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More studies show that certain foods when eaten together help you get the maximum nutrients and better health protection than if they were consumed separately. Many people know about the benefits of drinking green tea and they could increase the benefits of this drink adding lemon and sugar.
If you prefer to have oatmeal for breakfast, do not forget to drink orange juice to enjoy along with oatmeal. In spite of the fact that some studies suggested that eating meat is associated with cancer, scientists seem to find the way to lower this risk to a minimum. Mixing or combining the right kind of food will not only help you enjoy your favorite foods, but you will also be able to explore the advantages associated with combining various foods.
Correct food combinations are important to yield complete benefits out of the foods you eat.
Explore the myriad food combinations and find the one that suits your lifestyle and your digestive system the best.
As a food editor, I get a lot of kooky emails about the latest kitchen gadgets and new food products. Sometimes you may be eating the best foods but due to a wrong combination, the food items become harmful to us rather than being beneficial.
When one eats an incompatible combination of foods, nature flashes a distress signal in the form of a belch (this also happens when one overeats). On a long term basis people develop skin diseases in form of vitiligo (white patches), spreading slowly all over the body. Acid and waste products of protein indigestion and putrefaction are easily identified in the urine. Milk does not get digested in the stomach but in duodenum, hence in the presence of milk the stomach does not respond with its secretions. Due to its fat and protein contents on reaching the stomach, the milk coagulates to form curd, which then gathers around the particles of other food in the stomach, thus insulating them against the gastric juices.
If at all you have to eat starch and proteins together then first eat proteins and half an hour later eat starchy food, so that the digestion is not hampered. From this point of view roti-dal, rice with milk (kheer), rice with fish, egg with bread, roti with rice and meat etc are not ideal combinations. All sugars eg-white sugar, sugar syrups, jaggery, sweet fruits, honey etc taken with protein, starches and fats hinder their digestion.
From this point of view items in which sugar is mixed eg: sweet curd, sweet lassi, ice cream, kheer, sweet milk are wrong combinations. Fruit acids or any other acidic foods\medicines interfere in the gastric digestion of proteins either by destroying the pepsin or by inhibiting hydrochloric acid secretion. Lemons, grapes, oranges, plums, prunes, mangoes, sweet lemon, strawberry, malta, pineapples, pomegranates, tomato, tamarind are all acidic food items. Two proteins of different characters and different compositions call for different modifications of digestive secretions and different timings of secretions in order to digest them efficiently. From this angle, kadhi, dahivada, cheese omelette, paneer pakoda, milk and nut kheer are not ideal combinations. This is because salt leaches water from salads which comes out along with nutrients, thus salad loses its full benefits.
Fats depress the action of gastric glands and inhibit the release of proper gastric juices which are required for protein digestion. This is the reason why dairy products don’t digest as quickly as other protein foods because these foods contain enough fat to inhibit gastric secretions for a longer time and so they have delayed digestion.
These beverages severely restrict the proper gastric secretions and therefore the normal digestion is hindered.

They all lead to the formation of toxins and thereby increase unwanted elements in the body leading to various diseases.
According to the recent study conducted at Purdue University, tea contains catehins, beneficial compounds, which are better absorbed if you add ascorbic acid and sugar to it. This is explained by the fact that many essential nutrients such as beta-carotene and lycopene found in fresh vegetables are better absorbed, when eaten with fat. All foods do not require same the digestive conditions, like protein rich foods require more of acidic enzymes for proper digestion while those carbohydrate rich foods require alkaline enzymes and so on, hence combining the right kind of food improves digestion. The chemical digestion of starch normally begins when an enzyme called ptyalin is released that converts starch into maltose.
As far as possible try to avoid binging on desserts as they are foods that are heavy on stomach soon after meals and tend to ferment.
Fruits are rich in minerals and vitamins, they are digested quickly and just do not go along well with proteins or carbs. Fruits (oranges, strawberries, guava, berries, mango, pineapples, apples, custard apples, watermelon, sweet lime and so on) when coupled with nuts and seeds (lime beans, almonds, blackcurrants, fresh coconut, chestnuts, rains, etc) make the best food combination for nutrient absorption. They lead to proper digestion, assimilation and absorption of all the important nutrients available in that particular food. Every dieter seems to have a diet of his own that suits him prefect, provided he explores the various best food combinations. Hence, it is desirable that one should understand the laws of food combination and their scientific basis.
Scientifically they belong to the group of phenyls, skatoles, indoxyl-sulphuric acids, uric acid and toxic amines. Milk in itself is a complete food and requires time for its digestion in its concentrated form. If taken with solid food, then it dilutes the acid in the stomach thereby leading to further indigestion.
The acid and alkaline both contrast and neutralize each other inhibiting the digestive process of starch and protein. For example, the strongest juices are poured out upon milk in the last hours of digestion while in the case of flesh; it is in the first hour of digestion. From this consideration, putting too much ghee in dal or frying the dal in ghee is not a very good practice. Soft drinks like cola have their ph as 2 to 3…upon being so much acidic ph it has almost 11 spoons of sugars which is again adding to acidity. The following foods can help you take full advantage of vitamins and minerals from the food you eat.
Catehins in tea are known as antioxidants that can protect you from a number of health problems such as heart disease, stroke, cancer and diabetes. Department of Agriculture found that adding orange juice that is high in vitamin C to oatmeal will help you prevent heart attack and keep your arteries healthy.
Natural spices, like rosemary, are rich in antioxidants, which inhibit the formation of heterocyclic amines, known as cancirogens that are linked to different types of cancer, by more than 70 percent. Colorful vegetables, such as tomatoes that are rich in lycopene and carrots that are rich in beta-carotene are absorbed much better if you add good fats from olive oil or avocado.
Apples contain quercetin, a natural antioxidant that has a number of benefits, cutting the risk of heart disease and cancer.
Sometimes wrong combination of foods can cause indigestion or affect our metabolic activity. Now, simultaneously proteins cause secretion of hydrochloric acid that destroy the enzyme ptyalin, hence causing a discontinuation in the digestion process of starch.

The bacteria in your stomach then feed on these sweet desserts, causing nothing but indigestion.
The only food that gels well with fruits is yogurt, which is also quick and easy to digest. They are held in the stomach for long hours bearing their complexity until the digestive juices have performed their share of the task. Indigestion causes gas in stomach and the food is not broken down properly, which gets stuck in between the crevices of the digestive tract causing toxic waste and allergic reactions.
No other food like meat, cereals, pulses, nuts, fruits containing citric acid, food containing salts should be taken with milk. When starches after mixing with salivary enzymes in the mouth, pass on to the stomach with proteins, heavy hydrochloric acid is poured out from the stomach to digest starch and proteins, thereby making digestion very difficult. The fermentation of sugar further leads to multiplication of the problems like hyperacidity, gastric reflux and indigestion. Similarly eggs receive the strongest secretion at a different time compared to that received by either flesh or milk. Fat insulated foods remain for longer time in the digestive process, demanding overactivity and strain.
So if you really want to get all the best from green tea, squeeze fresh lemon and add some sugar to it. This is because both oatmeal and orange juice contain phenols that control bad cholesterol level.
Grapes are known to contain catehins, another type of flavonoids that are good for your health. The best solution here is to combine spinach with foods rich in vitamin C, such as tomatoes or Brussels sprouts.
Therefore, it is important not to consume starch and proteins (milk, cheese or meats) at the same time. Having different kind of proteins at one meal leads to prolong the digestion process and results in indigestion or fermentation of proteins that leads to gas in the stomach.
If taken alone, they are not held in the stomach for a long time but are quickly pushed to the intestines. To conclude, take one concentrated protein at a meal, otherwise indigestion of proteins may result. When eaten together, these foods are two times more effective at protecting you from these health problems than if you were having them separately. Together they prevent your arteries from clogging, lowering bad cholesterol level and preventing heart diseases. The best combination with starchy foods is non starchy foods, this combination is also considered the best food combination for increasing metabolism. Banana is the only fruit which you can combine with any foods and not have a digestion problem.
By the time it reaches the small intestine without full digestion, it is already fermented due to long retention in the stomach. But when eaten with other foods like proteins and starches or fats, they get held up in the stomach for a prolonged period awaiting digestion of other foods and meanwhile itself will go in fermentation.
Two kinds of flesh or nuts or pulses may be taken together but not with a totally different protein group.

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