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I still remember discovering for the first time that artificial sweeteners were not allowed on the BFC. Amazon also has several flavored Stevia products that mimic the flavors found in CoffeeMate.
So, have you ever seen that Hallmark commercial where the mother gets one card for her daughter if she WINS the tournament and one card if she LOSES the tournament? When I met Nicole recently, I kept thinking this is what my sister could look like after losing her weight. Sixteen years ago I walked down the aisle towards a man I honestly didn't know all that well. Last year when I got to my goal weight, I went through my closet searching for some old "skinny clothes" to try on and see if they fit again.
Basically I just took my Coconut Pumpkin Muffins recipe and removed all the sweet stuff and added some savory.
I really recommend picking up Wheat Belly, either from Amazon or your library (like I did, so more on that below).
Here is a link to figure out how to checkout Kindle Books from your own local library though Amazon HERE. This is great for Jorge's Belly Fat Cure and the Fast Track or Paleo, since is it grain-free.
So here are the questions I was dying to ask her, because her weight loss is incredible and we can all learn something from how she did it! Q: Was there an event or something that was the turning point for you, that made you really want to lose the weight.
I'm just going to keep working out, eating right, and to remember this is the ONE thing I do for ME! I really don't care what my calorie settings are, as I don't count or pay attention to them (honestly, I don't). Here is a day from this week where I had a gathering where I knew I would be drinking, so I ate a little lighter than usual.
If you have an Android phone, you can simply use a barcode app to scan this QR Code and get My Fitness Pal!
Jorge Cruise has a new diet book out called Happy Hormones Slim Belly (available on Amazon for $15).
The book says it is written especially for women over 40, and will help us regulate hormones like Serotonin. During the two Slim Days of the diet, you strictly limit your Sugar Calories (or Total Carbohydrates multiplied by 4) to 100. Jorge created a beautiful book trailer for Happy Hormones Slim Belly here and next week I will have a Happy Hormones Slim Belly Cheat Sheet for you to reference! The 100 Diet - This is where Jorge introduced Sugar Calories, which is Total Carbohydates x 4. Kindle Note: I see TONS of complaints on Amazon about the Kindle formatting of Jorge's books published by Hay House.
Patti RoseJanuary 17, 2014 at 3:56 PMI got the book last week at Costco ($13.98) and love it! Jorge Cruise has a new book out that is all about how his Belly Fat Cure and Fast Track plans can help you fight aging. When you don’t plan, you are flirting with disaster, flying too close to the sun, and taking risks that can lead you down a slippery slope.
Some friends and family find that they simple cannot resist certain foods – like tortilla chips at a Mexican restaurant.
On a personal note, we had to make the hard decision to put down our beautiful 14 year-old Australian Shepherd last week.
I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and are able to enjoy the time with your families!
I found a beautiful photo on Pinterest of what looked like Cheese Grits, but claimed to be made from riced Cauliflower.
I grated the fresh cauliflower with my cheese grater, but a food processor is great for this too (and is on my Christmas list!).
If you have tried Dark Chocolates already and didn't like them, I'm going to suggest you wait a few weeks and try again.
Cote D'or 86% Noir Brut -This is a great dark chocolate that my corner produce market carries. Amberlyn - I don't eat these chocolates because they contain Maltitol, and in any quantities it upsets my stomach. Dark Chocolate is my favorite treat on the Belly Fat Cure and what I will be having on holiday evenings this year! I'm really looking forward to doing a Q&A with her soon, so if you have questions you'd like to hear her answer, leave them in the comments here! She shared this recipe with me and I thought it would be great for your holiday cocktail cravings. Be sure and check out Dawn's blog today for more tips on Surviving the Holidays on the BFC or all of my other holiday posts. Jorge Cruise has posted the little get together with me and a few of my Belly Fat Cure friends. I washed the zucchini and cut them in half lengthwise (unpeeled) then scored them down the middle.
I was so excited to be invited by Jorge Cruise to film a segment for his upcoming Recipe Club. One thought that kept coming to my mind when we were all together was how beautiful they all were. Now that I have overused the word beautiful a thousand times, I want to make sure you know they are all just normal people. The second thing I came away with was that none of them made excuses or did the diet half way. If any of these people look like someone you aspire to be, then simply decide it's worth it.
Please click on over to Dawn's wonderful blog for new tips on surviving the holidays on the BFC! I was first exposed to Coconut Oil nearly two years ago, but I've resisted trying it until recently. The first time I tried coconut oil I spread it atop a sprouted flaxseed bread, as you would butter. You will also hear more about Coconut Oil from with the Belly Fat Cure Fast Track plan, which is scheduled to be released in mid-September. It was impulsive and silly to get married so quickly and we are so lucky that it has worked out. For being there for me through thick and thin, through laughter and tears, through struggles and success. I made dozens of notes on little scraps of paper, and immediately wished I had my own copy.
I changed the recipe a bit (just like Jeri over at Just Me and the BFC did) to get it just right for me. Place in pan and then fill the pan with water about half up the outside skin of the squash. Mix the scooped up insides with the sour cream, cheese, bacon and any other ingredients that sound good! She is a beautiful 32 year old Mother of two and I thought she would be perfect for a Q&A, so we can all find out exactly how she lost her weight. In the past, I always told myself I had to eat some sort of dessert while watching my nightly t.v. I love it.  I honestly like any kind of grilled meats, but steak is my favorite thing ever!
Every time I go shopping now I'm a little fearful I won't be able to pull the clothing over my hips. I LOVE that everything under the sun is already in the database and other users have validated the nutritional values. If you have tips on how to use MFP with the BFC, please let me know in the comments section. The book is all about Carb Cycling, where you eat two days of Slim Belly, followed by five days of Happy Belly. You should avoid grains and starches on these days, and use the Feebies list for the book for most meals. I think she hit the nail on the head when she said "It's so confusing!" when he recommended a banana on the Happy Days. Jorge's website also has a lot of information on the Aging Cure, including a sampling of of recipes, found HERE.

If you are a big fan of the Belly Fat Cure diet plan and are looking for reinforcement or new menus and a few recipes, this could be a good choice. I want my kids to be more adventurous eaters - so no tears over Thanksgiving dinner in 2012! Usually my goal is centered around weightloss, and that will not be the case this time (you know, since I've lost the weight). It's cocoa content is higher than the others, which basically means you can have less of it. It is the perfect example of how a few small changes can make a big difference in sugar content. Add rest of ingredients and fill the remaining space with water leaving room for the blender blades. Something high in protein to keep you satisfied, but not ramp up your carbs and sugar for the day. I was joined by a handful of other dieters, most of whom I already knew, yet was thrilled to meet in person. I tackled losing the weight with excitement and I felt so empowered to have found the Belly Fat Cure as a solution to my obesity. I will be thinking of all the readers of my blog and other dieters I've met on this journey today. Jorge Cruise recommends it on the Belly Fat Cure as a good source of fat on a low carb diet.
If you are confused with all this talk about fat, then here is a short video where Jorge very quickly goes over fats and which oils to use. I am in maintenance mode of "dieting" now, but trust me when I say it is at least as difficult as the losing phases. I use it in my green smoothies, I use it in my hair, I use it on my steamed veggies (with some sea salt - yum!), I use it on my skin, I use it in my raw desserts, I use it with nutritional yeast to season my popcorn, I use it as my heating oil to make my bacon, I use it all the time, everywhere, constantly.
I usually bought the Sugar Free variety and didn't even want to think about what was in it. I wish I did though, as it is much less expensive and I can buy it in larger containers at most stores.
William Davis's Wheat Belly book really spoke to me and had a very powerful message that 100% backed up the Belly Fat Cure and the Fast Track. It is filling on its own, but you really need your veggies with the meal too, so don't forget that. The first half the book really spoke to me and my food addictions, the second half I didn't enjoy quite as much.
Thankfully, I but a huge bag of ground flaxseed from Costco and the Vegan Husband uses it all the time.
You don't need an actual Kindle, any iPod, iPad or Android phone or tablet with the Kindle App will do.
I've had success numerous times on a few other weight loss plans and diet pills, but as soon as I lost, all the weight came back. I just put a mixture of cream cheese, mozzarella and Parmesan cheese with garlic, salt and pepper sprinkled with flax seeds.
I love everything I'm able to eat, and for once in my life I have been able to maintain my weight loss.
As I've mentioned before I have had to re-buy pretty much an entire wardrobe after losing 53 lbs, so that means a lot of shopping. They are a little stretchy, but not too much and don't lose their shape throughout the day. MFP decided I should have 1200 calories a day, and I didn't argue with that, so 40% is the proper setting to get 120 grams. I also love that with Quick Tools: Remember Meal I can save my own recipes very easily and save my common meals. I would usually have a light breakfast and no wine at all, so it's isn't a real typical day.
The first 45 pages explain the plan, the following 200 pages are menus and recipes, and several success stories (but no fabulous photos to accompany those stories, which I missed!) The new book is hardcover, not spiral like the Belly Fat Cure books, and has a pink cover. I am featured on the back cover of this book and it is how I lost the last 10 lbs of my weight. I ate them hot, right off the griddle, but I'll be having them with steak for dinner later.
My super picky kids even tried them, although it was in exchange for a cookie, so go figure.
It is all determined by the size of the cauliflower head and are all good, high fiber carbs.
Dark Chocolate is a perfect treat or dessert on the Belly Fat Cure (and Fast Track), Paleo and Primal diet and for diabetics. Also for some reason it is not on Godiva's website, but I think several pharmacies (Walgreens, CVS) may carry it. Nicole hasn't just lost weight, in person she is tiny and it was hard to imagine her ever overweight. I am trying to have it more often again and repeat the foods that I think helped me be most successful. But it was a beautiful day spent with inspiring people I now call friends, Anthony, Rosalie and Nicole. If you are new here, I was 196 lbs when I started the plan and it took me about 39 weeks to lose 53 lbs. I saw this recipe (don't kick me, because yes it was on Pinterest) and I modified it a bit to fit Jorge Cruise's Belly Fat Cure and Fast Track. Later I also came across another Pinterest pin on Zucchini Pizza which is basically the same thing. There is nothing like spending time with people with similar goals and struggles to your own. Some mornings I'd even wake up early just to weigh myself, then jump back in bed feeling thrilled at the result. I was having trouble figuring out how to get coconut everyday, until I came across a posting by Diabetes Warrior where he suggests adding it to your morning coffee. I'll keep working on him, but it has grown in popularity in Paleo and Primal diets and people are really starting to see it's benefits. At Starbucks I order a Bold Brew of the Day or an Americano (ask for "Room for Cream"), and add half & half myself (Starbucks doesn't offer heavy cream). How can I be such a weight loss success story, and not even be able to help my sister stay on the plan?
The photo is the entire recipe, with a handful of blueberries and my coffee with cream and coconut oil.
But in person, I literally found it hard to believe she had ever been overweight by any amount. I'd  much rather eat some brie with salami and some wine if i want something really satisfying. The other 2 or 3 days I workout at home doing kettlebells, and I highly recommend them! Along with tracking my weight daily on the calender, I also put a star on the days i workout. Ive now had all my weight off for 13 months, which I've never been able to do on other diets, and to me this is not a diet.
They come in different "ages", so you can buy the same jeans that look new, 4 years old, 7 years old, even 28 years old. For example, I made an entry called "Home Coffee" that consists of coffee, benefiber, heavy cream and coconut oil. I would love to find a way to incorporate them into breakfast or smaller with different toppings for a party.
And this probably won't surprise you, but I have a chocolate drawer in my house and have a piece or more almost every night.
Depending on which bar you choose they have between 0 (dark) - 3 (milk) grams of sugar, 19 grams of carbs and up to 2 grams of fiber. I swear I get a booth of energy from this drink when I have it in the afternoon, and just plain makes me feel good. I've pinned about 120 recipes on Pinterest so far that fit the Fast Track and Jorge Cruise's Belly Fat Cure.
It's funny how you'd think all we have in common is our food, but it's much more than that. It also contains a high percentage of lauric acid and has antibacterial properties that may help your digestive health and prevent things like the common cold. If you don't ask for "Room for Cream" you end up dumping coffee in the trash can, as the cup will be too full to add the half & half. If only I could make her meals or shop for her, but I can't (she lives in Oklahoma, I live in California).

I came up with this idea that by simply losing 8 lbs (8.2 to be exact) a month she could lose 100 pounds in a year.
When eating grain-free, which I have been for four months now, I feel much more creative in my cooking. I was set to just do it for 2 months, but honestly at the end of that I didn't feel like adding grain back and had already been through the hardest part. I then start getting horrible headaches, so I decided to go back to fast track and my headaches completely went away. I think most people in my life have now accepted this is the way I eat and no longer try to sabotage my ways. I did the same thing for my Zucchini Lasagna and then when I have a portion I just use .25 of the recipe. He includes a nice list of low sugar and low carbohydrate foods that are high in antioxidants. That adrenal rush that I got from waiting until the last minute were just a substitute for the feeling of calm and accomplishment when I plan for things.
It’s a good reminder of all the good we have in our lives and realize there is so much to be thankful for in a busy world. As you may know I pledged to give up grains for Jorge Cruise's Fast Track for 2 months, but I'm on 3 months now and have not plans to add grains back at all right now.
Whether you are doing the Belly Fat Cure or Fast Track, these make a great snack or side dish to your meal. Scoop them out onto a hot griddle or skillet into the size of a small pancake, using olive or coconut oil if your skillet needs it.
They are a good transitional chocolate if the true dark chocolate doesn't taste good quite yet.
I settled for tearing of strips of the library reservation sheet off and making notes on it. I kinda thought they would flash a BEFORE photo on the screen too, but this video is all about the food!I have to say, I really like all the meals and recipes he has been posting lately and am curious to see more about this Recipe Club he has coming up. If you eat good satisfying meals that have healthy fats and are high in protein you will feel less hungry, less stressed and more less likely to snack or cheat throughout the day. Crazy, but this will be my third Christmas on the Belly Fat Cure and it gets easier each time.
After a week of it, I don't really notice it You should choose an unrefined and organic coconut oil to get the most benefits. I personally do not use any sweeteners in my coffee, I just weaned myself from it, even though I clearly liked a very sweet coffee before the BFC. She wrote several posts for me here before, but then over a year ago had a bad weekend completely fell off the wagon. In fact I usually argued back how he "just couldn't understand" since he and his family don't have a pound to lose between them all. You could take a teaspoon or so of low sugar red sauce and at this point tuck it into the top of the muffin. He said "You know it costs $5 to make those?!" At the same time I went to the Gap and bought two pairs of jeans I kind of liked.
But in a Q&A section in the back of book it says you could have a drink for a special occasion.
In truth I'd rather by 54 lbs lighter with some eye wrinkles than overweight and wrinkle free, if those were my choices. So many of the recipes in his books are very simple, but I like these new ones for special occasions. My party invite says "heavy appetizers" and I saw there is a meat carving station, so I'm set! I hear of people adding up to 3 packets of a stevia sweetener to a cup of coffee, and that can really add up. I can help her see that I struggle with the same food issues she does, and have overcome them (mostly). There will be so many people who want try to get  you to take 'just one bite' or say you're 'small now, its ok', but it's not OK.
Black was my favorite clothing color before, but I realize I need to change it up a little. Together they cost as much as the "fancy jeans" so I returned them and got the ones I really wanted. I find myself quoting whole sections to my husband and reading out loud to people over the phone. I have started Month 3 of the Fast Track, where I have removed all grain and legumes from my diet. Be sure and don't let people keep filling your half full glass, where you can't keep track of what you have drank. Some are emotional eaters, others (like me) are binge eaters and one person said she is just a big eater. I recommend limiting yourself on the sweeteners as much as possible for things you eat regularly.
I've made the commitment to myself to eliminate hidden sugars, HFCS, and artificial sweeteners.
The funny thing with aquiring all my clothing within a year, I'm pretty sure it will all be very dated.
I came close to gastric bypass surgery in the fall of 2011 when my sister Amber helped me get my arms around visualizing losing this weight (over 100 lbs) one month at a time. I love doing the Hula Hoop on Wii Fit and I swear that it really tightens your lower belly (from the belly button down). This book speaks to me and says things I have been discovering about myself the last two years. I've never gone this long on the Fast Track and I am finding my hunger level has greatly decreased recently. One of my sister's (who does WW) saw the video and said something like "what are you all eating and is that really allowed?" It is his Tuscan Chicken (recipe here) and yep, it is totally allowed.
Think of the dress you'll be rockin' at next year's party as you pass up the sugar loaded goodies. How about we put all those excuses aside, and put YOU and your health in front of all that.
Aside from that, The Wheat Belly is a great companion guide to Jorge's Belly Fat Cure Fast Track, and even a little more flexible. If you are at all considering giving up wheat or think it may be effecting your body, pick up this book. Some have always been overweight, since childhood, and others used to be thin and gained it later in life. And because the number on the scale has a very powerful hold on her psyche, she would weigh herself just once at the end of each month. In the old days, a road trip would have meant total abandonment of any food program I was attempting to follow, but I did great. While I did fall short of that number, it was simply a way to get me on board with making the changes I needed. We just have the proper tools with the Belly Fat Cure and Fast Track to manage those compulsions. And every step you take, you examine if this decision will get you closer or farther away from your goals. Once you look at your life like this, it empowers YOU to decide which goals are important to you, and which aren’t. I actually used my toaster oven for these, since it was still warm from making the kids dinner. I'm skipping a meal here and there when I truly do not feel hungry, but I love the idea of getting my veggies in.
It sounds like the happy hormone, slim belly is quite a bit like the 100 only with an increase in carbs the five days.
But I think it's funny instead of just saying keep your carbs to 25 grams a day and 125 grams, he uses the multiplication to call out the calories.
My hubby is Italian and I think it would be a hard sell regardless to ditch bread, but I'm up for it.
I agree that it is confusing for Jorge to have target amounts of sugar calories, instead of just a target number or sugar & carb grams. Most times I add Benefiber too just to add some fiber to my diet & if I am feeling decadent, I add some whipped cream on top.

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