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You can be absolutely sure that your doga€™s treats are safe if you make them yourself, or if you buy them from a reputable source that only sells commercial dog treats that you trust. When your children bring their a€?loota€? home, have them sort the goodies on a table, out of reach of the family peta€”not on the floor where he can help himself! Remind your children to dispose of candy wrappers into a trash can that is out of reach for your canine friend. Chocolate a€“ Depending on the size of your dog (weight) and the amount of chocolate consumed, this can be a real emergency. Macadamia nuts a€“ These are also found in cookies, but might also be given to children in small snack packs. Raisins - Veterinarians arena€™t quite sure why grapes and raisins are harmful to both cats and dogs, but they do know that even a few of them can damage your peta€™s kidneys! And dona€™t forget that you can have fun making your own homemade dog treats like Halloween Peanut Butter Dog Treats. Whether you are a parent looking for treat ideas for school parties or want a festive snack for your Halloween bash, we have pulled together our five favorite ideas that won’t gross out guests in either category. If you are looking for a Halloween treat besides pumpkin sugar cookies or spider web cookies, try these monster cupcakes from PBS Parents’ Kitchen Explorers blog.
Every New Year fills us with a promise of improvement and stability, and after such a turbulent time, we strive to write a more peaceful and fulfilling chapter for 2016. Since the dawn of mankind, humanity has learned that a great way to attract fortune and positive vibes is to carry good luck amulets which have been infused with good intentions.
A common belief is that our eyes can transmit either good or bad energy towards the things we look at, and bad emotions such as jealousy or ill-wishes can cause a lot of harm when they reach other people or things.Many Mediterranean and native cultures believe our eyes have incredible and often undiscovered powers, and some civilizations would often consume the eyes of their loved ones or even their enemies, hoping their strength would be passed on to their own bodies. Just in time for the Holidays, our resident fashion expert and founder Patricia Martinuzzi has compiled a group of fashion accessories inspired by the latest fashion trends in womenswear. With handmade metallic jewelry carefully engraved in sterling silver, gold filled or including a classic white pearl, Martinuzzi Accessories gives the boho style an elegant touch that makes it ideal for complementing your outfit in any occasion: whether it’s a trip to your workplace or a formal business meeting. In this new collection of fashion accessories you will find versatile read-to-wear pieces that will last for a lifetime!
In necklaces, bracelets, earrings or rings, the fashion accessories of our new collection work as a protection amulet and a unique bohemian complement. Since its very start, Martinuzzi Accessories has offered its loyal fashion-loving customers a wide selection of fashion accessories with gemstones, precious stones and semiprecious stones, to fit their different styles, moods and needs. With this new collection, we continue to honor this tradition by including several fun pieces with different gemstone charms to choose from, shaped as popular amulets or animal motifs. Although it might seem silly, back in the day, precious and semi-precious stones were used by many as a way of curing diseases or obtaining supernatural powers.
Some legends and beliefs still surround these materials, and we’ve gathered a few of them so you can know more about your favorite stones. Agates are the official birthstones of September, and they can be found in many colors and patterns.
Agates have been considered popular healers during centuries, since it can reduce inflammations, sharpens physical strength and reduces stress. Quartz, known as rock crystals, are beautiful gems that can be found in many different hues and shapes across the world. Many different myths surround these stones according to each country, and it has been believed that they can provide clairvoyance, connect with other worlds, summon the elements, and protect or heal its wearer. The amethyst is the official birthstone of February, and it’s known for having a beautiful and impressive purple shade.
This beautiful gem with green and blue hues was first discovered in the 13th century, and it received its name due to a misguided belief that it came from Turkey. Some native civilizations have linked the turquoise to deities, since it reflected the color of the sky, and they were believed to connect the spiritual and physical world.
When worn in a bracelet, it’s believed that this gemstone can prevent or sooth pain, and also produce happiness and peace of mind. Valentine’s Day is this weekend, and whether you’re thinking about spending a nice day with your friends, or going on a date with your better half, you’ll want to look as chic and beautiful as possible. The clothing: stay warm while keeping it simple with a chunky turtleneck and a pair of tight jeans, and simply give it a stylish look with knee-high boots. The hair: opt for messy locks, letting your hair fall loosely, and styling it with your fingers to give it just a touch of volume. The makeup: you won’t need a lot of makeup for staying indoors, so opt for nude colors and soft corals for a fresh, cute and relaxed look. If you and your partner are going to a movie or dinner kind of date, it’s time to take it a step further and create a very feminine and ethereal look that will wow your other half. The clothing: combine a trendy white lace dress or midi-skirt with an eye-catching statement coat and a pair of comfy heels for an elegant and charming look. The accessories: add a touch of early spring to your look with cute floral accessories, or opt for stylish metallic jewelry in rose gold. The hair: dare to try a cute ballerina bun that will expose your face and look extremely graceful. The clothing: since it’s still winter, look for baggy pants or dresses inspired by athleticwear, which will combine textures, warmth, but also style. The hair: braids and plaits are extremely popular this season, and they’re a great way to keep your hair out of the way while looking chic.
February might be full of heart-shaped accessories and gifts, but beyond the iconic symbol of romance, it’s also the time for the American Heart Month, a 30-day observance that aims to spread consciousness about heart problems. To help you out, we’ve gathered some essential tips for a healthier heart that can assist you in the prevention of heart failure and cardiovascular problems. This standard can change according to your location, age and genetic risk, so make sure you consult a specialist so you can know your heart.
A stressful life paves a guaranteed path to heart afflictions, so one of the first steps you should take for keeping your heart healthy is to reduce your levels of anxiety. Choosing activities that also involve mental or physical faculties, such as making puzzles, knitting, sports, walking your pets, etc., are also great for providing relief and keeping your mind sharp. Walk to the store or your workplace, take the stairs instead of using the elevator, play with your kids in the park, dance as you do your chores, stretch your body regularly, etc.
A healthy diet is essential for a healthier heart, but there are too many myths going around, making it confusing and difficult to plan a proper regimen.
Also remember that how you eat is just as important as what you eat: drink enough water and move after you eat so you keep your metabolism active. A while ago we studied some myths that surrounded 4 popular gemstones: the agate, the quartz, the amethyst and the turquoise. This stone can be found in different shades, from an almost colorless shade to yellow, orange, blue, brown or even black hues. The opal became a favored stone amongst ancient cultures, since it was believed to increase consciousness as well as help heal afflictions of the eyes. The Arabians believed opals were stones that had fallen from heaven, while later on it was mistakenly accused of being a bad luck gemstone if it wasn’t your birthstone. One of the oldest precious stones in the world, pearls have been used as decorations and enhancements in many different crafts.
Since they’ve been used by so many cultures, pearls play important roles in many different mythologies and carry a wide array of meanings. For ancient Chinese cultures, black pearls came from dragons, while in Japanese folklore they were believed to be the tears of mythical creatures, or, in Greek mythology, the tears of the gods. In recent years, pearls have been linked to purity, innocence and perfection, and they’re one of the favorite gemstones of brides.
Due to its similarities with the color of blood, the hematite has been used in many cultures to cure blood disorders. Native Americans also used paint made with hematite as a way of gaining invincibility, since this popular gemstone is believed to provide protection and strengthening the mind as well as the heart of the person that wears it. A very unique gemstone, the Cubic Zirconia is a synthetically manufactured jewel that resembles diamonds. It’s the time of the year to start planning how to pamper the most important women in our lives: our mothers! Keep reading and discover the 10 best fashion gift ideas for Mother’s Day 2015 that will help you give her the greatest present and celebrate this important date! It doesn’t matter if she’s in her twenties or in her late fifties: every woman loves to look great at all times!
A statement gemstone necklace: every woman loves a little bling, and for this season the perfect option is a large statement necklace with colorful gemstones.
A breezy blouse: the staple of the season, a 70s style breezy blouse in earthy colors is the perfect way of helping your stylish mom incorporate the bohemian and ethnic trends into her wardrobe this season. Gladiator sandals: although statement platforms are “in” for this season, truth is most moms want something comfortable, easy to wear, but also stylish and fashionable. Floral jewelry or accessories: it’s spring, the perfect season to celebrate the essence of motherhood!
An oversized cuff bracelet: an eye-catching accessory always helps add personality to any ensemble, and for this season designers created bracelets that will instantly grab everyone’s attention!
Colorful sunglasses: the perfect timeless accessory, elegant shades with tinted glasses and UV protection will look great on every mom, and they never go out of style! Most designers can craft wonderful clothing and accessories using a unique ability to predict the future trends that everyone will want to wear, while also peppering their creations with a touch of nostalgia. In 2014, creators rediscovered the rebellious style of the 90s, flaunting it with crop tops and grunge-inspired looks. To help you discover the best way to incorporate this decade’s look into your everyday life, we’re taking a look at the best 70’s fashion trends making a comeback for Spring 2015! When looking back at the 70’s most of us think about flowing dresses, floral crowns, long hair and the overall hippie look, and although some of these trends are coming back during this new season, designers have also discovered that this decade had a lot to offer. Here are some of the trends that you can easily incorporate into your wardrobe by giving them the perfect modern spin. Flirty dresses: the iconic over-the-knee high dress paired with a waist-hugging belt is making a comeback this season, but for a modern and sensual spin, make sure to choose a piece with a plunging neckline combined with textures such as studs or faux furs.
High boots: the perfect companion for any 70s style, knee-high boots with platforms are coming back for Spring 2015 reaching higher than ever!
Hippie accessories: perfect for the music festival season –and still incredibly popular for the months to come- floral crowns, tribal jewelry and talismans with cultural references are the perfect items to incorporate to your look. Gladiator sandals: perfect for a bohemian look, laced-up sandals were the favorites of the chic hippie women of the 70s. Colorful prints: whether they’re psychedelic water color patterns, floral prints or ethnic designs, it’s the perfect season to try unusual, eye-catching and colorful motifs. Breezy blouses: the best way of facing the heat is to keep your body fresh with breathable materials. Wide leg pants: a great way to achieve the 70’s look almost instantly is to add some colorful wide leg trousers to your ensemble. Socks and sandals: although this might be a frowned upon look, the chill style of platform sandals combined with thin socks is definitely coming back for the warm season.
Since the beginning of time, humankind has admired nature and learned to coexist with its fellow creatures. Jewelry and fashion has also been inspired by them, with a wide variety of animal patterns as well as animal pendants that represent the abilities and features of these creatures.
Today, we take a look at one of the most popular jewelry trends from the latest years: discover some of the animal amulets and their meaning! Every animal has a different connotation and importance, and it’s common to wear them as a way of showing admiration or adopting their abilities. Dragonfly: in places from Asia, dragonflies are considered a symbol of joy, while Native American cultures linked these animals to renewal, and due to their short life-span they were also considered an invitation to live life to the fullest.
Fox: although it gained popularity in recent years due to the hit YouTube song “What does the fox say?”, these lovely creatures have always been admired as magical and clever animals. Horse: this beautiful animal has been one of humankind’s most beloved companion, and for many cultures it represents wisdom and freedom. Lion: one of the most striking and admired animals in nature, the lion has become a symbol of nobility, strength and courage.
Owl: one of the most popular talismans of the latest years, owls are considered representations of intelligence and clairvoyance.

Turtle: due to their long life and their connection to earth, these creatures represent longevity and the essential energy of nature. Wolf: in many cultures these dangerous but fascinating animals are considered symbols of loyalty, strength and wisdom.
Go bold: animals are connected to wildness and fierceness, so don’t be afraid to try eye-catching prints or crazy ensembles when you’re wearing your animal amulets.
Mix it up: a very popular trend we’ve been seeing in every runway is that of layered accessories. But keep it simple: yes, a little audacity is the perfect complement to an outfit that includes animal amulets, but beware to not overdo it or you’ll spoil the effect! For 2015, some of the more common trends will disappear, while we’ll see more looks inspired by the 70s. Clothing: the trend for this year is to enjoy a more romantic and hippie look, directly inspired by the 70s. Shoes: when you’re preparing your look for an outdoors concert you must consider both comfort and style when picking your shoes.
Headwear: this festival season welcomes back the 70’s wide-brimmed fedoras as a great way of protecting your head against the sun while also looking stylish.
Makeup: the nude trend continues for this season, but eye-catching details are welcome so you can add a few unique touches to your look. Hairstyle: messy hairstyles continue to be the favorites for this season, and for this year’s festival season you can enjoy the comfort and style of the bohemian look with messy braids paired with a lovely floral crown, or lazy waves, complemented with a chic wide-brimmed fedora.
It’s the perfect occasion for comfortable outfits and chic accessories, and today we are giving you the scoop on what to take on your trip, as well as some great ideas on what to wear! To help you out, we took the time to check the main spring fashion trends and tell you exactly what to take on your trip. A fresh white shirt: the favorite staple of warm weather, it’s perfect and easy to combine with any ensemble and for any occasion.
A shirtdress: perfect for a casual outing, this spring 2015 trend is comfortable and looks great on everyone. Baggy jeans: this comfy bottom is perfect for any occasion, and they’re back in fashion for this spring. A colorful dress: the 70’s are back for this spring 2015, so make sure you add it to your wardrobe with a colorful patterned dress.
Monochromatic flats: stylish ballerina flats are certainly back for spring 2015, and they’re the perfect choice for adding elegance and femininity to any semi-formal or casual outfit.
Studded sandals: great for a walk at the park or to stay at home and enjoy a delicious family meal, a cute pair of studded sandals will look great with any 70’s-inspired outfit, giving it a touch of elegance to your look. Sneakers: like sandals, these spring essentials are great for informal occasions, but they’ll keep you a little warmer in case it’s still cold outside, so add them to your luggage if the weather requires it.
A metallic pendant: one of the most popular and easy-to-wear trends for this season are golden necklaces, so find a pendant that captures your personality and use it complement your ensembles. An obi belt: the “it” accessory for this season, this chic item is perfect for complementing a dress or adding it on top of a colorful coat.
As the new season begins, it’s only right to check out which trends we can add to our wardrobes so we can look stylish and fresh while enjoying the warmer months. The new season is here, and designers have decided to welcome it with a color palette inspired by nature and inviting relaxation. Aquamarine: a soft and neutral shade of blue, the aquamarine shade is perfect for a smooth transition from winter to spring.
Dusk Blue: somewhat darker than the aquamarine, the dusk blue hue contains grey undertones that add a touch of mystery to this relaxing shade.
Classic Blue: perfect for a lady with a strong and unique character, the classic blue shade can be added to your wardrobe through a suit or a chic bracelet. Lucite Green: with a minty undertone, the Lucite green is a bright and light shade that will look wonderful on everyone’s skin tone.
Treetop: clearly inspired by woods and nature, the treetop hue will look great when paired with camo patterns or as a delicate accessory. Woodbine: a green with brown undertones, this unusual dusky shade is perfect for a 70’s or tribal look.
Toasted Almond: a unique shade that embraces the warmth of the upcoming months with style, toasted almond is great for hats, trousers or metallic accessories.
Tangerine: vibrant, natural and fresh, you can wear this chic shade through statement accessories.
Sandstone: darker than the other shades, sandstone is a little more elegant and stylish, yet equally fresh and warm. Strawberry Ice: this fresh shade of pink is perfect for any girl who wants to feel feminine without looking too childish. Marsala: the official color of the year, the reddish brown shade of Marsala is a stylish option for the elegant lady, and it will look great on dresses or a statement accessory. Lavender: soft and reminiscent of last year’s Radiant Orchid, Lavender is a wonderful shade you can add to your wardrobe through flowery dresses or a cute bracelet.
Glacier Gray: although it wasn’t that popular in womenswear, this soft shade of grey will look great in details such as statement accessories or in a full patterned ensemble.
Titanium: charming and easy to combine, titanium is a great replacement for the classic black, adding style and elegance to any outfit. To help you prepare the perfect ensembles for the new season, we give you the scoop on the top fashion trends for spring 2015!
The tops: the two main trends are masculine comfort –polo shirts, shirtdresses, kimono-inspired coats-, and flirty light tops –one-shoulder shirts, colorful soft dresses, shirts with fringes and layers-.
The bottoms: it’s the perfect time for enjoying a more laidback style than in previous seasons. The textures: flowing clothing will be the favorite this season, with flirty textures such as silk and chiffon taking the main stage. To complement your spring style, you’ll need to balance elegance with a more bohemian look with 70s, ethnic and Asian inspiration. The jewelry: to complement the bohemian trend and add it a touch of elegance, the spring 2015 catwalks suggested incorporating metallic jewelry such as golden pendants, layered metallic rings and oversized cuff bracelets. The bag: for this season, forget about minimalistic accessories and opt for large colorful handbags with abstract floral patterns, or 70’s-inspired saddle bags to complement the bohemian look.
The shades: the sun will be in full force in the next months, and to protect your eyes make sure you try eye-catching retro-inspired sunglasses, or add a touch of color to your look with glasses in bright hues. The hat: we saw a lot of different headwear on the spring 2015 runways, but the main favorites for protecting you against the sun are definitely turbans, chic caps and floppy hats. The statement accessory: the belt is the accessory that holds every outfit together, and for this spring 2015 it became the “it” item to have.
The haircut and hairstyle: what better way to complement the fresh spirit of spring 2015 than with laidback look? Sweet potatoes contain vitamin A which is one of the essential nutrients for the health of skin. Broccoli a most cruciferous vegetable contains vitamin E which is one of the best nutrients for hair and skin health. I come across a new disgusting Halloween snack every year that gets added to my recipe book. Comments Leave a comment about this article in the box below and share it with your Facebook friends. But when he opened an East Village outpost and started getting requests from the natives for animal-product-free indulgences, he complied with a separate line of cookies and muffins. Talismans and amulets are powerful images we can use to invite blessings and ward us off from ill will, and one of the most popular is the evil eye bracelet.
Following the recent popularity of the boho style in the fashion world, this new collection combines elegance and a laid-back and fun spirit with pieces that will definitely look great in a casual or formal event.
Inspired by this trend, Patricia Martinuzzi has added a great and extensive selection of accessories deep-rooted in Eastern traditions and spiritual beliefs.
Follow us on all of your favorite social networks, and stay tuned for our new arrivals and special deals. Nowadays, gems are a used for improving our outfits, adding glamour and personality to any ensemble.
In Roma and Persia, these stones were used to protect the harvests; while in later cultures, they were believed to protect against skin and blood diseases. Although it’s quite a popular and common element, its unique appearance made it a favorite amongst shamans and ancient cultures, which believed these stones were actually made of frozen water that came from the gods. The name of this stone derives from a character from Greek mythology called Amethysta, a servant of goddess Artemis, whom was attacked by an enraged Dionysus and asked for the deity’s aid as the god unleashed his tigers to strike her. It was considered a symbol of celibacy by the Christians, they were used as protective amulets during the Renaissance, and they were employed focusing mental skills and inducing the power of prediction.
Ancient cultures considered that its blueish tone gave it supernatural properties which served for protecting and bringing fortune to its wearer. In certain cultures, these gemstones were also useful for preventing injuries and improving athletic skills. To help you out, we give you a few tips on what’s “in”, and what you can wear for any sort of outing to look great and stay comfortable. Gathering a group of single friends and simply enjoying a movie at someone’s home is always a great plan for those who want to avoid lovey-dovey couples everywhere.
If you can’t think of a better way to spend Valentine’s Day than discovering new places or trying new activities, then an eccentric experience might be a great date for you! According to statistics, heart diseases produce at least 1 of every 4 deaths, and it’s the leading cause of death amongst women, especially in America. A great way to avoid unpleasant situations and make sure your heart is working properly, is to keep your numbers in check.
Keep in mind that any change to these levels can increase your risk of developing a heart disease, so make sure you always monitor them.
A great way of achieving that is to practice fun or relaxing activities regularly, such as yoga, meditation, dancing, or a hobby that allows you to clear your mind and entertain yourself. Give up on any potentially damaging activity as soon as possible, and replace them for less problematic options. Every fashion lover out there knows the importance of precious stones, and they’ve represented different things for each culture.
The word “opal” derives from the Sanskrit word “upala”, which means “precious stone”, and it’s famous for an iridescent color that gives it an otherworldly charm and glimmer. Pearls are special gemstones, since they derive from living creatures, and their name derives from the Latin word “perna”, which means “leg”. However, one of the most beautiful legends surrounding these unique gems comes from Hindu folklore, in which pearls were considered raindrops that had fallen from the moon into the sea. Perhaps one of the most recently discovered gems in our list, the Cubic Zirconia was discovered in the 30s, yet they started being used in the 70s.
Still, nowadays they’re believed to attract confidence, strength and prosperity to its wearer; and they’re great for those born in the month of April. This time, we’ll be giving you 10 wonderful suggestions that are perfect for the fashion-loving moms out there. Luckily for you, this year is perfect for celebrating every mother’s beauty with the perfect combination of old-times nostalgia and a modernized spin on timeless trends. Look for ethnic or psychedelic prints that will remind your mother of the 70s bohemian style. Make sure you select something that incorporates metallic accents and a unique design for a chic but sophisticated spirit and help her celebrate her glamorous side! This piece will look great on any body shape by helping create the illusion of curves, or emphasizing them!
They’re the perfect complements for any ensemble, and they can be found in any presentation, from earrings to stackable string bracelets. Knee-high gladiator sandals are the perfect chic options for this season, combining comfort with an eye-catching design. Instead of giving your mom a bouquet of flowers that will wither away in just a few days, how about giving her accessories with floral designs that will last forever? If you have a fashion-loving mom, then you can help her add a touch of style to her look with an oversized metallic cuff bracelet, or a beaded cuff bracelet.

If your mom loves looking great and fashionable, then look for a printed shirtdress with ethnic or geometric patterns. But in 2015 most collections look even further back, drawing inspiration from the bohemian flair of the 70s. If you prefer something a little more demure, the shift dress with lace or a simple texture is also incredibly popular this season, and it will complement every body type perfectly. Add some edge to your look with skinny boots in monochromatic hues that can almost reach your tights.
For 2015, these basics still look mostly the same, but paired with more modern outfits they will also look great and keep you comfortable this season. Get your inspiration from the semi-sheer breezy blouse in unusual colors and embroidery for a tribal look.
For a modern version of this trend, look for pants that have a high waist and are tighter at the very top, or elegant monochromatic culottes. For a modernized version of this trend, combine statement shoes with monochromatic socks in black or white.
Animals have become companions, friends and sources of inspiration, and in many cultures they’ve been worshipped as divinities or considered spiritual guides. In many societies popular pets such as cats and dogs, wild creatures like tigers or wolves, and even unpleasant creatures such as insects, were considered omens, representations of gods, or could bestow special skills to their wearers. In Egypt, for example, scarab beetles represent rebirth, while in certain cultures these small fellows can represent security and a grounded mind. They also represent a long memory, and they’ve been admired in many mythologies, with the Hindu god Ganesh as one of the most well-known embodiments. Combine an animal pendant with a necklace of a different length, or mix your bracelets, merging a simple animal talisman bracelet with cuffs or cute thread accessories.
Complement your talisman with accessories that have the proper textures and hues, and make sure your animal amulet becomes the statement of your look. The festival season has already begun, with the best known event taking place this weekend as Coachella’s first set of concerts take place.
During the latest years, musical festivals have become a fashion event on their own, recognized by hippie looks inspired by ethnicity and the joy of the warm season.
The best way to add this trend to your look is to pick long dresses of breezy blouses with fringed details or lace. Forget about going barefoot, and select some statement sneakers, gladiator sandals or fringed boots, depending on the kind of environment. For 2015, add elegance and mystery to your look using some trendy necklaces with amulets and bracelets with animal charms. This year you can look unique with a fringed bandanna wrapped around your neck, or try a pair of colorful sunglasses for a fun and chic touch that will also protect your eyesight. If you prefer something a little more romantic, give a try to the timeless flower crowns, but dare to try real flowers for 2015.
Enjoy the festival season with a trendy crochet or patchwork bucket bag for a perfect ethnic look, or add some color to your outfit with a statement colorful handbag with spring details such as floral designs. Then it’s time to add the final touches to your look: dashing hair, romantic makeup and a few details to perfect the bohemian style.
The biggest trend is metallic eyes, achieved with crystals or metallic eyeliner on the bottom eyelid for a cat-eye alternative; or statement lips, with stunning lipstick shade as a way of adding a glamorous look to your face. The best way to do it is through some colorful nail art, but for this year you can try something a little different than the usual patterned nails. This weekend we will all have some time to relax and enjoy a wonderful time next to our families and friends.
Since you’ll probably be going to a few meetings with your loved ones, and considering the slightly warmer weather, you should concentrate on taking just a few versatile items that you can combine in different ways to create chic and fresh outfits. Enjoy the spirit of spring nonetheless with a colorful coat in bright pastels or shiny materials.
For Easter weekend, you’ll want to stay comfortable and fresh, while also prepared for any meeting which requires a little more glamour. While Easter weekend is a great time for laidback outfits, you can still give it a chic spin using the proper complements, and for this season the trends are celebrating anything that looks vintage or has an ethnic inspiration.
Just add a few stackable bracelets with beads and color, and your outfit will look chic no matter the occasion!
The best way to add some personality to your outfit is to add a statement bag with a colorful and eye-catching design. Make sure you add some chic sunglasses with tinted lenses to your outfit so you can protect your eyes while looking glamorous. Since Pantone is the global authority when it comes to colors, we’re bringing you the full report on the hues that dominated the runways, and will soon flood the market in every department: from home decoration to fashion!
With hues inspired by tropical places, the 70’s folkloric style and with an evident ethnic influence, it’s definitely the perfect time to enjoy soft pastels, bright colors and earthy shades. From relaxing shades of blue to vibrant greens, everyone can find the perfect hue to complement their style. Fashion designers definitely are, and with the sandy and cheerful custard shade it’s definitely possible to add the spirit of the summer days through your outfit. For the warmer months, designers chose to add a few icy and metallic touches that will create balance by complementing the more colorful hues. Wear it in a jacket or fitted blazer, or through small details such as a statement necklace. Celebrate the beginning of the warm months discovering the top fashion trends for Spring 2015! Discover the clothes, the accessories and the beauty that you’ll definitely want to add to your look! Prepare to look back in time, and let yourself be inspired by psychedelic designs and colorful patterns.
The main inspiration comes from the 70’s, so make sure you study that decade’s fashion and incorporate your favorite traits to your look.
Sneakers and stylish flats are the main trend, but if you prefer something a little more eye-catching, then make sure you try the gladiator trend in knee-high boots or heels, or go full 70’s with platforms.
As seen in previous seasons, we’ll still enjoy geometric and ethnic designs, while the usual floral will also make its appearance. However, equally popular for spring 2015, many outfits incorporated an edgier amount of leather, and some comfy denim as the perfect chic touch. However, the most eye-catching hues were yellow, pink, blue, and classic combinations such as black and white, and blue and white.
It’s the perfect season to try something new, or rescue a few items from your parents’ closet! If you prefer to follow the hippie vibe of the season, you can also opt for eye-catching talismans or colorful accessories with threads or leather.
Gross Halloween recipes are fun for parties, especially as an addition to a spooky buffet table. He also invented something new—not merely a simulacrum of a known dessert, which is the typical vegan-baker path, but something heretofore unseen in pastry circles. Among these glamorous protection charms you will find classic Hamsa Hand accessories, Evil Eyes, Red string details inspired by Kabbalah customs, and much more. Artemis took pity on the woman, turning her into a stone to save her, and Dionysus, embarrassed by his actions, cried upon it, turning it purple. Comfort should be your top priority when getting ready for this events, but that doesn’t mean you should sacrifice style! Measure regularly your good and bad cholesterol, blood pressure, weight, body mass index and waistline; and compare them to the “normal” levels stablished by a qualified doctor. This versatile piece will look great on any occasion: from a stroll down the beach, to a late romantic dinner. These items add mystery and an exotic touch to any outfit, so they’re a wonderful addition to any daring mom! Consider metallic floral earrings or perhaps a floral scarf-bracelet to complement her look! In China animals are important members of the zodiac and represent different personalities, while in places such as India many of the deities have animalistic features.
An elegant accessory slightly inspired by the wilderness will do, like a stylish sabre necklace, shaped as a feline’s tooth.
For something a little sturdier for the rough girl, select trendy denim shirtdresses and complement them with chic accessories.
The timeless trend for music festivals is to wear stackable bracelets, so make sure you add metallic bangles so you can add a little glamour to your outfit. The biggest trend is the negative space, and you can achieve it with seasonal bright pastels for a cute spring look. It’s time to check out our wardrobe and store the thickest clothes for the end of the year.
Also, don’t forget to enjoy the sun by showing off your legs: short skirts and cutouts are the trend to try.
For something a little more put-together, opt for Japanese-inspired buns or slicked-back long ponytails. We should remember to intake enough water when we release it to prevent skin from getting dry. Moreover use of topical creams lead to flaky and dry skin therefore it is better to add sweet potatoes in your diet. From this product the skin gets healthy fats and the ant- oxidants in it removes scarring, pigmentation and thus enhances the skin complexion. I get such a reaction out of the kids that I also like to make easy but gross Halloween snacks for after school. KimNBRe: Canadian Maple Syrup PieHi Vivian, I think you can use cornstarch or tapioca flour instead.
The banana-sesame-agave cake is a dense puck-shaped thing, crunchy outside and tender within, teeming with nutty sesame seeds and impregnated with a few moist chunks of dried banana, just lightly sweetened with agave syrup. Every time you indulge in unhealthy habits you increase your risk of heart disease, since they rise your blood pressure and clog your arteries.
It’s generally recommended to exercise for a minimum of 2.5 hours per week, but if you’re not into long workouts you can simply alter your routine to stay healthy without too much hassle.
This chic accessory is perfect for bringing back the 70s easygoing mood, and adding a modern spin through fringed decorations and earthy colors that will look wonderful while staying practical during the upcoming months. The greener or darker the broccoli is, it contains more anti- oxidant and thus healthier it is. Crunchy, chewy, and barely sweet, it’s the perfect middle ground between hard-core health food and those cloying cupcakes proliferating all over town. The flax seed addition in the crust is a great idea, I'll try that next time, thanks for sharing! Kitchen VignettesRe: Butterbean BurgerSaw a re-run of the show yesterday, It was great to see, and fantastic to see it here.
Freezing the tart shells is not a problem (you can always use store-bought ones to save time). I was thinking I could make the shells and filling ahead and freeze- do you think that would be OK or would it compromise the shell (causing it to soften). Allison GreenRe: Canadian Maple Syrup PieDo you have a replacement for the flour in the filling for those who are Celiac? I have allergies to alot of things big ones being eggs and seafood which means nothing with egg whatsoever and nothing with seafood.
They are a more delicate cookie than regular PB since they don't have either white flour or white sugar to bind them together.

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