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Fall 2014 hair color trends for African American women suggest trying any hair colors and highlights, from subtle ombre highlights, to bold burgundy hair colors, just check out the ideas here. From red to burgundy you can use any tone you may like, for autumn 2014 such warm colors are a perfect choice to winter transition. Hair color trends 2014 have offered us many hairstyles with highlights, but dark hair with lighter highlights looks indeed natural. Ombre hair color has established its reign over all other hair colors, and it proves to be fair, cause any hair type with ombre looks smashing. Though red hair color is quite bold and aggressive by itself, it can also look this pretty. No matter which beauty trends we uncover backstage at Fashion Week, healthy, full hair is always in style. In the video above, New Beauty editor Anna Jimenez shares four styling tricks to make your hair look thicker. Getting a multi-layered haircut like Dianna Agron or face-framing bangs similar to Jessica Biel's.
Boosting limp locks with a volumizing hair sprays Phyto Phytovolume Actif or Nioxin Diamax.
It may be surprising but among celebrities you van see many stars with perfect blonde color, all you need to do is to find the shade that suits you most, from platinum blonde to dark blonde hair colors.
Women with thick long hair have many ways of styling their hair, yet those with thin long hair, are only tied to specific hairstyles. But if you're among the 30 million women in America who suffer from hereditary hair loss, you probably think clip-in extensions or wigs are the only ways to achieve this look. Whether your thinning hair is the result of a genetic event, fluctuating hormones or nutrition changes, no one has to know but you.

Today on Circletrest, I have compiled a list of some of the best long hairstyles that you might like.
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Natural hairstyles for black women can look awesome with incredible color solutions, still hair dyes can make frizzy curly hair even dryer, that is why temporary hair hues and even wigs can be more preferable.
Any product claim, statistic, quote or other representation about a product or service should be verified with the manufacturer or provider.Ms. It’s quite difficult to style dry thick long hair, so i advice you to wash your hair and condition it using hair products with natural ingredients. Avoid products with sulphate, because this will completely wipe all oils from your hair and scalp. All advice should be taken at your own risk.I do not claim ownership of all images placed on this blog. It is very easy to have these waves in your hair, simply use a French braid method, this will ensure that waves are formed from the middle to the bottom of your hair and leaved the top section straight just like the lady in the photo above. All you need to do is to segment your hair into different sections; this will make it easier to braid your long thick hair, you can check example of the braid you can make is in (Style 3). However, you need to have thick hair for you to look fabulous with this style and below I have listed some of the tips you can follow to get similar thick long hair. Some women think that using expensive conditioners and shampoo will make their hair healthy and thinker. That is wrong, your natural hair needs vitamins and fats to grow, it feeds on what you eat, so make sure you eat nutritious foods like soy beans, milk, eggs, white meat, fish, g-nuts and so much more.
Such ingredients include Aleovera, Castor oils, and Avocado oilAvoid over drying your hair with heat.

It is okay to use a blower early in the morning because you have no time to waste, but don’t over do it. If you want to curl your long hair, please opt for a t-shirt technique.Trim your hair to ensure that it has no split ends, this will encourage your hair to grow faster and thicker.
Let’s take a simple example from mother nature, when you trim your compound grass during a rainy season, it will grow very fast, because the roots of the grass where left in the ground and they get enough moisture. You can use your hands to do this, simply put shine spray in your hands and run it through your hair. The lady in the picture above has gathered her long hair and clipped it together in a curly manner. I know excessive heat can damage your hair, but before flat ironing your hair, apply some heat protectant to work as a heat shield. To flatten it, you need to use a flattening iron, separate your hair into sections, and then start ironing each section independently.After flattening your hair, you will see some split ends, because it is next to impossible to straighten your hair and escape these split ends.
If you have a long, square face shape, you might consider side sweeping that bang.There is something funny about this ladies long hair, it is too thick but not well layered, so if you have a similar hairstyle, you need to add some value to your looks by straightening it well, also don’t forget to use a natural shinny hair spray to give your long thick hair a fine look.
After doing all the basics of maintaining your hair which include conditioning and spraying, you can hold your long hair from behind, and then make a knot just like the lady in the photo above.

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