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Fueling your body correctly is just as important (if not more important) than the actual workout you take it through!
So you probably noticed a trend to this list… the key to successful post-workout nutrition is lots of protein to assist in muscle building and repair and carbohydrates to replenish depleted energy supplies. Looking for some amazing healthy and delicious recipes to try out your new-found knowledge? It doesn’t matter if you are going to do cardio or strength training, you should always make a point of balance in their food between protein and carbohydrate mixture. Note especially that in the strength exercise can break down muscle tissue by creating micro tears. Once you have finished a cardio session, you need to consume mainly carbohydrates, preferably with a high amount of fiber.
Once you have completed your strength training, you will need to consume a combination of carbs and protein, eating foods rich in protein is essential for a good muscle development. After your strength exercise, you must wait at least 30 minutes before you can eat something, so that your blood will not be away from your muscles too fast. Best Foods To Eat Before And After A Workout Pinterest Pictures, Best Foods To Eat Before And After A Workout Facebook Images, Best Foods To Eat Before And After A Workout Photos for Tumblr.
Hope this chart helps you out a bit :) Feel free to print this out or pin it on Pinterest to help other people looking for fitness and diet tips. Often times we worry about what we should be eating before our workouts, however did you know it’s just as important to eat correctly after a workout?!
Greek Yogurt – Loaded with twice the protein as regular yogurt, available in plenty of delicious flavors, and an excellent source of post-workout replenishing carbs – reach for the Greek yogurt to repair and rebuild! Fruit Smoothie – Fruit is an excellent option after a workout; blend it up to make a delicious fruit smoothie!

Eggs – At only 70 calories and just over 6 g of protein each, eggs are one of the best all-natural foods you can reach for after your workout.
Quinoa – Loaded with carbs, vitamins, and nutrients, but it also contains a lot more protein than brown rice and actually takes less time to prepare!
Orange Juice – Instead of your favorite sports drink (most of them are designed to be consumed during activity), reach for the OJ after your workout! Pita Chips and Hummus – Chickpeas (the base for hummus) contain large amounts of protein and carbs, but then you also get slow-release carbs from the whole wheat pita that will keep you energy higher longer post-workout. Keep that in mind when you’re looking for something to eat after you workout and you can’t go wrong! You should also know that you have to eat well and healthy, and your body will have the energy you need to exercise and stay for everyday tasks of life. Determine the percentage of carbohydrates and proteins you eat regardless if you do cardio or strength exercise and the level of intensity at which you plan to work.
If you plan to work at a low intensity level, you should keep your pre workout meal maximum at 200 calories or less. Doing this will give you a longer continuous power for additional carbohydrates with protein indicated to keep their muscles without injury while exercising.
Whenever you exercise, either cardio or strength, depletes your energy in the form of glycogen. I was under the impression that the meal plan was to lose weight and gain muscle, but for underweight people, would you recommend it? I recently strained my foot during a run, thinking I had stretched well beforehand (thought wrong… woops). Today I wanted to share with you more information about proper post-workout nutrition and give you 10 foods that should be on your radar following your workout.

Most fruits are loaded with enzymes that can help to break down nutrients and deliver them more efficiently to tired muscles.
Throw in a scoop of your favorite protein powder to make it an even better post-workout option! To make a better exercise, you should eat before and after your workout, this is very important. If you plan to exercise at a high level of intensity, you will probably need your meal to be between 4,000 and 5,000 calories. The brain and central nervous system depends on the glycogen as their main source of fuel, so if you do not replace it after exercise, your body will begin to break down the muscle tissue into amino acids, to then convert it to fuel used by the brain and central nervous system.
Protein is the key here for muscle repair, as you do not want muscle breaking down further to create fuel instead of lost glycogen. You need protein to rebuild and repair this these tears so that the muscle can increase in size and strength. Pineapple is a great option as it’s been known to also possess anti-inflammatory properties! Carbohydrates not only replace the lost muscle glycogen, but which will also help to get protein in muscle cells that synthesize the structural protein, or the muscle itself.
Then if you lift weights you need to give your muscle the food it needs to BUILD more muscle.

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