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With your awesome input, we had tons of fun exploring our favorite Disney food categories a looong time ago. Today, we’ll get the day started off right just like we should — with some delicious Breakfast! It’s a breakfast classic coupled with a dessert indulgence… the Waffle with Whipped Mascarpone at Trattoria al Forno on Disney World’s BoardWalk!
The generous dollop of smooth, rich, whipped mascarpone topping the crisp-on-the-outside, soft-on-the-inside waffles provides a truly decadent way to start the day. Ask Disney fans their favorite places for breakfast, and Boma is likely to be on top of many lists. The buffet spread at Disney’s Animal Kingdom boasts a beautifully-themed dining area and lots of exotic eats that makes your first meal of the day extra-special. And there’s no better way to indulge in this sweet breakfast casserole than with a thick layer of caramel-y-good Pecan Praline Sauce poured over top. But one of my favorite spots to grab one is Grand Floridian Cafe, where you can choose from two different versions: Multigrain or Malted. Over Marathon Weekend, we had the Turkey Bobotie with Pap and Chakalaka at The Mara two days in a row.
I love the Pooh french toast at Crystal Palace (even though it’s on the kids’ side) Also, just went there this past week (January 25, 2016) and they still had the breakfast lasagna!
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One exception to the fast food sandwich disappointment rule is the sausage egg and cheese McGriddle. It’s a fast-food paradox that the most outlandish McDonald’s sandwich is better than the standard bearer—the hamburger—that gave the chain its start all those years ago. A good healthy eating plan involves two elements a€“ firstly an understanding of healthy eating and secondly, good planning. With espresso flavoring the cream and a light dusting of cocoa powder on top, it’s much like eating a tiramisu-topped waffle. In Disney food circles, classics = awesomeness (and often over-the-topness) that just about everyone loves. After a roll in a ton of cinnamon sugar, it’s delivered to our table with a hearty helping of strawberry compote, ready for your enjoyment. For a moment I wondered whether cumin lamb skewers consumed on Queens street corners qualified and decided they did not fit the fast-food bill. Most of those times are on road trips and the idea of the food—be it a Big Mac, Whopper, or Taco Bell Burrito Supreme—always far exceeds the end product. The McGriddle, an exercise in literally consuming a brand, with the Golden Arches staring you in the face is delicious, far more so than the chain’s pallid excuse for a hamburger.  This is no doubt due to tons of research and nefarious flavor chemistry that I would probably rather not know about. All of which brings me to the subject of potato chips, specifically the Lays Do Us A Flavor contest, which is now down to four finalist  flavors Cheddar Bacon Mac & Cheese, Wavy Mango Salsa, Kettle Cooked Wasabi Ginger, and Cappuccino. And so, it’s time to revisit these questions and add some of our new, and enduring, favorites to the mix!

This is the stuff that breakfast dreams are made of, and I guarantee you it will keep you going for hours. What morning meal has you dreaming of coming to the breakfast table miles away from the Happiest Place on Earth? That is to say an American breakfast—sausage, egg, and cheese, and pancakes with maple syrup—all in a handheld, corporate branded sandwich. I’m convinced that if Hardee’s, which I recall as having magnificent char-grilled flavor, still existed in New York City I would be a happy man.  Call it chasing the fast food dragon. I have just learned that a McGriddle contains 550 calories, which when compared with the 1090-calorie Mickey Dee’s Big Breakfast—biscuit, eggs, hash browns, and three pancakes—ain’t so bad. Should that require explanation I encourage you to buy a bag, or perhaps just consider this would you drink a sour cream and onion flavored coffee? And, if the doctor tells me cholesterol isn’t too high I might just celebrate by having one for breakfast next week.

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