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2PierreNovember 5 2015I can see they have also crooked teeth probably due to gluten sensibility.
2HemmingFebruary 17 2013 1Just the first three minutes are sad to watch regardless of which specific dietary regime you believe in. I obviously don't agree with all the nutritional theories being expanded, but even some of the smallest changes would make such a difference here! Those here who have been watching the Ancestral Health 2012 videosAndreas Eenfeldt, MD — The Carb Controversy and the Q&A's will know what I mean. If we are going to solve the problem we have to work together, in collaboration, with others whose view of the problem is slightly or somewhat different from our own. Commercial pressures on families to consume and behave in ways that make parents and children fat, are intolerable. We cannot waste time and energy squabbling about minor aspects of low carb, paleo, while Coca Cola, The Cereal and Sugar industry are destroying the health of the next generation.
So yes, we still need to work on the fatphobia, but I maintain that everyone should see this movie - and feel angry about it.
I agree that we need to put the message that sugar is toxic and that processed foods are poision out there for everyone to understand. What they illustrated clearly to is how food manufacturers have had free reign to shape our perceptions about food ("no trans fats means its good for your heart"). 15tessFebruary 18 2013 2i'm no "expert" but i can't help but think that small children CAN'T become morbidly obese unless their pre-birth environment is messed up!

I don't agree 100% of the time Doctor but you are a good man and I hope to shake your hand and thank you personally one day.
I am thankful to this website for the continuous education that it provides free of charge. Four out of ten have cavities and they often have worse teeth than the general population, despite otherwise being in good physical shape.
Unfortunately, this is what is taught here, that obesity can be caused by fatty meat, fat in dairy, etc.
But like Ted says, 'We cannot waste time and energy squabbling about minor aspects of low carb, paleo, while Coca Cola, The Cereal and Sugar industry are destroying the health of the next generation.', as they will never willingly change. We cook from scratch and sit down with them at dinner every night and talk about the healthy food on our table, which more and more comes from local farmers.
Our food supply that is created by the food industry whose main goal is profitability it's being shoved to the masses and it is killing our children. I've compromised and we make flapjacks (or as I call them, flabjacks) together and he will take one to school as his treat. This is because they are driven by profits and do not have our optimum health as their main priority.
We explore new foods--they don't always like them (more liver and beets for us!), but they know what they are and why they are on the table instead of fast food and packaged junk. First of all, there are currently very few divisions regarding feeding children among social classes an regions, crap is spread and highly consumed by everyone.

I know this is not perfect, but I don't allow anything else except maybe some high quality ice-cream and lots of berries. Therefore, it is the concern of the individual to force the food industry to change, how do we do this? Eenfeldt's recommendations to Portuguese in my blog, for example, so I am clearly not against fat in my food!). I haven?t been in my country for 3 years and on January went back: it is impressive how fat brazilians became in such a short amount of time! You can see in the moving, children that does not take processed food to school sometimes eat their fruits (the example was a banana) inside toallets, afraid of bulling !!
Yes, they do blame fat in some parts of the movie, but the main message is clearly bashing sugar and processed food. IThis was an extreme example, maybe, but illustrates how processed food became social norm.

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