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The other group, almost in direct contrast to the ADA diet, was encouraged to eat a a very low carbohydrate, high fat, non calorie-restricted ketogenic diet. The ADA diet group, despite eating far fewer calories per day than the ketogenic diet group, did not lose as much weight as the ketogenic diet group.
In terms of diabetic medication, the results were also quite different. 7 out of 11 ketogenic dieters (64%) were able to reduce their anti-diabetic medications, whereas only 2 out of 13 ADA dieters did (15%).
This study is simply another of many studies looking at the ketogenic diet and its effects on health, as compared to the standard USDA approved diet, which is now linked to promoting disease rather than health. The health benefits of carbohydrate restriction (NOT calorie restriction) and healthy fats were once common knowledge, as this clip from the popular 1960s Andy Griffith show portrays.
I feel so lucky that diabetes does not run in my family, but I know that for a lot of Americans they aren’t so lucky. I strongly believe that if we eat fresh, seasonal, life giving food it can heal our bodies. The most important finding of this study, and the one people should be talking about (in my opinion): 7 out of 11 keto dieters (64%) were able to reduce their anti-diabetic medications, whereas only 2 out of 13 low fat dieters did (15%). The common thread in each of those posts: carbohydrate restriction is numero uno for reducing the need for prescription medications in obese and diabetic patient populations. Comprehensive measures of well-being, affect, hunger, and appetite were also reported, I suspect, because the study was partly funded by the National Institute of Mental Health.  And interestingly, almost everything got better, even in the keto group. The textbook disadvantage is that it’s only 1 day, which may not fully reflect the usual routine. Critics of most diet and exercise studies routinely cite small sample sizes, short duration, and sub-par assessment tools.
And lastly, as mentioned above, these finding are not surprising… the authors of this study may have unwittingly “stacked the deck,” in a sense.  They specifically included obese, insulin resistant subjects, and Chris Gardner has clearly shown that this characteristic strongly defines who will lose more weight on low carb diets.
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What about the studies showing a high carbohydrate macrobiotic diet that’s successful in taking T2D off insulin?
From the logical perspective, low-carbohydrate diet provides good control of blood glucose and doesn’t require specialists to be involved.
Government rigs commodity markets, pays farmers for votes, farmers vote and make political contributions, and we get the metabolic shaft.
It was a diet though not maintenance which pushes up the relative ratio of fat due to stored fat usage. No one disputes the fact that putting diabetics on a low-carb diet is going to improve insulin sensitivity and help them get off meds…The real question is will a low carb diet be good for them long-term? With consideration to the article, I think everyone should check out Paleo Diet and give it some thought because it also incorporates a low carb diet.
SubscribeNever miss a beatSign up to be notified when a new article is published (and check your spam folder). I was a chef most of my foodie life and it has been very easy for me to take most recipes and make them LCHF so I hope you at least enjoy reading the recipes and certainly trying some of them.
This chart is taken from the ADA website.  Are you kidding me 180 1-2 hours after eating? Diabetes is a progressive disease and rarely is the person taking drugs or injecting insulin ever able to get off them. The ketogenic diet was originally developed by John Hopkins Hospital in the 1920s as an effective method of curing epilepsy and seizures in children, when drugs did not work.
However conventional berries, spinach, nectarines, lettuce and potatoes are all on the Dirty Dozen list of foods that contain the highest level of pesticide residues. Eating a diet with nutrient dense local food will give your body what it needs and will have more impact than eating Whole Grain Lucky Charms with low fat milk.
That is, advising an obese diabetic patient to reduce their carb intake consistently produces better results than advising them to follow a low fat, calorie restricted diet.

Foods permitted include: meats, poultry, fish, eggs, cheese, cream, some nuts and seeds, green leafy vegetables, and most other non-starchy vegetables. This is not a statistical weakness, as they had enough power to detect significant differences between the groups; rather, having only a dozen subjects per group doesn’t leave very much room for heterogeneity, individual variability, etc.
This variability is thought to be related to several factors, including the type of carbohydrate or starch (amylose versus amylopectin), the food preparation methods (cooking procedures, heating); the fasting time, the pre-prandial glucose level, the distribution of macronutrients in the diet and the individual doses of insulin and resistance levels [10]. May be in the society where food shortages are the fact of everyday life like it is in Cuba, macrobiotic diet has a special importance, but in US it is more practical to skip on carbs.
I haven’t seen any credible research that supports this finding, but I am open to reading new sources. I can’t help but put a lot of stock in the fact that it has got to be what we are eating.
Think beyond this list and go to the source (your farmer) to get the most nutrient bang for your buck.
The former in amounts greater than 2-3 ounces a day has been shown to, net, leach calcium from bones, and the latter degrades the liver.
I know some people are using it as an excuse to consume a lot of bacon but I think that idea is flawed. I use lots of herbs & spices and tried a lot of them with my restaurant customers so I know they are good…Please Enjoy. Anecdotally, I would say that I eat less protein on a high fat diet compared to when I was on a high carb diet.
Whole grains are extremely effective at reversing type 2 diabetes, as are sweet potatoes, potatoes, beans, etc.

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