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A girl’s father is one of the most influential people in her life, from infant to toddler to tween to teen. A father's influence in his daughter's life shapes her self-esteem, self-image, confidence and opinions of men. It's those pesky "hormonal" years that can often have dads shying away from their moody and sometimes standoffish daughter.
As a girl continues to grow and her teen years become fraught with complicated issues, dads should continue to work on building a trusting relationship, give affection and support her as she learns more about who she is and what kind of person she wants to become, Austin says.
A dad's involvement in his daughter's life is a crucial ingredient in the development of a young woman's self-esteem.
The type of men that women date and have long-term relationships with are also directly related to the kind of relationship a girl has with her father.

Learn why Dad has such a big impact on his little girl’s development into a strong, confident woman. He should try to model a reflective approach to life's big questions so that she can seek to do the same," he adds. From day one, dads are encouraged to be hands-on, changing diapers, giving baths, putting Baby to sleep and calming her cries. When there's a tween girl in the house, "[d]ads should focus on cultivating a trusting relationship so that their daughters feel secure talking with them about what's going on in their lives," Austin explains.
Austin identifies positive elements of "common sense" parenting for dads so they can help support their daughter's self-image and curb any possibility of low self-esteem: Verbal encouragement, being consistently present in her life, being alert and sensitive to her feelings, taking time to listen to her thoughts and taking an active interest in her hobbies. Obviously, the hope is that the father figure in a girl's life will aim to skew that young lady's opinions of men in a positive way.

Direct involvement and encouragement by her father will help diminish a girl's insecurity and increase her confidence in her own abilities. Whether or not he is married to or still together with his daughter's mom, showing respect to her mother is essential as well," explains Austin.

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