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As a Royal Canadian Army Cadet you will be required to wear your uniform as ordered by the Commanding Officer and in accordance with Army Cadet Dress Regulations.
On Feb 27, 2016, the rifle team of #11 Army Cadets successfully defended their gold medal from 2015 and secured a first place finish at this years Zone Shoot and the possibility of moving on to the provincial championships being held April 2016 in Trenton - Way to go #11 Rifle Team!!! The aim of the Cadet Program is to develop in youth the attributes of good citizenship and leadership, promote physical fitness and stimulate the interest of youth in the sea, land and air activities of the Canadian Armed Forces.
Army cadets has a lot to offer for those looking for some  adventure so why not check us out?
On February 28, 2015, #11 Strathroy Army Cadets Competed in the annual Sportsfest competition hosted by #7 St. Everyone is invited to come to the old Aurora Armoury to see our senior cadets and staff talk to the public about how Army Cadets practice good environmental stewardship.
ALTHOUGH YOU ARE WEARING YOUR FIELD TRAINING UNIFORM (or Adventure Wear if you do not have combats yet) YOU MUST KEEP WORKING ON YOUR DEU, ESPECIALLY YOUR BOOTS!!! We are starting to count down the training nights in uniform before we start practicing for our Annual Ceremonial Review Parade on 4 June. WE NEED AS MANY CADETS AND THEIR PARENTS AS DRIVERS FOR THIS ACTIVITY TO MAKE IT A WORTHWHILE FUNDRAISING EVENT!! We will be collecting returnable bottles and cans from designated communities in Aurora, Newmarket and Keswick.

If residents do not have any or enough empties to be a worthwhile donation, we will also be carrying tag boxes so they can donate funds and receive a Vimy info tag. Those chosen to parade with our sister Corps (337 Army) and the Aurora Air Cadet Sqn will wear their FTU. There is no bus from Georgina so cadets must make their own way (your parents are more than welcome to stay and watch).
If you have any questions about the band, ask WO Jiang, WO Zeromskis or the Band Instructor, Mr Claude Arcand. Arrive at 1850 so the team can get their rifles out and be ready to start the practice at 1900. Comfortable civies with appropriate footwear - you may be asked to bring your parade boots to some practices. If you have any questions, ask the Drill Team Commander, MWO Charlebois or the coach, Lt Charlebois.
KEEP WORKING ON YOUR DEU DRESS UNIFORMS FOR UPCOMING CO's PARADE AND ANNUAL CEREMONIAL REVIEW PARADE IN JUNE!! We are counting down the training nights in uniform before we start practicing for our Annual Ceremonial Review Parade on 4 June. We travel by buses to Blackdown Cadet Training Centre located at CFB Borden on Friday evening, stay in the soft-walled shelters Fri night before training all weekend.

While our Green Star Cadets will stay in the soft-walled shelters on Sat night as well, our Red Stars sleep in small tents, Silver Stars in Hootchies and Gold Stars in Improvised Shelters eg lean-tos, etc. Lots of field training and activities during the weekend eg Obstacle Course, Orienteering and our cadets' favourite, Night Navigation.
Cadets who missed the Nav Trek FTX in the fall will get credit for their navigation and hiking lessons this weekend.
Commander Metcalf, attended our parade night to make a special presentation on behalf of RCSU Central Commanding Officer, Lt. All the information you will require in regards to your uniform, from which parts are worn with what to where your shiny new badge or pin goes, is included in these orders. If you have any questions ask a senior cadet or an officer and they will be happy to assist you. Other benefits may include high school credits, scholarships, and training in public speaking.Army cadets focus on expeditions, trekking, orienteering and abseiling.Joining InformationClick here for all the joining instructionsi»?Please contact us anytime! It is not intended to represent, and is in no way affiliated with, sponsored by or endorsed by, the Department of National Defense Canada, the Canadian Forces, Cadets Canada, or the Army Cadet League of Canada, or the Canadian government, in accordance with CATO 11-08 and DAOD 2006-08.

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