control ( BMI from 30 to 24 ), but I also wish to have broader shoulders, biceps and a flatter stomach. I see multiple people at my gym who sit down on the recumbent bike, pull out a magazine, put the resistance on 3 (out of 20) and spin at about 30 RPM for an hour.
It's ok to take all the information in and piece together something that works based on what your current goals and time constraints are. Then the step machine ( which use my legs to push against the plate ) for about 30 times at 50.
As for the options, you can choose any one from the following popular aerobics dance forms - hi-lo aerobics, hip-hop aerobics, funk and jazz aerobics. Whatever be your choice, at the end of each day, you would surely dump a little of that excess fat. I don't want to rag on them since they can exercise any way they want, but the point is that if you want to improve your physique you're going to need more than that.
I think going to the same place (gym) and doing the same routine over and over would certainly kill it for me. My diet nowadays is a light breakfast ( bread and eggs ) and lunch ( rice ), skip dinner but snacks when I am really hungry, like cookies, chocolates and milk.

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