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A good starting point for calculating your maintenance intake is to multiply your bodyweight in pounds by 14-15.
AND I’m going to be real annoying aka noobie, does it actually matter if I’m taking protein shakes and etc after my workouts?
OHHHH and, is it really for real you burn more body fat working out in the morning, aka empty stomach?! 1) Losing weight is as simple as burning 3500 calories, are you sure you’re tracking your intake accurately?

Lowering your calories is definitely taboo despite the fact that it’s the only real way to lose weight. If you’re experiencing a plateau it may be time for a refeed where you eat at your maintenance calories for about 1 week, or you could also try adding in one 24 hour fast to see if that helps since you could simply be holding a lot of water. Lifting weights or doing some type of bodyweight resistance training is a must if you want to tone up. Mainly because it involves people lowering their caloric intake and for some reason that’s taboo.

I want to tone up and so back to the stupid question, protein drinks and those shit really matter??

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